Honda Gas Powered Log Splitters

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With so many different brands of log splitters available, it becomes harder and harder to know which one to buy. I believe the first place to start is what type of engine does is it packing. There’s one brand in particular regular splitters recommend, and for very good reason. They are the Honda Gas Powered Log Splitters.

This also poses another question just what is the best engine manufacturer to go with. Especially with so many great brands on the market such as Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, Harbor Freight, and my personal favorite Honda. The other two engine brands are really great and I do also like them, but I just don’t find them as reliable as a Honda. Reliability is one of the most important factors for a gas powered log splitter if you ask me.

Why Choose A Log Splitter With A Honda Engine?Honda Gas Powered Log Splitters

For many years now, Honda have been the engines I personally recommend. There really isn’t a lot of downsides to going with a Honda gas powered log splitter, in matter of fact there is only one disadvantage that I can see. The biggest issue I have found is the price, since they are so well made they do have a tendency to rise the price of your log splitter. So if you’re on a budget it might be better to look into a log splitter with a American owned Briggs & Stratton engine.  Tho the thing to keep in mind is that the Honda will run really well and generally have a lot less issues. So going cheaper upfront, may cost you more money in the long run.

Now in saying that, there aren’t as many log splitter manufactures who put Honda engines on there log splitters as you may think. To me the company that makes the best Honda gas powered log splitters is NorthStar. The main reason that I really like NorthStar is that they manage to keep the price down. Even with the Honda badge on their splitter. The Honda engine 37 ton Northstar is available on amazon too, which you can check the price for it here.

They also didn’t skimp on the features of there log splitters which has made them one of my favorites in general. With that in mind it is time to check out what I consider I believe to be the best Honda gas powered log splitter on the market.


My Top Honda Powered Log Splitter Recommendation

NorthStar 37 Ton Log Splitter With The Honda GX270 Engine

North Star 37 Ton Log Splitter With The Honda GX270 EngineWhen it comes to great log splitters that have powerful engines that will split anything you throw at them, this NorthStar is the first model I will always think of. The first thing to note is the incredible Honda GX 270 engine which is one of the surest starting engines you will ever use. For me, it never needed more then two pulls to start. Which as you may know, is a welcomed relief.

If you’re like me you will like to warm up a engine before using it, which isn’t to difficult to do with this unit. Since it has a automatic throttle you will need to manually hold the throttle lever down when your starting this machine, just so that it will get some oil pressure and heat in the motor.

How Much Splitting Power Can This Honda Engine Produce

When I go into a log splitter review, I like to go over what the wood splitter can actually split. Having a great engine is worthless if the rest of the splitter has flaws. With the GX270 Honda engine, you get the whole package. Being a 37 ton unit alone will let it split almost every log you throw at it, let alone the fact it has a vertical position as well. This second feature is one of my most used when it comes to splitting logs. If you’ve never used a vertical position log splitter before, you’re in for a treat of epic proportions.

Since it will allow a 22 ton to split  as if it was a 25 ton unit, which makes you wonder just how high can this unit split. 30 inch wide hardwood hickory logs were no match for this unit, tho it did slow down a little which was to be expected on such large hard logs that were fairly knotted. But in the vertical position this wasn’t an issue for this Honda engine powered machine. So if you need not want splitting power, then this is the log splitter for you.

One of the things I really like about this machine is that it is very portable for its size, which is a great thing in my eyes. It does come with a 2 inch ball coupler and its two DOT approved tires, which means you can tow this legally on the road up to 45mph, tho I rarely take it over 40 on a main road. This is an expensive piece of equipment so I don’t want to risk damaging it in any way shape or form. But one of the things that this unit comes with that a lot of other log splitters don’t,  is an adjustable wheel on the tongue at the front of the unit. I really like this feature I find it makes life easier when I’m trying to move this splitter around, just to get it into the right position.



What I Like About The NorthStar 37 Ton Wood SplitterNorthStar 37 Ton Log Splitter Reviews

  • I’m a big fan of this particular Honda engine the GX270, is a very reliable powerful engine that will get the job done, and will serve you well if you treat it right.
  • When it comes to power, it is very hard to go past this splitter. Not having to worry about what size logs you have in front of you, is a huge benefit for me. I like having more power then I need for the task at hand.
  • This is a very portable wood splitter which makes it very useful for the majority of people who need wood split, I know a lot of us have some acreage to go split on and having the ability to go out and split logs out in the field is really useful.
  • One thing I didn’t expect to find as useful as I did was the wheel at the front, as I said before this is really useful for shifting the splitter into the appropriate position.
  • I found it to be very affordable for a heavy duty machine like this with the Honda badge in the engine.
  • See my full NorthStar 37 ton log splittter review here
NorthStar 37 Ton Log Splitter


My Overall Thoughts On Honda Powered Log Splitters

While there are a few log splitters out there that have the Honda engines attached to them, I feel NorthStar are the brand that deserve to be honored for equpping such an engine. I found there units to be fairly priced for what they can do, and they have outperformed almost all other units I have come across.

While I only covered the 37 ton here they do have a few other options all with a Honda engine. So if you like the idea of the NorthStar log splitter with the Honda engine, but feel that 37 tons is more then you really need then I’m glad to say that NorthStar have you covered. They have another 37 ton with a larger Honda engine, but also a 30 and 24 ton, and another model that has a log lift. So if you’re interested then click the banner below to find out more.






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