When it comes to choosing a log splitter whether it be for home use, farm use or down at the factory, there’s certain machines that suit certain needs. Kinetic is one of better options to choose from in my opinion. But what are the best kinetic log splitters and how do you know if they are suited to your personal needs?. By going through this 2017 buyers guide you will encompass a few of what I consider to be the top rated kinetic wood splitting machines available. From a powerhouse electric model to a more budget friendly version to suit most American households.

Choosing The Best Kinetic Log Splitter

Cycle Time

Max Log Diameter

Ton Rating

Our Rating

Price Checker

Generac G10 1 Second 15 Inches 10 ton 9/10 Check Price Amazon
Timber Champ 2 Seconds 15 Inches 7 Ton 7.5/10 Check Price Amazon
Stark 1-2 Seconds 12 Inches 7 Ton 7 Check Price Amazon
PowerKing 3 Seconds 450 RPM Flywheel 30 Inches 34 Ton 9/10 Check Price Amazon
Sportsman Earth Series 2 Seconds 14 Inches 10 Ton 7 Check Price On Home Depot
Built Performance T20 4 Seconds 20 Inches 20 Ton 8.5 Check Price Amazon


The Best Kinetic Log Splitters 2017

They Are The Fastest Of Log Splitters

So what are some of the advantages of a kinetic log splitter compared to their hydraulic counterparts?. You may or may not have experienced both hydraulic and kinetic styles before. So in order to fully understand why you need a kinetic machine, its a good idea to see the benefits of choosing a wood splitter of this kind.

There are a lot of advantages to a kinetic log splitter, one of my personal favorite things about kinetic log splitters is there cycle time. On hydraulic models their cycle times can range anywhere from 10 seconds and all the way up to 30 seconds. This of course depends on the machine and how many tons it is. Comparing that to a kinetic log splitter where they can have a cycle time as little as 1 second.  Kinetics are a much faster wood splitting option compared to hydraulics.

I find kinetic log splitters a whole lot easier to maintain then the hydraulic version. When you take out the hydraulics and the need for hydraulic oil, I found no leaks or any oil problems with a kinetic machine. The only really maintenance you will need to do with the kinetic machines is to give the engine a tune up every now and then. It certainly isn’t all good news for kinetic machines, a common trend is they will get stuck when it comes to particularly knotted wood, where as most of the best hydraulic log splitters won’t have the same trouble.

The Fastest Electric Kinetic Log Splitter 2017

Generac G10 Kinetic Electric Model

The Best Electric Kinetic Log Splitter ReviewsAfter countless hours of research and scanning reviews online, I managed to drill down the list of the best kinetic wood splitters to just 5. The one that stood out the most to me was the Generac G10 kinetic log splitter. In my opinion, this is one of the best kinetic log splitters on the market in 2017.

Once you get use to this crazy machine I refer to as “the Flash of Log splitters” you can start to imagine how much more productive your splitting is going to be this season. I found the Generac to get incredible cycle times of 1 second, which is incredible and all. But, I always recommend safety first. So don’t try and push this machine faster than what you feel is safe. Take it a bit easier if you feel safer that way.

While you won’t be able to split logs that are 20 inches in diameter we found we could do up to 15 inches safely. These rounds weren’t particularly knotted either. If you need a more heavy duty machine, but still want to stick with a kinetic, Power King 34 ton kinetic is a better choice. But that does cost more which I will go over further down the page.

While you can’t measure kinetic log splitters by a ton rating like you can with a hydraulic, we found that the Generac could out split many 10 ton hydraulic machines on the current market in 2017. One feature we really liked with the Generac was the automatic ram retraction, that made splitting logs even faster. The G10 does require 2 hands to operate it, with one hand lifting the safety interlock lever, and then with your other hand engage the top lever, making it so your hands aren’t nearby when you’re splitting making it safer to operate.

This is an electric log splitter, so it has an advantage that we like, and that’s since there is no noisy gas powered engine fuming up the area, you can split wood from the comfort of your own home. Just make sure you have a 15 amp outlet nearby or  a good extension lead for maximum splitting power. We recommend always having logs split in case of an emergency, like losing power, so you don’t have to worry about losing heat. I personally have a generator at home for such an occasion so that is something to consider, if you think it’s a good investment.

What I Liked About The G10

  • The cycle time on the G10 kinetic is just insane, it made cutting half a cord of logs a breeze and had it done in no time at all, leaving me free to do other things. Like sit around the fire place with a cold one.
  • While it is still a heavy splitter at 132 pounds, it’s quite small so it made it easy to store away for when you will need it.
  • We really enjoyed being able to split wood inside our basement, without having to worry about the cold outside.

Watch How Fast The G10 Really Is – Be Amazed!


Generac Kinetic Electric Log Splitter


The Best Value Kinetic Log Splitter On The Market

Timber Champ Kinetic Review

Timber Champ Log Splitter KineticWhen it comes to log splitters, quite often the price is a big draw back for a lot of people. Which is fair enough as they can be quite expensive. But for the American on a budget, that’s where the Timber Champ comes into the picture. It isn’t the cheapest on the market, but we strongly feel it is one of the best value for your money.

Especially in the kinetic wood splitting industry. If you are really looking for cheaper I would suggest looking into manual log splitters, which are often the cheapest on the market due to there lack of components. But don’t let this fool you, they can still be quite powerful, just require a small amount of elbow grease.

Being a kinetic log splitter you can expect extremely fast cycle times as with the G10 above. While the G10 could be as low as 1 second the Timber Champs comes in around 2 seconds which is still ridiculously fast. Trust me, you will notice just how quick this thing is and how much time you have save as the splitter is sitting there waiting for you because you can’t keep up with it.

We found that we could split freshly cut oak that was 15 inches in diameter and 18 inches in length, I’m not going to tell you that I didn’t struggle on some of those logs, but the fact is they did still get split by this machine. We did find one problem while operating this machine and that was, while splitting sometimes it wouldn’t go all the way through requiring us to either swap the log around or forcibly break the log apart. A simple fix for this would be a 2×4 in front of the log you’re trying to split, which will push the log you’re trying to split further back splitting it better.

The Positives

  • We will never not be impressed with just how fast this machine is, really took the hard work out of it.
  • The ability to split logs that even some of our older 20 ton gas powered splitters couldn’t split.
  • The customer service at Timber Champ seems impeccable. From our experiences we find them to be very supportive.
Timber Champ Kinetic Log Splitter

The Top Rated Kinetic Wood Splitter

Stark Electric Kinetic Review

Stark Electric Kinetic Log SplitterWhen we started to test this unit, we didn’t expect a whole lot and boy were we surprised with just how much of a work load this thing could handle. While we were able to split logs up to about 13 inches in diameter, what impressed us wass the length we could split and that was an incredible 20 and a half inches. There was only one drawback to that, the ram only travels about 15 inches so you will have to swap the log around to get all the way through such incredible long logs.

One thing that we found that this particular kinetic by Stark is that it excelled at splitting logs down to the size you need for kindling, making it excellent for people who use wood stoves and need to have there timber a bit smaller. Being a kinetic log splitter this will take half the time it would take to split by hand or by using a hydraulic log splitter.

I highly recommend this unit to people who aren’t fully reliant on timber, but like some of my family members who only need wood for the fire place, or for there wood burning stove. I consider this kinetic log splitter to be the best for home use and not commercial, if you’re looking for commercial I would certainly recommend something much larger, but always 3 to 4 times the prices.

Stark Electric Kinetic Log Splitter

The Most Powerful Kinetic Log Splitter On The Market

Power King Kinetic Review

After using the other kinetics on this list, getting to use the Power King was a real pleasure. It is easily the most powerful kinetic log splitter on the market in my opinion. As I said you can’t really put a ton limit on kinetic splitters, but this beast easily keeps up with the 34 tons its rated at. This is thanks to the very powerful 7HP Kohler engine on this unit. This power easily allows it to split almost anything you throw at it, with only the most knotted logs causing you to take two attempts. It will easily handle most logs that are 30 inches in diameter.

There is one feature on this splitter that I really love, and helps take the hassle out of splitting in the winter. I don’t know how many times I have struggled with splitting in the winter, the cold just makes it more difficult. But thanks to Kohlers intelligent engineering there engine is made for this. It has a snorkel that has a winter and summer mode. Turn it towards the engine in the winter, and it will run hot air keeping the engine warm. In the summer you turn it the other way, so the hot air isn’t cooking the engine. A very simple thing, but great quality.

Since this is a kinetic splitter you will want to know just how quick this thing is. While it definitely isn’t the quickest on this list, it is still insanely quick coming in at about 3 seconds. A cycle time of 3 seconds and the power of a 34 ton log splitter combined, makes one of the finest splitting experiences I have ever had. It barely to took 20 minutes to fill the back of my pick up with one person loading the logs, and myself splitting the logs.

What I Like About The Power King

  • I would be crazy if I didn’t say how much I loved the power of this log splitter. Such power and speed together, makes it difficult to go use a hydraulic, or smaller kinetic now.
  • The genius engineering by Kohler with there snorkel for the engines summer, and winter mode has really stood out to me. Anything that makes life easier when splitting is a big plus in my eyes.
  • Its ability to handle larger logs did surprise me a little, since most kinetics don’t have this kind of power. It was a nice change of pace that has turned me into a big fan of Power King.
Powerking 34 Ton Kinetic Log Splitter


  1. I have a Forrestwest one 15 ton it chewed keyway out and broke one fly wheel one month before my warranty run out they have now had it for nearly 2months trying to repair it they wouldn’t give me an exchange one or a refund. Not happy

    • Sorry to hear of your misfortune Stephen. It certainly does seem like products are only built to last just before the warranty is up. Sometimes it pays to get the extended warranty. I would keep harassing them until they fix your ForrestWest. Good luck!.

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