Best Chainsaws For Overlanding

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With overlanding becoming more and more popular, having the right tools for the job is a necessity. With chainsaws not being the most important tool for overlanding, having the best chainsaw for overlanding is. Since a good chainsaw can really save you in some areas. I believe it a necessity to have the best.

I have put in countless hours of researching to find the best chainsaw for overlanding. What you will find on this list, are some of the finest chainsaws on the market. In my opinion the key thing for a overlanding saw, is reliability. While power is also important, what’s the point of power if your saw won’t start.

A Quick Buyers Guide For The Top Rated Overlanding Chainsaws

Below you will find the chainsaws that earned there place on this list. With hopes one with them will appeal to you, and your needs. If space is an issue I do have reviews for the best small gas chainsaws.

Discplaement Bar Size Our Rating Check Price
55.5cc 20 Inches 9.8 Check Price On Amazon
32.2cc 14 Inches 9.5 Check Price On Amazon
45.7cc 18 Inches 9 Check Price On Amazon


The Top Rated Gas Chainsaw For Overlanding On The Market

Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw

Top Rated Gas Chainsaw For Overlanding On The Market
When you talk about reliability. The first two companies that come to mind are Stihl, and Husqvarna. You can’t go wrong with either of these companies. Personally I prefer Husqvarna, since I’ve had better experiences with them over the years. This really stands out with this chainsaw, is just how reliable it is.

A Great Reason To Go With Husqvarna

No matter how well you maintain your saw, or how careful you’re with it. Something will eventually go wrong, and you may need a replacement part. Husqvarna has a ton of stores around the USA. So you will never be far away from somewhere to get it fixed, if you can’t do it yourself.

It’s a very easy to start saw, which is what you want. Starts easily and cuts quickly, so you can cut whatevers stopping you. Then get back on the track, which is what overlanding is all about, in my opinion.

What Can It Cut?

While this is important, but not the most important. But sometimes you come across some impressive fallen trees. It was able to cut through an impressive 18 inch in diameter oak tree, that was live. So if it can handle that, it will handle a dead fallen tree.

The Specs

  • Bar Length – 20 Inches
  • Cylinder Displacement – 55.5 cm³
  • Power Output – 2.6 kW
  • Weight (excl cutting equipment) – 13lbs
Husqvarna 455 Rancher With 20 Inch Bar


The Highest Rated For A Overlanding Chainsaw On A Budget

Tanaka 14 Inch Top Handle Chainsaw

Overlanding Chainsaw On A Budget
This isn’t the cheapest chainsaw on the market, but for it’s price you get a high quality saw. If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper option, you can find some here. While there are some quality saws there, I don’t think they compare to this Tanaka in my opinion.

Being a top handle chainsaw, does mean it was made for cutting when in a tree. But it can be used when you’re cutting on the ground. You just need to be a little more careful. Reliability is what makes this saw stand out from many others.

Where Is It Made?

This is an important question for a lot of people, and I can understand why. Where something is made, can tell you a lot about the product. This Tanaka is made in Japan, which is one of the countries that I’d prefer over anywhere else. They have such a high quality for standards, there products rarely have issues.

You will fall in love with this saw, that it’ll become you’re everyday chainsaw. It’s just a joy and pleasure to use.

The Specs

  • Bar Length – 14 Inches
  • Displacement – 32.2 cc
  • Output – 1.6 HP
  • Weight (excl cutting equipment) – 8.4lbs
Tanaka TCS33EDTP


Best Value For Money Overlanding Chainsaw

Jonsered 18 Inch Gas Chainsaw

Best Value For Money Overlanding Chainsaw
Jonsered to me are just a rebranded Husqvarna. So I like to think of them as a Husqvarna but cheaper. That’s until you search more, and find out that Jonsered are owned by Husqvarna. So they’re more similar then you first realize.

The important thing on chainsaw is how well it cuts. And this thing cuts like a champion, which is a joy to use. The 18 inch bar is the perfect size, for this kind of chainsaw.

How Easy Is It To Start

It starts extremely well, maybe not as good as the Husqvarna. Very rarely did I ever need to do 3 pulls to get it to start. Which does mean you can get back to overlanding as soon as possible.

The tool free chain tensioner is really useful. This allowed me to make small adjustments, and have the chains tension just right. Anything that makes my life easier, is a plus in my book.

The Specs

  • Bar Length – 18 Inches
  • Displacement – 45.7 cm³
  • Weight (excl cutting equipment) – 10.8lbs
  • Output – 2.82 hp
Jonsered 18 Inch Gas Chainsaw


What To Look For In A Overlanding Chainsaw

Most people when they think of chainsaws, always just think, cutting down trees, or firewood. But as overlanders know, a chainsaw can be a “life” saver. Almost everyone who has every done a overlanding adventure, has come across a fallen tree. Which sometimes having a winch won’t be enough to get you out of this situation.

Sure having the best overland tent for camping is one thing, but being ill prepared is another. The last thing you want to do is be stranded in the middle of nowhere without the right equipment.

The Most Important Thing

For me and many others, the most important thing, is reliability. Having a quality chainsaw that won’t break down is more important. Then having some crazy powerful chainsaw. While power is important, it’s not the most important. Not only not breaking down, but starting easily is important.

How Important Is Power?

Power is something that you do need for these job. The last thing you need while out, is not being able to cut through something. So it’s in my top two requirements for a chainsaw, only just behind reliability.

Gas Or Electric

Normally this is a tough question to answer, but in this case it’s not. The answer is gas, it’s just the best option in my opinion. As long as you’ve got gas, you have a chainsaw. No need to deal with generators for the chainsaw itself. So I’d recommend a gas chainsaw in this case. Battery powered is an option, just not one I’m willing to risk.

My Final Thoughts

The more I think about it, the more I feel everyone should have a chainsaw for overlanding. It’s better to have it, and not need it, then not have it, and need it. A very popular phrase for a good reason. If I had to choose a saw from this list, I don’t think I could. They’re all some of the most reliable chainsaws going around. The Husqvarna would most likely win me over, since I’m a fan of the brand.

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