The Best 35 Ton Log Splitters With Reviews

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With such a variation in ton ratings for log splitters, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stuck. Not knowing which ton rating is right for you.¬† Today I’m focused on reviewing what I consider to be the best 35 ton log splitters on the current market. Hopefully these reviews will shed some light on the issue and help make your buying decision all that much easier.

The financial strain of the upfront cost of a log splitter can deter some people away from these great machines. Even if money is not an issue, choosing the best one for your needs is a tough chore for a lot of people as a lot of these machines can easily go above $2000. But the good news is that my top rated 35 ton log splitter by YardMax won’t force you to remortgage the home. Which is quite refreshing for the wallet.

However, I have often found that the upfront cost will easily be paid off after a year of usage. By saving money from not having to rent a log splitter every season, or buying wood already to split for the fire which can be extremely expensive. Not too mention the burden splitting wood via an axe can do to ones body.

Should I Buy A 35 Ton Log Splitter?The Best 35 Ton Log Splitters With Reviews

The question I get asked a lot is “should I go for a 35 ton machine instead of something a bit smaller?”. The answer to this question is never an easy one, since everyone has different circumstances what may work for me may not work for you. If you only split one cord of wood a year then getting such a large splitter, isn’t really necessary in my eyes. In this instance I would recommend something smaller like a 5 ton or even a 22 ton, if the wood is a bit harder. But if you’re like a lot of others and go through a lot of cords a year, then a 35 ton log splitter is almost essential. Not having to worry about if your splitter can get through the hardest and most knotted of logs gives you peace of mind, if you like the idea of that then a 35 ton machine is for you.

35 Ton Log Splitter Reviews

Yard Max 35 Ton Log Splitter Review

35 Ton Log Splitter ReviewsWhen I first got to use the Yardmax 35 ton log splitter, I was pretty excited since I’ve used there 5, 25, and 30 ton units. All 3 so far have really impressed me. Now I can safely say that the 35 ton wood splitter is just as wesome.

I know a lot of people will be worried it doesn’t have a Honda engine, and that the 10.5 HP 306cc Briggs & Stratton engine is made in China. I was also worried about this when I first tried a Yardmax machine, and all my fears were unfounded. The engine provides plenty of power to split the toughest of logs, and it has been incredibly reliable.

I have run this splitter through at least 10 cords so far and I haven’t had a single issue. The engine has started on the first try every time for me, and as long you keep up maintenance you should have little to worry about.

What Size Logs Can A 35 Ton Log Splitter Handle?

Now for the fun part (when the splitting commences), there is just something so nice about hearing the wood crack as the ram pushes through. For this test I ran quite a few different types of woods, and many different sizes to really see what this machine could do. And the results were about what I expected, this splitter went through everything never missing a beat.

To give it a warm up we ran some douglas fir that was about 28 inches in diameter. The 35 ton Yardmax log splitter¬† went through it like a hot knife through butter. Very impressed at this stage. After the warm up I wanted to really test this machine out by putting some red oak through it that were 34 inches in diameter. 34 inch logs are quite big, so you know the Yardmax can handle even the biggest at this rate. The result was the same as the fir, it didn’t cause this machine to flinch at all.

A feature that I really love on larger log splitters is there ability to be put in a vertical position. The vertical position is just so helpful in so many ways, you don’t have to lift heavy logs as high, and you can split much larger logs and just roll them into position. I wanted to have a bit of a test with this splitter in this position, and see if it could split even larger then a 34 inch red oak. To test this I got some 40 inch hickory and rolled it into place, and to my surprise this splitter got through it. It did slow down slightly I must admit, but it got through it. Which is quite impressive for a 40 inch diameter round.¬† Sadly I didn’t have anything larger to test out at the time, but I was still very impressed with these results.

What I like

  • For the one I was really impressed with just how well this splitter performed in my splitting tests, it did go through some logs I didn’t think it would handle. Just shows how heavy duty this machine is.
  • Yardmax include two log cradles, one on either side of the splitter. Which makes it easier when splitting in a horizontal position, once you split a log they don’t just go immediately to the ground. You can rest them a bit and rotate the log to continue on splitting.
  • Includes a 4 way splitter which halves the work load.
  • It does have 16 inch DOT-Approved road tires, which means you can tow this machine up to 45mph, but I wouldn’t recommend really going over 40mph and even slower on uneven terrain.
Yardmax 35 Ton Full Beam Log Splitter




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