Are Electric Log Splitters Any Good

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For a long time, gas log splitters were the most common type of splitter and using anything else you’d be considered crazy. Then along came electric log splitters which took a while but have caught up to there gas counterparts which leaves the question, are How Good Are Electric Log Splitterselectric log splitters any good?

I often find that electric wood splitters often get a bad rap compared to other splitters. Which I believe to be a bit unfair as electric log splitters do their jobs extremely well and even have some advantages over there gas counterparts.

What you’ll find here on this page is if electric log splitters are any good. You’ll find what their advantages and their disadvantages are since there is no such thing as a perfect tool. I hope I’ll be able to answer this question for you and maybe even convince you to go with electric for your next splitter.

Why Electric Log Splitters Are Good?

When I first heard about electric log splitters I was very much like a lot of other people and thought that would just pass away quietly. Here we are years later and electric log splitters have come a long way from there simple beginnings. I believe a big part of this is the increase in gas prices which is making it hard to run a gas log splitter.

When they first came out there was a big power difference between gas and electric. While I feel there is still a slight difference in power the gap is much closer now and I believe in a few years there won’t be a difference.

Advantages Of Electric Log Splitters

The advantages of electric log splitters are things that I never really considered when they were first introduced. With the most obvious but probably their best advantage is the lack of fumes. Since there are no fumes means you’re able to split inside and not out in the cold which is a big advantage.

Trying to start a gas log splitter in the winter can be a little difficult as they don’t like cold starts. You don’t get this problem with an electric as it’s normally just pressing a button and you’re good to go. This is something that once you get used to is hard to go back to any other way.

Maintenance of any gas engine can be annoying and for some people, it’s a turn off on gas altogether. You don’t have anywhere near as much maintenance with an electric log splitter then you do a gas model. There is still some maintenance to do but nowhere near as much.

Gas log splitters are extremely loud which can get frustrating when you’re splitting for long periods of time. Again electric doesn’t have the noisy gas motor which makes them much more quiet to operate. Your ears and neighbors will thank you for going electric.

For some people, this won’t really matter to them but going the electric option is more environmentally friendly. For those that this does matter to going the electric option is the only choice you can make.

What Are The Downsides To Electric Log Splitters

There is no such thing as the perfect piece of equipment that has no flaws what so ever. Which is the case with electric log splitters as they’re not perfect and do have a few drawbacks. Working out if these drawbacks are big issue for you is something you should do before your next purchase.

The Not So Good

It’s hard to ignore the fact that electric log splitters require either a generator or powerpoint to get to run. Depending on where you split logs this can be a big issue and it’s hard to justify spending a lot of money on a generator to split far from home. So you can’t overlook this but it may not be an issue if you split close to home and just need an extension lead.

Currently, there is still a slight power difference between gas and electric. It’s not as bad as it used to be but if you need some really large logs split. It makes it hard to go with electric if it’s not going to split the logs you need split.

Cycle time of a log splitter is a deciding factor for some people when they go to purchase a log splitter. Sadly electric log splitters are generally slower than there gas counterparts. So this is a downside if you’re looking for speed only which if that is the case you could go with a kinetic log splitter.

Finding an electric log splitter that can split in a vertical position which is frustrating as this position is the best for splitting large logs. There are a few models out there that can do this but finding them can be difficult.

Should You Get An Electric Log Splitter

Now, this is what I think the real question on this subject should be as to what my situation is won’t necessarily be yours. If you ask someone who only splits 5-inch logs with a small 5-ton electric splitter they’re going to say yes they’re good. You ask someone who needs to split 30-inch hardwood logs and they’ll probably say no.

This is why I always suggest considering your situation first before you purchase a new log splitter. By doing this you may not only save yourself some money by save you headaches. The right tool for the job is more important than having the most powerful one.

If you’re going to be splitting close to home than electric is a good option as long as you choose the right ton model. This can save you some headaches in the winter months when it’s cold outside and you need to emergency split some logs. Tho it’s always better to have your logs split before the wintertime.

If you require splitting nothing but the largest and hardest logs then going with a large gas log splitter is probably going to suit you better. This is why I stand by my statement of knowing what you need to split before purchasing your log splitter as you don’t want to be caught out.

What To Look For In A Electric Log Splitter

Before getting an electric log splitter there are certain things you should consider before spending your hard-earned money on. You don’t want to go in blind on your next purchase and make an expensive mistake that you’ll regret later.

Electric motors and log splitters can be fairly difficult to work out if they’re any good. You should read some reviews on them before taking the plunge and see what other people’s experiences have been with them. I often find myself reading amazon reviews on electric log splitters since they own the item.

Making sure you get a log splitter that has enough force to split the logs you’ll want is at the top of the list of first things to check. You’ll want to have plenty of splitting force if you’re planning on splitting some larger logs. You can save money and go with a much smaller splitter if you’re only going after small logs.

If you’re planning on splitting away from the home and are planning on using a generator. Then it’s a good idea to check and see if the log splitter can be towed as this will be essential. If it can’t be towed some people opt to put in the back of there truck which is a good idea if you’re able to.

Does the log splitter have multiple positions in which it can split? This is a good question as this is my favorite feature of a log splitter as it allows you to split much larger logs. It also stops you from having to lift logs which can hurt your back. So if it has a vertical position it instantly puts it at the top of the list in my opinion.

Does it come with any extra features and does the manufacture offer a 4-way splitting wedge? A 4-way splitting wedge makes a massive difference in how long it takes to split logs. Since you don’t have to do multiple splits of a log so it makes it much quicker. Another favorite of mine.

Price is really up to you and if it costs too much and doesn’t offer what you want. So it’s very subjective but the price is something you should consider if you’re on a budget.

My Final Thoughts On Electric Log Splitters

If you asked me a decade ago if I’d ever suggest an electric log splitter I would have laughed. This is far from the case now and I’m a little ashamed I used to think that as now electric is right up there with gas splitters for me. I think people who use chainsaws can relate with gas and battery saws.

I think the simplest answer to the main question of are electric log splitters any good is yes they are. They have a lot to offer and have some of those really excellent advantages that a gas splitter can’t offer and never will be able to. While an electric splitter can get more powerful and close that gap.

So I hope I’ve been able to shed some light into the world of electric log splitters and may have even convinced a few of you to go electric on your next splitter.


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