Electric Vs Gas Log Splitters – Which One Should You Buy?

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Log splitters have been around for some time (Patented since 1959), and it has sped the process of log splitting. Not to mention the health benefits for back pain sufferers.  In the past, people split logs by hand with an ax or any means necessary. So when buying a splitter for the first time, many people are not sure which option to go with; Electric VS Gas Log Splitters being the main question.

Both electric log splitters and gas log splitters have their own pros and cons. It is important to know more about the two options before you choose one to go with. Once you get to know the more about each type, you will be in a better position to make an informed decision.

It is important to remember that there are different types of the two options, some having more features than others. Here is a brief review of electric vs gas log splitter.

The Best Electric & Gas Wood SplittersElectric Vs Gas Log Splitters

Throughout the years, we have come across many brands and new technologies introduced into the wood splitting arena. But there’s always a few models that strike us as the most reliable and best value for money. After reading more information about each type, I highly recommend you check out our buyers guide to each type of machine:


When Deciding If You Should Buy A Gas Powered Or A Electric Log Splitter…

Think About The Place of Operation

The first thing you need to ask yourself is if you want a log spWhich Log Splitter Should I Buylitter that can be used outside or one that can be used in a shed or a barn. It is important to ask these questions because there are a couple of precautions that you will have to take.

You will have to put a number of things into considerations when buying a gas log splitter. The first is whether you will be using it outdoors or indoors. The reason why you need to consider this is the use of a gas log splitter indoors has serious repercussions. The gas emitted can be harmful as it builds up in the room. The gas emitted is carbon monoxide gas. It is not a good idea to choose a gas log splitter if you are going to use it indoors. I don’t recommend doing this at all.

However, an Electric model is perfectly fine to split logs inside the home. It doesn’t use harmful gasses. But you are limited to a power source if you buy an electric machine. That is one of the main benefits of a gas version, you can split logs anywhere you need. Some models are even portable to tow on a tractor, ride on mower etc. So if you need an electric model to use outdoors, make sure you have a power source in mind whether it be on a farm or via a generator.

High End VS Cheap Log Splitters

Which Log Splitter Should I Buy?

The next thing is the pricing of the log splitter. It is a good idea to spend a little more and get a quality splitter that will efficiently work and is easy to use. If you are looking for a basic splitter that will not be used too often, then you can go for a cheaper option. It will boil down to personal preference and choice.

If you want a splitter to use at home, then an electric log splitter will be the better options because they are cheaper compared to gas log splitters. Electric log splitters have little to no maintenance and are easy to store. If you are looking to get a splitter to use commercially or rent, then the gas option is better. But these machines can be quite a lot more to purchase.

Gas Versus Electric – Which Splitter Has More PowerWhat Ton Log Splitter Do I Need

Electric log splitters have less power, making it suitable for domestic use. But even still, don’t underestimate their power. If you choose a standard one, you can be surprised at what it can do. Before you can choose a log splitter, you must know the amount of power needed to do the work it needs to do. If you need the log splitter to do a lot of work, go for a splitter with high power.

How large are the logs you need to split?. 40 inches in diameter?. A 25 Ton Gas model would be your safest bet. By going one step further and buying a bigger machine that has the ability to split massive logs, you will need to look into vertical log splitters. These are machines that can split wood in both the horizontal position as well as in a vertical position allowing you to split open logs you never dreamed possible. Smaller 10 to 25 inch rounds can be handled by the best electric log splitters.

The extra power can make a lot of difference and be able to do a lot of work in a short time. Choosing a high-power log splitter for domestic work will be expensive to run and maintain. Unless you are going to use the splitter for a lot of work, just go with a standard log splitter.

Fastest Splitter In The West

When it comes to speed, how quick can a splitter complete a cycle. Choosing a Kinetic VS Hydraulic log splitter may be the best bet. A kinetic is a style of motion that is not using hydraulics like most log splitters do. A Kinetic Log Splitter is without a doubt the fastest type of splitting tool on the market.

Hydraulic machines simply cant compete with speed compared to the Kinetic models. If the speed in which you split logs is of high importance then I highly suggest you consider a Kinetic Log Splitter.

See A Hydraulic VS Kinetic In Action Here


Environmentally Friendliness

Gas Vs Electric log Splitters

Electric log splitters are far more environmentally friendly as compared to gas log splitters. If you are environmentally conscious, an electric log splitter will be a better option, but you will still have to consider the power of the machine. Choosing an environmentally friendly option can mean going with a machine that has lower power.

Still Can’t Decide? Electric Or Gas Powered?

You will have to consider these factors and choose a log splitter that will be convenient and within your budget. Investing time and effort will ensure you get to know more about electric vs gas log splitters and hopefully you make the right choice. When after further research you are still in doubt as to which log splitting machine you should buy, maybe its time to reevaluate and consider a more simple method. This is known as a manual log splitter. No it does not involve using an ax and it is still beneficial for your back and body. It’s just a slower method which is even cheaper than that of the electric models.

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