Outdoor Firewood Storage Ideas – 4 Great Options

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Spend any time dealing with wood and you will quickly realize just how much space it takes up and will need some outdoor firewood storage ideas that will help give you some room. Whether thisOutdoor Firewood Storage Racks is your first time dealing with firewood or you’ve been using it for years, everyone should learn some great ways to store their firewood.

If you’ve been using firewood for years then you already know the pain of having to try and find space for it in your outdoor area. And if this is something that you’re about to start getting into then you will want to be as prepared as possible since wood can take up more space then you think.

Thankfully there are a number of ways you’re able to store your firewood and getting some new ideas will always help anyone. This is why I wanted to put this list together of some of the ideas I’ve tried over the years with the hope of them being able to help someone out.

Should You DIY Or Buy A Outdoor Rack

One of the first questions that you should think about is should you build or buy an outdoor rack with both of them having their own pros and cons. No matter which option you choose the important thing is that your wood is stored and protected so when you need to burn it’s ready to go.

This is the ultimate goal with storage racks to clear up some space and keep your wood protected. So no matter which option you decide to go, if it doesn’t protect your wood then it needs some improvement in my opinion.

The DIY Option

There is nothing quite like building something yourself and then actually using the thing you built. There is a reason why the DIY sections are always packed at your local stores and also why there thousands of pages online dedicated to it. The feeling you get when you finish a project and it works, the feeling you get is hard to beat.

When it comes to DIY outdoor firewood storage, it can get overwhelming with the number of great ideas out there. DIY is a great option for firewood racks as there are a lot of cheap and easy ideas out there that even someone who hasn’t really built anything before can do.

So the question is should you build something yourself? The answer to this is which do you prefer to save, time or money? If you don’t mind spending a little bit of time then DIY is a great option since it tends to be cheaper and you can make something that is more specific for your needs.

The Buyable Option

For those who are looking to make life easier on themselves the buying option is a great choice in my opinion. While it may not have the versatility of building one yourself since the options can be a little on the low side, it makes up for it by being a lot quicker and easier to do.

This is the main advantage of buying a log rack instead of building one since not everyone has the time to spend building one. I’ve done both over the years and sometimes time was more important than money and vice versa. So the choice will be which you prefer to save.

Once You’ve Decided

Once you’ve made up your mind on which option you want to go with you have a few options you can take. Research is always an important factor in this next step and will help you with where to go from here and just what to do.

If you’re going the DIY route you’re going to have a bit of a tougher time since you will need to find some specs then find all the material. And hope you have all the tools to actually build the outdoor log storage you’ll be hoping to build which is something a lot of people tend to forget.

The other route, the buying option, is a little easier but can get overwhelming from the amount of choice you will have from the different stores. The first thing you will want to do is measure up your space where you will be putting your log rack and then trying to match a product to your space.

Outdoor Wood Storage Ideas

One of the most basic and best designs for the more intense firewood user is to look for something that is longer so you’re able to fit more wood. This will help in letting you dry more wood so you won’t run short if you went with something smaller.

Something with a little more depth would help just go add more wood for convenience’s sake is something that I would prefer. Especially if you don’t have a lot of wall space and need to have something that is a little more condensed just to try and save some room.

Keeping the wood off the ground is something that I consider to be essential when it comes to storing wood. If it’s on the ground it can absorb moisture from the ground which will slow the drying process down quite considerably which is something no one wants!

Something with a strong frame is a must since wood is extremely heavy especially when it’s green and you’re just starting the drying process. Being made out of stainless steel will make a big difference since it’s extremely durable which is something that you should look for.

While there is a high number on the market that, there is one in particular that I’m a fan of and is one I’d recommend if you don’t mind the slightly higher price. This is the Woodhaven you can find on Amazon, which offers a lot of storage and keeps the wood off the ground.

Woodhaven Steel Log Rack

Outdoor Wood Storage Ideas

Something that I don’t see a lot of people think about when it comes to wood is just how heavy it is and moving it all can be a massive issue for a lot of people. This can be a big enough issue that it puts people off ever using wood and it’s something that I can understand.

There is an option that can actually help with this and that is by going with a storage rack that actually has wheels. This will help with the weight issue and can allow you to move wood from where you split to where you store it easily.

This is why I like the Leadallway wood rack storage mover as it makes life very easy when it comes to moving and stacking wood. If you want to find out more you can check it out here on Amazon and read some reviews to see what others think.

LEADALLWAY Black Firewood Log Cart

DIY Log Storage Ideas

There are so many options when it comes to DIY wood storage ideas that it’s difficult to find something that will work for you which can get overwhelming. So I’ve picked one that I think is simple to do that doesn’t take being an engineer to be able to do.

The biggest issue you will have with this project is having the right tools and getting your hands on a pallet. If you’re trying to keep the costs down I would suggest going to a Jobsite and checking the skips and asking if you can take a pallet, if they say no try and find another site!


One thing I’d recommend after checking out that video is to add a piece of timber between the front support at the bottom to help keep the logs off the ground as moisture can be an issue. You also might want to have a bit more overhang if you’re worried about the rain, but apart from that, it’s a solid idea that’s not to difficult.

Toolless DIY Wood Storage Rack

Outdoor Firewood Rack Cover
Not everyone has access to the tools required to build a log rack and having to buy the tools is more expensive than buying a log rack from the store in most cases. Thankfully there is a way to DIY a log storage rack without needing all the expensive tools that most projects require.

With this idea, you will need some 4x4s and some cinderblocks which is all you will need which is all fairly easy to acquire from your local hardware shop. Depending on how many of these you plan to build you will need at least 6 4x4s and 3 cinderblocks for each storage rack.

The idea is simple, you put the 3 cinderblocks on the ground with them facing the hole side up. You will run 2 4x4s across them with one on the front and one on the back. The last step is to use the remaining 4x4s and put 2 on each side in the holes so they’re on an angle facing out.

With that you’re done, this is one of the easiest ways to DIY a log rack without tools and keeping the cost fairly low in my opinion. Below I’ve included a video that will give you an idea of just what it looks like and how it goes together.

The one thing I might add to that rack is a cover since if it rains it would undo all your effort in trying to dry it. This will only be required if you’re going to be storing the logs somewhere they won’t be protected from the elements.



My Final Thoughts On Firewood Outdoor Storage Ideas

Your firewood is important, and storing properly is something that every user should do if they want the best results for their fires in my opinion. This is why there being so many different options is a great thing since it allows there to be something for everyone and why I only included a few simple ones on this list, it doesn’t mean the other options are bad.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of top 15 lists and so forth since it can be overwhelming and end up helping fewer people from my experience. So only adding a few different options is my way of trying to keep it simple for people and narrow it down to just a few instead of 20 different options.


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