The Best Chainsaws For Women

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Every year more and more woman are starting to use chainsaws to do things such as removing limbs from trees and clean up after storms. But this leaves just one question and that is what are the best chainsaws for women?. For far to long using a chainsaw was considered a mans work. But in 2018 that is no longer the case, which is a good thing.

More and more manufacturers finally starting to come around and design their chainsaws to be more accessible to everyone. So more and more people are able to use them and no longer require waiting, or paying someone else to do a simple job you can now do yourself.

What To Look For In A Chainsaw For WomenThe Best Chainsaws For Women

There are a few things you will need to consider when looking for a chainsaw suitable for a Female. Working out what piece of equipment suits your needs is the best way. There are two things that I consider to be the most important things when choosing a chainsaw, for anybody and not just woman.

The first is the kick back of a chainsaw. Thankfully most manufactures and modern chainsaws have systems in place to minimize this. But it is still something you will need to consider when looking at a chainsaw. Which is one of the main things I took into consideration when choosing these chainsaws. The last thing you will want is the chainsaw to kick back and do any damage or worse.

The next thing is quite obvious but shouldn’t be overlooked and that is the weight of the chainsaw. Even being a fully grown male who has been working with chainsaws for the past 20 years the weight of the tool matters a lot. Even I still get tired and sore arms from operating a chainsaw for long sessions.

Just going out and picking out any old chainsaw, and not paying attention to the weight is a mistake a lot of people make. There really isn’t a perfect weight since we all have our own limitations, and while some people will be fine with a 10 lbs unit, someone else might be only able to handle a 8 lbs unit. This is also something I took into consideration when compiling this list, and tried to optimize to help the most people.

What Type Of Job Do You Need Your Chainsaw To DoWoman Weaking Gloves

This is one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself when purchasing a chainsaw. There is no point going out and buying the most expensive unit you can, since you may not need all that power to do your jobs. And since some chainsaws can cost over $500, it would end up being a pretty big hit to the wallet as well. Especially if you really only needed to spend $100 and get the same amount of work out of it. So figuring out what kind of jobs you need done is one of the first questions you should be asking yourself.

The tasks you need to do should be one of the biggest deciding factors when purchasing a chainsaw. If you only need to do some a bit of trimming and pruning, and maybe a bit of light cutting, then you won’t need a massive powerhouse of a chainsaw. You will really only need a small electric or battery powered chainsaw with a bar between 8 to 16 inches. Anything that is considered a home use chainsaw to be more broader. Tho a chainsaw of those sizes and types can do a bit more than that and also remove small trees, and are great for removing limbs off of trees. So it is a very versatile size chainsaw and will suit most people.

A larger chainsaw that is between 16 inches and 18 inches are great for doing for more medium sized trees, and storm clean up. Anything larger then 18 inches and above is starting to get into heavy duty chainsaws that are designed for removing large trees. They are also best suited for firewood which if that is what you’re after you will have spend a bit more. The smaller chainsaws can do some firewood, but just not as effective as a larger unit.

With that in mind it’s time to actually get to my reviews for the best chainsaws for women, so read on below to find my recommendations.

Best Battery Operated Chainsaw For Women

Black+Decker LCS1020 Battery Powered 10 Inch Chainsaw

How Good Is The Black+Decker ChainsawBlack+Decker is a very well known brand for power equipment, whom have made a name for making good quality affordable tools. And this shows with this impressive little chainsaw.

Being a battery powered chainsaw gives it a few advantages that I really like and found useful. Unlike a gas powered chainsaw that takes a lot of energy to actually get to start, this battery powered unit starts up extremely easy with no hassles.

It also removes the biggest issue of an electric chainsaw which is you don’t need a heavy gauge extension cord. So you’re not limited to where you can cut as long as you have charge. Which is about the only downside to a battery powered unit, is the limited time you get to use them even with a great 20V MAX Lithium battery like this unit has.

Simplicity Is Key When Choosing A Females Chainsaw

The first thing you notice about this unit, is just how easy it is to set up. I found it barely takes any time at all and requires no tools what so ever. The first charge takes about 5 hours which is what the guide will say, and it was pretty accurate. Since it is a battery powered unit, you will want to get into the habit of charging the battery hours before use. So you don’t go to start whatever it is your doing, then not having any power to do it. So always charge the battery previously. Tho this battery will last you quite awhile, depending on what you’re doing.

This is a fairly strong chainsaw that has a surprising amount of power if you use it right. Some of the things I’ve seen this thing get through is quite impressive, such as cutting down a 10 inch birch tree which I didn’t expect. If you don’t know much about birch this may not seem all that impressive, but birch is a solid hard wood tree which makes it hard to cut or split. The key here to splitting such things is take your time, and never push too hard. Since you can easily over heat your battery this way, which you don’t want to do.

What I Like About The Black+Decker 10 Inch Chainsaw

  • It’s a very light weight unit weighing only 7.2 lbs, so it isn’t very heavy and is easy to maneuver around when cutting.
  • The 20V Max Lithium battery hold a great amount of charge and can last from anywhere between 2 and 4 hours, depending on how intense the task you’re doing is.
  • I’m a big fan of the low kick back chain on this chainsaw, it has been designed really well and helped prevent a lot of the kickback you might get on some other models.
Black+Decker 20V Lithium Ion 10 Inch Chainsaw


Popular Women’s Chainsaw The WORX

WORX WG303.1 Electric Powered 16 Inch Chainsaw

Time To Get To WORXThe WORX Wg303.1 is another great verstile chainsaw for women that covers quite a lot of jobs. It is one of the more powerful electric chainsaws thanks to its 14.5 amp motor.

This chainsaw is great for removing limbs off of trees and can easily handle small trees. It can handle a few larger ones as well up to 14 inches depending on the type of tree. But not only did it get through those 14 inch trees, it did it with very minimum kickback. It still has a little kickback on the occasion so you should still be careful when operating it or any chainsaw.

Perfect For Beginners

This chainsaw is very beginner friendly considering how much power it has, and this is due to a few features that it has. There is three things that make this chainsaw great for first timers, and they are its auto-tension system, chain brake, and its automatic oiling system. All three of these features are great for first timers, and take some of the headaches out of operating a chainsaw.

The auto-tension system is a personal favorite of mine since it helps stop you from over tightening your chain, which isn’t good. The chain brake is an important safety feature that I wish all chainsaws would have. What it does is stop the chain within seconds if the chainsaw kickbacks and makes improper contact. The automatic oiling system is a great quality of life improvement, so you don’t have to manually lube the chain and bar anymore.

One thing to remember with this and other electric types of chainsaws. Are that you will require a power outlet and heavy gauge extension leads, and in a lot of cases multiple extension leads. This is a minor inconvenience for electric units, but depending on the type of leads you have can make this less of an issue. The longer you are away from the power outlet and more leads you have, will require better quality leads. I have seen people use this chainsaw close to 800 feet away from there house with extension leads. So if you can handle that and don’t mind spending the money on those leads, then it may not be an issue. But it was something I should still mention.

What I Like About The Worx 16 Inch Chainsaw

  • While this is a slightly heavier chainsaw that weighs 11 lbs, it never got to tiring to use after several hours of use.
  • I really like how much power this chainsaw has and it is thanks to its 14.5 amp motor, which I’m a big fan of.
  • WORX made safety there number one priority of this chainsaw, with how little kickback this thing has. And the chain brake system which could be a life saver.
  • The auto oiling system is a great improvement that actually saves you time compared to other units. Since you don’t have to stop and manually oil the chain.
Worx WG303.1 16 Inch Electric Chainsaw


The Oregon Chainsaw Taking The Hassle Out Of Maintenance

Oregon CS1500 18 Inch Electric Powered Chainsaw

The Oregon Chainsaw Taking The Hassle Out Of MaintenanceFor me Oregon really knocked it out of the park with this chainsaw, which is no surprise really. When you take into consideration a lot of other chainsaws use Oregon chains. So the company knows a thing or two about chainsaws.

Tho while Oregon know a thing or two about chainsaws, there’s a few things you will need to know to use this one. One of and if not its biggest selling feature is its self sharpening chain. This is great I absolutely love this feature that allows you to sharpen the chain quickly when doing a job, instead of getting a sharpening kit and stop cutting.

There is a slight downside to this tho, and that is the chain teeth have a tendency to snag and jump off. So without learning how to properly feather the throttle you may get this more often, but certainly isn’t a deal breaker once you know this.

This is one of the best chainsaws that has 15 amps of power which makes it extremely strong. To me this chainsaw was made with the intention of cutting down trees, and cutting wood into firewood. Instead of removing limbs from trees. This is due to what I said just above about the chain teeth getting caught. This has a tendency to happen more on tree limbs. But for cutting trees this thing was outstanding and the second strongest chainsaw on this list easily. This chainsaw was easily able to get through multiple types of trees that were 17 inches in diameter. So if tree removal is something you’re looking for then it is hard to pass this unit up.

This Oregon unit also has a few other features that make it a great chainsaw to almost any ones collection. It has the ever important self lubricating chain, which as I said above will save you time since you don’t have to stop and manually oil the chain. Apart from the amazing self sharpening tool, it also has a tool-less chain tension system. This is very helpful since you don’t have to looking for the right tool, and can just tighten the chainsaw itself. A very small quality of life improvement that I really like.

What I Like About The Oregon 18 Inch Chainsaw

  • This is the heaviest chainsaw on this list weighing 13 lbs, but the cutting power of this chainsaw more then makes up for it. So if that weight doesn’t bother you then I highly recommend it.
  • The self sharpening system is a real time saver that I can’t wait until more manufacturers get on board and do the same. It really takes a lot of the hassle out of some of the maintenance of a chainsaw.
  • Its 15 Amp motor was very quiet and very powerful, being close to the power of a 16 inch gas powered chainsaw which is impressive for an electric.
Oregon 18 Inch Self Sharpening Electric Chainsaw


How Does The Husqvarna Stack Up

Husqvarna 440E 16 Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

How Does The Husqvarna Stack UpHusqvarna are one of the leading chainsaw manufactures who make some of the best chainsaws in the the industry. This model is one of my all time favorite 16 inch chainsaws on the market. While this is great for anybody looking for a chainsaw it does come with one drawback, and that is price.

Husqvarna chainsaws do cost a lot more, but you do get what you pay for and this particular model is no different. It is the most expensive chainsaw on this list, but it is easily the highest quality tool on this list. So if you’re on a budget then I would recommend one of the units above, but if you’re looking for one of the best chainsaws for first timers on the market this is the unit for you.

Being a gas powered chainsaw makes this a powerful chainsaw and this is thanks to its 40.9cc, 2.4hp engine. This is a very powerful engine which will help you get through a lot of trees and logs. So as a Woman, it’s important to understand the amount of power in your hands and being able to full take control over the chainsaw. Don’t buy something too powerful that you can’t handle.

How Much Power?

There wasn’t a lot this chainsaw couldn’t get through, easily tearing through a 20 inch oak tree. It is a fair bit louder then the other units on this list, since it does have a gas engine so that is something you need to consider. I would recommend ear plugs if you use a gas chainsaw. But one thing I like about this chainsaw is that it doesn’t cause a lot of vibration when operating. This really helps when you’re cutting for a while you get less fatigued.

There are a few things apart from its power that makes this chainsaw stand out, and that is the many features that it has.

One of its great features is its x-torque engine which makes this chainsaw use less fuel then other non Husqvarna chainsaws, which will help save money over time which is very useful. But one of its biggest selling points is its easy start system. Starting this chainsaw doesn’t require you to pull the cord 10 times which can really do some damage to your shoulder, if you’re not careful. Very rarely has it been more then a few simple steps to get this chainsaw to start, which gives it an advantage over other chainsaws that don’t have this.

What I Like About The Husqvarna 16 Inch Chainsaw

  • For a gas powered chainsaw this is quite lite weighing 9.8lbs, which is very impressive and an important detail to pay attention to as a Woman.
  • You really get what you pay for with this unit it is made with the highest quality parts that lets it run so smoothly when operating it.
  • Its easy start system is a shoulder saver that I wish all chainsaws had from now on.
Husqvarna 440E 16 Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw


What To Expect Using A Chainsaw For The First Time As A Women


While there are a lot of chainsaws on the market I find that these four machines, are the best for not only women but for almost anyone looking for a great mid range chainsaw. There are certainly some that I recommend more then others .

Such as the Oregon which is great if you feel uncomfortable sharpening your chainsaw, and don’t want to pay someone to do it for you. The Black+Decker is a great small chainsaw that packs a surprising amount of power for its price point. You can’t really go wrong with any of the chainsaws in this guide in my opinion. So I wish you luck with what ever machine you decide to go with.

Be sure to drop by again and leave your thoughts on the chainsaw you bought. This will be very insightful for other Women looking to buy a chainsaw.

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