What Is The Best Log Splitter For The Money

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When it comes to log splitters, one of the biggest concerns people have is the price of entry. More often than not, most people want to know what is the best log splitter for the money?. This is a very valid concern when it comes to such an important piece of machinery. They can be very expensive pieces of machinery. So expensive in some cases that it can be difficult to justify into the family budget. However, in my eyes and the eyes of thousands of Americans, log splitters are worth every penny they cost. Considering just the time and effort it saves compared to manually splitting wood, they are one of the best investments anyone that relies on firewood could ever make.

Having more time gives you more time to do things you enjoy, and without the ache of splitting logs the old fashioned way, your body will thank you. This alone was the reason for me turning to a machine over an axe. My aging body couldn’t bend like it once could and the signs of an aching back were proving too fierce.

Time Is Money, And Money Is Value

With so many log splitters on the market, it makes it very difficult for someone to find out what is and isn’t the right log splitter for them. To ease the burden of spending the next day researching online and in store, I have done the hard yards for you.  Me and my team have tested and done countless hours of research to find out what are the best log splitters for the money.

Ton Rating Power Source Our Rating
7 Ton Gas 9.8 Check Price On Amazon
7 Ton Electric 9.2 Check Price On Amazon
22 Ton Gas 9.7 Check Price On Amazon

What To Look  For In A Log Splitter Before BuyingWhat Is The Best Log Splitter For The Money

We had a few different requirements to be on this list, they had to be able to suit different types of people and there splitting needs. Every household in the USA and Canada will have different needs. So by finding the top rated but best value machines for the money from a variety of types, brands and models we hope to cater to many folks. They have to be the right price. Easier said than done right?. There are quite a few over priced and cheaply made log splitters on the market, which instantly got disqualified from this list. So you don’t have to worry about choosing a lemon here.

One thing that does drive the price of a log splitter up is its type, a manual log splitter will always be the cheapest but doesn’t really have the power, while electric and gas are much more powerful they come with a higher price tag. Especially the gas powered log splitters, they do tend to be more expensive but they almost always have more power then the other types on the market. With more power comes more productivity which equals more time freedom to do less strenuous stuff.

Save Time, Money, & Your Body With This Log Splitter

Champion Power Equipment 90720 7 Ton Compact Portable Machine

The Best Gas Powered Log Splitter For Home UseFirst on this list is one of my absolute favorite log splitters on the market at the moment, the champion 90 720 7 ton gas powered log splitter. To me it really stands out from the pack in terms of performance and value for money. There are a lot of reasons to recommend this particular log splitter. I could spend an entire day boring you with. But I won’t, so I’ll just share some of the more important details.

The first thing that I really love about the Champion is just how much power it has for the portable size that it offers. Just 7 ton rated, but can pack some serious punch. There are not to many log splitters at this level that can split logs that are up to 20 inches in diameter. When it does come to splitting logs of this size with this log splitter, it is highly recommended that you start splitting from the edges and work your way in if the log is particularly tough.

The thing that did originally surprise me with this machine, was just how low to the ground it is. I originally thought this would be a bad thing with all the bending over to pick up logs. But it turns out it made life easier in a way we hadn’t originally considered. Since it is so low to the ground you won’t have to lift logs as high off the ground which does mean less bending and lifting in the long run. It isn’t a massive advantage but a nice quality of life improvement. Another nice little feature on this beast is its handle, it sounds so small but a lot of smaller log splitters don’t actually have this feature which makes life easier if you need to move it around your yard.

What We Really Liked

  • We just love how powerful of a machine this 7 ton log splitter is, it’s stronger then some 10 ton machines we’ve used.
  • With how low it is to the ground, the fact you don’t have to pick logs up as high makes life easier.
  • It’s a very compact and portable splitter, which helps if you need to move it around a fair bit.
  • Heavy Duty wheels are a very nice touch. They allow you to split without fear of puncturing a Tyre.
Champion 7 Ton 80 CC Best For Home


The Best Electric Log Splitter For The Money

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter, 7-Ton

The Best Electric Log Splitter For The MoneyNext on this list is the Boss Industrial ES7T20 7 ton electric log splitter. Without a doubt one of the best electric log splitters on the market and one of the best electric log splitter for the money. This log splitter is for people who will go through several cords a year, but aren’t fully reliant on wood all year round.

Being an electric log splitter have there advantages and disadvantages compared to the gas powered models. One of the biggest advantages to an electric powered log splitter, is that they don’t require any fuel and don’t produce any fumes. With the lack of fumes, you can now split inside your house you don’t have to be outside in the cold.

The biggest downside when you compare the two is the power difference, a gas powered log splitter will get through a lot tougher logs compared to an electric. Even saying that, this electric log splitter does split logs up to 16 inches in diameter but that may require you to swap the log around to its opposite side. Considering the low price and the size of the machine, I feel it has just the right amount of ommphh for the desired market.

One thing to consider with an electric log splitter is that you will require a power outlet nearby, so if you need to split logs away from the house you will either need some extension leads or a generator. It is a very portable log splitter tho, coming in at about 104 pounds so it is quite possible to transport it, in case you need to help a family or friend split some of there logs.

What We Liked

  • The ability to split logs inside a house and not outside in the cold, really makes the colder months a lot more bearable.
  • It has a tremendous amount of power compared to other electric log splitters on the current market.
  • Since it has an electric motor, it should start up every time without a worry.
Boss Industrial 7 Ton Splitter


The Best Value For Money Wood Splitter

Ariens 22 Ton Log Splitter Review

The Best Ariens Log Splitter On The MarketThe Ariens 917011 22 ton log splitter is quite the impressive machine. While being more expensive then the two machines above it has a lot more features. So in terms of value for money, it offers a lot for the cost of the machine.

Being a 22 ton model it has quite the difference in power compared to the others on this list.  It also has added capability to be towed by a 4 wheeler or a car. Which makes this the perfect log splitter if you have some acreage and need to split logs from a fallen tree far from home. OR if you own a cabin in the woods and need to transport to and from.

Many times we have had neighbors and friends who needed logs split but didn’t own there own splitter due to various reason, so this was a perfect solution.

One of the best features of this log splitter is its ability to swap from horizontal to vertical, which gives this splitter the ability to split logs of extremely large diameter. With this splitter we have managed to split logs that are up to 40 inches in diameter. Which in reality is probably more then enough for most people bar the most heavy duty user. But the average family who need a splitter will find that this machine will get them through most if not all there splitting needs. Another great thing about this log splitter is the company itself, there customer service was out standing when we had an issue. Within a few days the part that broke, had been replaced by a proper technician without any charge.

What We Liked

  • The vertical position gives this log splitter the ability to split logs that it normally wouldn’t be able to in its horizontal position.
  • Being able to tow this splitter, which gives you the ability to split logs further away from your house.
  • Gas powered – No need to worry about shortage of electricity.
Ariens 22 Ton Log Splitter



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