How Long Does A Chainsaw Last (How To Increase Life Expectancy)

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How long does a chainsaw last? This is one of the most common questions you will see pop up quite often. This makes perfect sense when you consider how much you can spend on a chainsaw. Anywhere up to $2000 to $3000. When you spending this crazy amount, you expect it to last.

There is no real answer to how long will a chainsaw last? Since there is a number of things that can bring a chainsaw, to a premature end. No matter how well you look after a chainsaw, it’s inevitable something will go wrong.

That’s just the way it goes sometimes. It then becomes if you want to keep spending money to keep the chainsaw around. This is the question I find most people get stuck on. You do get attached to your chainsaws, especially if you’ve owned it for a decade. You don’t want to see it go.

What To Do To Keep Your Chainsaw Around

There are a lot of things you can do to help your chainsaw last longer then you would think. A lot of what you need to do, are things you should be doing either way. Such things as maintenance and storing your chainsaw properly.

Regular Maintenance

This is one of the most common reason to why someones chainsaw doesn’t last. They don’t do the appropriate maintenance on there chainsaw. Then wonder why it doesn’t start anymore, when they haven’t even checked the spark plugs, or air filter.

This does seem really basic, and it certainly is. But it is one of the most common things I see kill a chainsaw. Not draining there chainsaw properly and storing it for months full of fuel. Treating your chainsaw properly is the key factor, in keeping your chainsaw alive.

Fuel Is An Issue

A lot of first timers do make this mistake, and sometimes you can’t help it. Which is using ethanol fuel in there chainsaws. This is not recommended for most chainsaws, and you should check your manufacturers guide to see if your saw can.

E10 fuel does claim it can be used in small engine tools. There are a few reasons why it’s bad for your chainsaw. With one of the main reasons being that the 2 stroke oil doesn’t bond to ethanol. Which means that the water and the ethanol, don’t mix properly. Which gives poor lubrication, and can hurt the engine.

The thing that I didn’t know before researching this, which is how good of a solvent it is. This can cause it to dissolve rubber, fiberglass, and plastic. When you think about what your chainsaw is made of, you will notice it has a lot of those dissoluble parts.

Storing Is Key

This is often overlooked with chainsaws, and that is storing your chainsaw properly. This can help keep your chainsaw alive for a lot longer, then if you didn’t. You will be amazed at how much of a difference this will make to your chainsaws performance.

Does Price Matter?

How much does price really matter for a chainsaw? The difference in quality between a $100 saw, and a $500 is pretty obvious with just a touch. What about a $1000 chainsaw? The quality is obvious, and that is just a fact. To me this does mean that it will preform better then the saws that are cheaper, this isn’t always the case tho.

Does it mean they will last longer? I don’t think it’s 100% a given it will. Again it comes down to how well you look after it, this will always be the deciding factory. You would like to hope that you’ll get a thousand hours a year out of a pro saw. But to do that you need to look after it.

So price does and doesn’t matter at the same time in my opinion. The advice will always be to just look after your chainsaw. Treat it like a toy, and it will preform like a toy. Treat it like a pro tool, and it will preform like a pro tool.

Quality Oil Helps

Sometimes taking the cheaper option can’t be helped, and understandable. If you can help it, I highly recommend using quality high grade oil. This will help your chainsaw preform better, and help keep it alive for longer. Again a very basic thing, but often overlooked, especially for beginners.

Learn How To Operate A Chainsaw

A lot of the time when you see someone saying there chainsaw doesn’t start, or doesn’t work. It’s because they have done something wrong, and don’t know what they’re doing. This isn’t always the case, and tools do

just break down.

This is why it’s important to lean how to operate, and maintain a chainsaw the correct way. Most of the time you can read your manufacturers guide. I generally prefer using that, since it the instructions are for your particular chainsaw.


The internet is your friend and worst enemy in a lot of things, but it is very helpful for chainsaws. The chainsaw community is extremely helpful, and very knowledgeable. Just as long as you stay away from the Husqvarna vs Stihl debate! This is a dangerous topic, with both parties being completely biased.

Will This Increase Chainsaw Longevity

no matter how much you look after your chainsaw, there is always a chance it might just not last. But by doing all the above, you’re decreasing the odds of something going wrong. Hopefully by doing this you will get countless hours using your chainsaw.

While chainsaws are constantly improving in there design. It does feel like the more modern chainsaws don’t last as long as they use to.

Often I come across someone who has a 20 year old chainsaw and rarely had a problem. Then I meet someone who looks after there chainsaw, and it’s only a year old, and it’s broken. There is no real reason for this, some people just get lucky.

How Long Should A Chainsaw Last, My Final Thoughts

For me any chainsaw I own I expect it to last 10 years at the bare minimum. But I spend a lot of time looking after my chainsaws, and I know not everyone can spend hours doing this. So as long as you store it properly, and do the proper maintenance. It should last you a long time and get your moneys worth.


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