Largest Log Splitter (Some Of The Biggest Log Splitters Around)

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Sometimes size matters and with log splitters this is especially true! That’s why I wanted to find out what the largest log splitters are. This became a difficult question to answer, since there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer. There are a lot of splitters out there, and I’ve found it’s mostly industrial. Or people who have made there own which are the largest.

So I started researching, and putting out the question to get an answer. Most people that sent me there monster splitters, were small 37 ton units(well small compared to what I was after). After doing my own research online and seeing what was on offer. I was impressed, and wanted to find out more.

Some Of The Largest Log Splitters You Can Find Online

While these splitters aren’t for everyone. They’re some of the largest splitters I can find to buy commercially. While they don’t stand up to the machines below. They’re still impressive!

Pump GPM Ton Rating Engine Check Price
22GPM 60 Ton 15HP Check Price On Amazon
18GPM 50 Ton 15HP Check Price On Amazon

What Are The Largest Log Splitters?

Sadly I couldn’t find the answer to this question. What I did find were some pretty impressive, powerful machines tho. Most of these are something us normal folk, can only dream of owning. Most of us most likely will never need one for home use. These are for people who make a living doing it.

An Entry From Australia!

While I don’t believe the Multitek log buster is from Australia. This video is, and it shows it tearing through some Australian red gum. It features twin hydraulic cylinders, and comes in weighing a massive 8 tons! It’s hard to get a read on just how powerful thing this is. It has a beastly 115hp diesel engine.

This is a monster log splitter, which you can watch in action below!


Timberwolf Has An Attempt!

Timberwolf has made this incredible 63 ton log splitter. While this isn’t the biggest splitter out there. It definitely packs a punch for it’s size. This is one of those cases, where the difference between. A commercial, and industrial log splitter come into play. This thing an handle logs that are 60 inches in diameter. With them being up to 10 feet long!

It’s an impressive machine, that is incredible to watch in action.


A Compilation Of Large Log Splitters

This is a short compilation someone put together that, has some incredible splitters. But it’s the first one, and the last two units that caught my eye. The first one is one of the most impressive log splitters I’ve ever seen. Definitely one of the biggest I’ve seen. While the two starting from 6:45 are both impressive. It’s the first machine that really stood out to me.

This is definitely worth a look, if you want to see some large splitters do what they deserve to do!


One Of The Most Impressive Log Splitters I’ve Ever Seen

I think this Bell’s super log splitter is the first splitter in the video above. This thing is impressive coming in with 76 tons of splitting force! Not to mention you can control it from a distance with a control. It’s a fine piece of machinery that I’d love to get my hands on!

I just wish they cut out the music, let us here the splitter go! Still a mighty fine splitter watch make short work of some massive logs!


Hot Knife Through Butter

Okay I only put this on here, just because I love watching it. It’s far from the biggest log splitter. But if you like watching a machine just excel at what it was designed to do. Then this is the video for you. The frustrating thing with this video, is there is no info about the splitter on it. Which is a shame since I can’t give credit to the owner of the splitter.

People say this kind of thing isn’t art. After watching this I disagree! This is one of the most satisfying videos I’ve ever seen, when it comes to log splitting.


My Thoughts On The Biggest Log Splitters

This was a joy to put together, there is just something enjoyable about watching log splitters in action. These types of units aren’t designed for the average person. These are designed for people who make a living off of splitting wood. It doesn’t stop us normal folk, from enjoying watching from a far.

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