What Are The Best Chainsaws For Under $300 Dollars

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A few hundred bucks can get you a fairly decent chainsaw these days, but knowing which ones are better than the rest can be difficult to figure out if you have limited experience in this industry.  With that in mind, this article is designed to help you make a better informed buying decision as to what are the best chainsaws under $300 dollars.

The chainsaws in this price range are where they start to get more powerful and become a lot more versatile. When you spend so much money on a chainsaw, you want it to do more then just a bit of light trimming here and there. So if you are prepared to spend around 300 dollars on a chainsaw you will want these tools to be able to handle much more in terms of work output and cutting power. From small to medium trees, while also being pretty good for splitting the stubborn firewood a log splitter may struggle to split through.

The Features A $300 Chainsaw Should Offer

PowerWhat Are The Best Chainsaws For Under $300 Dollars

This goes without saying, since this is what will get through those tough tree limbs, and trees themselves. Having a chainsaw that can get through a lot of trees that the average user will need is almost invaluable part of your tool shed. Especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of storms, to help with the clean up. Or if you rely on fire wood to keep yourself warm, having a chainsaw that can get through those logs is a necessity. But having the power to get through all these is needed.

Brand Power

The reason I think brand is important is that every tool will eventually break down, and every chainsaw will need its chains replaced. So having a brand that is well known will generally mean that parts are easy to find, which is extremely important in my opinion. Most of the larger manufacturers also have partnered with local businesses, so if warranty repairs need to happen you don’t have to send the saw back. There is just a lot of advantages that comes with getting a well known brand chainsaw, and most of those advantages come when you really need them.


Chainsaws are coming into the modern age with more and more quality of life improvements on each new model. These features are great for first timers since it can take some of the anxiousness out of the maintenance of a chainsaw. From systems that automatically oil the chain for you, and auto chain tension features. Some chainsaws that cost about $300 also have self sharpening, which can save you a lot of money if you’re not confident in sharpening the chain yourself. These are some of the features that take the hassle out of chainsaw maintenance.


The Best Chainsaws For Under $300 Dollars Or Thereabouts

Husqvarna 440E

The Best Chainsaws For Under $300 Dollars Or Therabouts
The 440E from Husqvarna is designed to be easy to start and easy to use. They’ve tackled many of the small problems that make using a chainsaw tedious. For example, the 440E features a transparent fuel injector. It’s a small feature that makes a big difference. Now you can easily tell how much fuel the chainsaw has without removing a cap and trying to stare inside.

The start and stop switch are combined into one simple mechanism. The smart start feature combined with the fuel pump means you can quickly start this chainsaw without wearing yourself out. Because, let’s face it, who wants to spend 15 minutes trying to start their chainsaw?

The design of the body is meant to decrease vibration significantly. Less vibration means the chainsaw doesn’t fatigue the operator as quickly as it usually does. It also makes it more comfortable to handle during operation.

One final feature worth noting is the centrifugal air cleaning system. It works to remove dust and debris before it actually reaches the air filter. This results in cleaner filters that don’t need to be changed as frequently as other chainsaws. It also extends the lifespan of the engine.

In terms of price and ticking all the boxes, the Husqvarna is at the high end of this price group. However it ticks all all the boxes for me. It has pure power, features and is the most reputable chainsaw brand name out there if you ask me. So I have no hesitation recommending this chainsaw if you are wanting to spend around $300. Do note price may fluctuate so do your due diligence and research for best prices online.

Husqvarna 450E 18 Inch Gas-Powered Chainsaw


Two Stroke Chainsaw For Under 300 Bucks!

Two Stroke Chainsaw For Under 300 Bucks!
The TCS33 is a lightweight and compact chainsaw from Tanaka. It’s a 12-inch chainsaw (Also available in 14″) with a short top handle. The Tanaka is easy to hold and comfortable to use. The entire chainsaw weighs slightly less than 12 pounds, which makes the chainsaw easier to use and less fatiguing. And, if you’re the type of person who likes a chainsaw with a little style, then you’ll like the sleek, compact appearance of the TCS33EDTP.

On the inside is a commercial grade engine. It’s a 32.2 CC pure fire engine known as a two-stroke engine. The pure fire engine naturally produces extremely low emissions without investing in any additional parts for the chainsaw. The 32.2 CC engine also has a high rating for fuel efficiency. You’ll be using less fuel and producing fewer emissions than with any other chainsaw.

There are a lot of other small, but helpful features. It has a built-in lanyard ring, anti-vibration system, and a sprocket nose bar. Overall, it’s a well-rounded chainsaw that stands out in its price range. The only complaints that I’ve noticed is that the initial setup can be difficult. Also the air filter cleaner should be tightened periodically as it can loosen due to vibration. This is something you should make a regular practice anyway.  Aside from that, it’s a compact light and powerful chainsaw that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

One thing to note with it being a top handle chainsaw. Is that it’s designed to be used while up a ladder. They’re not recommended for ground use. I included it on this list to give people who are looking for a great top handle chainsaw, for around $300.

Tanaka 12 Inch Gas Chainsaw


Can You Buy A 18 Inch Chainsaw For Under $300?

Can You Buy A 18 Inch Chainsaw For Under $300?
The RM5118R Rodeo from Remington performs as good as it looks, which is saying a lot. It’s a large, 18-inch gas chainsaw with a 51cc 2-cycle engine, a low kickback bar, and a die-cast chassis. It looks impressive and is surprisingly easy to handle. Whats even more surprising is the very attractive price tag on this beast.

It may be called the Rodeo, but it’s not going to toss you around like a bull. It features front and back anti-vibration handles. Your handles will be positioned comfortably while cutting through firewood, lumber, or whatever you might be cutting. The Rodeo can handle it all and reduce fatigue at the same time. Which is quite impressive for a 18″ chainsaw in this price range.

The work is handled by a combination of an 18-inch chain and a 51cc engine. With an engine that big, there isn’t much this chainsaw can’t do. It also happens to be easy to start thanks to the QuickStart technology. Handling this chainsaw is going to wear you down, even with the anti-vibration handles, so you don’t want to waste energy trying to get it started. Once started, the large bucking spikes on the 18-inch bar and chain will handle the rest of the work.

The only setback to using the Remington Rodeo is that you’ll have a hard time finding replacement parts. It’s a good idea to properly maintain the chainsaw so you don’t have to waste time hunting down parts online.

Remington Rodeo18 Inch Gas Chainsaw


Best Battery Chainsaw For Under $300 – Is There Such A Tool?

Best Battery Chainsaw For Under $300 - Is There Such A Tool?
Let’s face it, battery-powered chainsaws that are worth the investment are hard to come by. The ZCS5817 from Zombi just happens to be one of those that is worth it. It’s big, quiet, and incredibly powerful. It uses a 58V 4AH battery to power a 16-inch chain up to speeds around 62 feet per second. The charge lasts long enough to get the job done and when it’s not in use the 2 amp charger will keep it ready to go. And best of all, you don’t have to worry about wasting money on gas.

The Zombi chainsaw is ideal for jobs around the house. It weighs around 16 pounds and a lot of that is in the battery. It’s not the lightest chainsaw on the market, but it needs that big battery to deliver the cutting power you’re used to seeing with gas-powered chainsaws.

It has a few other impressive features as well. There’s an auto-oiling mechanism with a transparent oil level indicator. Topping off oil is quick and easy. There’s also a chain brake and a hand guard. Finally, the Zombi ZCS5817 comes with a 5-year tool warranty and a 2-year battery warranty.

Zombi 16 Inch Battery Powered Chainsaw


The Dewalt 20V Chainsaw Sets The Bar High

The Dewalt 20V Chainsaw Sets The Bar High
Dewalt is the champion when it comes to compact, cordless power tools. They’ve taken all of their know-how and put it towards designing a compact cordless chainsaw and they did a great job. This chainsaw has a 12-inch bar and chain that is perfect for cutting outdoors, around the home, or at the construction site. There’s a 20-volt battery and a highly efficient brushless motor.

You may have noticed a lot of power tools are making the shift to brushless motors. They are quiet, highly efficient, and last a lot longer than traditional brush motors. It adds a little extra to the bill, but it’s a worthy investment in the long run. This Dewalt chainsaw will outlast any other cordless chainsaw if properly cared for.

Other battery powered chainsaws rely on big, heavy batteries. The end result is that they weigh even more than their gas-powered alternatives. But not this one. It weighs only 8.8 pounds. That easily makes it one of the lightest chainsaws in this price range. If you’re looking for a lightweight, easy to use chainsaw for around the house, then this is the perfect solution.

What’s also good about buying a big name brand like Dewalt (besides spare parts and customer support) is that their 20 volt batteries are compatible with a ton of other Dewalt tools. So it makes sense to buy a lot of batteries over time and stick to one of the leading brands, Dewalt. Then you won’t need to rely on electricity or gas to do your chores around the yard or house again.

DEWALT 20V 12 Inch Chainsaw



The Corded Electric Option

When it comes to corded chainsaws it’s hard to know what’s quality and what isn’t. There are a ridiculous amount of corded chainsaws on the market, with a high majority coming from China. So in my opinion you The Best Corded Electric For Under $300want reliability, and you can’t pass up Makita for reliability. Which is where the incredible Makita UC4051A 16 inch corded chainsaw.

This is a fantastic corded electric that forced its way onto the list. Originally I wasn’t going to included a corded electric, but this saw changed my mind. While it might not be as powerful as some of the saws above, but it makes up for it with high quality. With such quality materials, comes a great level of reliability.

I really like how lightweight it is, coming in at roughly 14lbs. This make it easy to operate for extended periods of time, which is what you’ll use this chainsaw for. Which is where the tool less chain adjuster comes in. This really helps for when the chain comes loose, and saves time since you don’t have to keep an extra tool to tighten.

This model comes with a 16 inch bar, but you can get an interchangeable 14 inch bar. For when you need it in a tighter spot. When you combined this with its powerful 14.5amp motor, you have one of the finest smaller chainsaws on the market. Tho it might be smaller then some of the saws on this list, that doesn’t take away from it at all.

Makita 16 Inch Electric Chain Saw

$300 Dollars Can Get You A High Quality Chainsaw

As you can see from the above chainsaws, it’s not impossible to buy a hard working high performance chainsaw for under or around $300. Sure you can buy a much higher ticket item and yes you can even go lower for a $200 chainsaw. The point is, find one that you need for the budget you have set out. Not always do you need the most powerful tool in the shed.

Gas, Electric, Or Corded Chainsaw – Which Is The Best Option For Around $300

This can be a difficult question to really work out what is the best. Since situations are different for everyone, what works for one, may not work for another. Which is what makes this somewhat hard to answer. So I will go over the advantages to the different types of chainsaws. Which hopefully will give you some information, to help in your purchasing decisions.

Gas Is A Solid Option

Gas chainsaws are the most common types of chainsaws you will find. They have been the staple for such a long time it’s hard to believe, that one day they won’t be in charge. They’ve been a market staple for a variety of reasons, with one of the main being they are more powerful.

While it’s not entirely about the power they have. I know one of the reasons I like gas chainsaws, is the engine itself. Having many years dealing with the small engines, if something goes wrong, I can fix it myself. This isn’t something a lot of people will think is a positive. But this ends up saving me money, instead of having to take it to a dealership to get fixed.

Since gas chainsaws have been around such a long time, there design has almost hit perfect. As it’s getting more and more difficult to actually improve the design. Which in my opinion gives a gas chainsaw a certain level of reliability other chainsaws don’t have.

There aren’t a lot of downsides to gas saws for me. The most obvious issue is that they can be hard to start, which can be a problem for certain people. This is especially true if you have shoulder issues. The next issue which can easily be solved, is just how loud they are. Ear protection will solve this, but it’s still an issue. The last is the constant need for gas, which can drive the upkeep cost of a saw on the higher side.

The last downside for most people, but I mainly see it in first timers. Is that maintenance can be overwhelming. This can put a lot of people off, which I can understand. Once you get use to it it’s not as bad as it seems, but it can put people off.

Electric Have Come A Long Way

Electric chainsaws have a come long way over the past decade. If you told me years ago that electric would be on the same footing as a gas saw, I’d probably call you crazy. But it turns out I wouldn’t have been more wrong, electric saws are incredible now days.

While a gas saw may still be more powerful, the difference is getting less and less every few months. Electric chainsaws have a lot more advantages then disadvantages now. The biggest disadvantage they have is how long the battery lasts. Which this can be solved by having extra batteries, but it does cost more.

The other disadvantage is a slight problem. Which is since it’s a battery powered motor, you can’t really fix it yourself if something goes wrong. So you will need to take it to a professional to get it fixed. But for me that’s where the disadvantages really end.

There slight lack of power compared to a gas saw, which isn’t enough of a problem to say it’s a downside. There biggest advantage is that they start extremely easy. This is great for practically everyone in my opinion. It doesn’t have the hard starting issue of a gas saw, so if you have a shoulder issue, or are a bit older.

They’re also a lot quieter then a gas saw, which your ears will thank you for. Not just your ears but also your neighbors will thank you for going the electric option. Then there is the lack of maintenance that you need to do with them. You just need to look after the bar and chain, which is for any chainsaw.

Corded Electric Chainsaws Are A Cheaper Alternative

Corded electric chainsaws are generally the cheaper option. Which is great if you’re on a budget, but they do have a few draw backs. The biggest draw back is they can’t be far away from a power point. Unless you use a lot of extension leads. This can be viable, and I’ve used them up to 100ft away. So it is possible to do, but it can get some what frustrating when you need to cut something far away.

On the plus side of this tho, is that once you solve the distance problem. It removes the biggest issue of chainsaws in my opinion. Which is having the battery run dry, or run out of gas. This is a great advantage that no other type of chainsaw on the market has. Which is what really adds to there value, and why they’re a good recommendation.

Corded chainsaws are great if you’re only planning to cut around the yard. It’s much easier to manage the short comings of needing an extension lead, if you don’t have to go to far. They also have the same amount of maintenance that an electric saw has. Which is great if you’re a beginner and don’t want to deal with batteries.

My Final Thoughts On Chainsaws For Around $300

This was a difficult list to put together, since there are so many chainsaws on the market. With this budget there are a lot of options, so finding the best was difficult. But I believe I found some of the best on the market, and being able to pick just one is difficult.

I couldn’t actually pick just one to be my personal favorite, it’s a close tie between the Husqvarna, DeWalt, and the surprise package the Makita. For me you can’t go wrong with any of those chainsaws, they’re all a step above the others on this list. And they’ll make a fine addition to anyone who needs a chainsaw.


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