The Best 22 Ton Log Splitters Reviews

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Log splitters come in a variety of tonnage rating which can split all kinds of wood from small rounds to extra large rounds. So how are you to know if a 22 ton rated log splitter will be suitable for your needs?. It can vary from person to person, which splitter will do the job adequately. But to make things easier for you, we have complied a list of the common woods and the sizes which we recommend splitting with a 22 ton machine. Bare in mind that there are many other species of wood which you could cut with a 22 ton splitting machine. These are just a few species to help you get started.

Following these common species of woods, we have complied a list of reviews for the best 22 ton log splitters. These heavy duty machines should be able to handle most woods you can think of up to 35 inches in diameter. But use the guide below to make sure the wood you plan on splitting is suitable for a 22 ton log splitter.

Woods That Are Suitable To Split With A 22 Ton Log SplitterThe Best 22 Ton Log Splitters Reviews

  • Aspen with a minimum diameter of 20 inches
  • Pine wood that is above 20 inches in diameter is perfect for splitting with a 22 ton log splitter.
  • Maple from 12 inches in diameter
  • Douglas Fir  recommended from 18-20 inches
  • Sweet Gum is good to go from 21 inches
  • Dogwood – A 22 ton log splitter is recommended for any Dogwood over 10-12 inches in diameter
  • Oak wood is similar to Dogwood in that the small diameter requires a tougher log splitter.

With log splitters ranging all the way up to 90 tons of pressure, it gets difficult to find just the right size for you. Most people will find that having a log splitter that is 22 tons will suit there needs. Now which one is the best 22 ton log splitter on the market in 2019. Below you can find our top 3 rated electric and gas powered wood splitters with 22 tonnes of force.

Ton Rating Power Source Our Rating Our Rating
22 Ton Gas 9.5 Check Price On Amazon
22 Ton Electric 9.4 Check Price On Amazon
22 Ton Gas 9 Check Price On Amazon

Our Top Rated 22 Ton Wood Splitter

Dirty Hand Tools 22 Ton Log Splitter Reviews

Dirty Hand Tools 22 Ton Log Splitter Reviews
There are a lot of things to like about the Dirty Hand Tools 22 ton gas log splitter with very minimal to dislike. Because of these reasons I have found the D.H.T to be one of my personal favorite in the 22 ton market. One thing I noticed right away was just how well built of a machine this wood splitter is. It screams ‘Heavy Duty’ to me every time I look at it. Just the ram and the beam are built so well that I feel it will last me a lifetime. This is yet to be fulfilled obviously.

The people at dirty tools also made sure all the hoses are well protected, by making them with a strong wire wrap from the top to the bottom making them extremely sturdy. This is one of the better extra features as I like to call them. Not all machines do this, and the fact Dirty Hand Tools does, says a lot to me.

One of the general problems with splitting logs with a gas powered splitter is that it is generally a bit slow, no where near as slow as splitting logs manually I might add. But compared to the fastest log splitters going around, a Gas model is often left behind.

The Dirty Hand Tools however has a pretty decent cycle time for a gas log splitter. Coming in at an average time of about 11 seconds, I found it to be quite impressive. But the thing that sets this beast of a splitter apart from the ‘crowd’ is that it comes with a 4 way blade which will make your life easier. Especially when it comes to splitting larger logs. To be honest, I feel this should be a feature that should be on every wood splitter out there. Regardless of the cost.

I know a lot of people worry about the type of motor on there log splitter, is it going to last, is it strong enough, and how easy does it start up?. I will also admit I was worried when I found out that the Kohler motor was made in China, but thankfully my fears were unfounded and this motor was extremely solid. When it comes to starting the motor I never had any problem when it was warm, it would start first time every time. When it was cold it would take about 2 to 3 pulls to get it to start, but that could be because I hadn’t put an oil that is better suited to the cold.

What I Like

  • While I didn’t mention it above, this log splitter has a vertical position that you can put it in to, while in this position you will find it easier to split larger then recommended logs giving it more value overall
  • It is a very portable splitter with a handy 2 inch ball coupler for towing and a handle that makes it easier to put it into a good position for splitting.
  • When it comes to towing this splitter has 2 high speed road tires which I wouldn’t advise going over 40mph on the roads.
  • Overall I tested splitting several cords with this splitter and I personally didn’t have any problems arise after getting through about 6 cords.
Dirty Hand Tools 22 Ton Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter

22 Ton Swisher Log Splitter Reviews

Swisher LS22E 120V Timber Brute Eco Split Electric Log Splitter

22 Ton Swisher Log Splitter ReviewsIf you’re like me and when you think of an electric splitter you think about 5 to 7 ton splitters . These are great are great for small houses and people who don’t need much timber. But did you know an electric log splitter also comes in the form of 22 tonnes.

The Swisher Ls223 electric log splitter breaks the mold here by being an electric 22 ton splitter. So already it is one of the strongest electric splitters on the market to my knowledge. And being an electric powered log splitter it has one under appreciated feature of all electric models, and that is how quiet it is. There is some noise but not as much as a gas which is something I never really thought about before and glad that I have now.

For an electric hydraulic wood splitter the Swisher splitter is surprisingly quite quick, with a cycle time of about 13 seconds. Which isn’t as quick as the splitter above, but for an electric model that isn’t a kinetic splitter, this is a really respectable time. I wish more companies would actually attempt making more electric splitters at this size. Having this amount of power but without the worry of running out of gas or it being to cold and the log splitter won’t start. This is a huge advantage over the competition.

This is also an extremely portable log splitter with it’s road tires that can go up to 45mphs on a normal road, but if you are going over slightly more rough terrain you will certainly want to take it easier. Also it has a handle that makes it easier to move around to get into position so it is easier to split logs. One thing I feel I should say is with an electric splitter, you should always have some logs split in advance in case you do run out of power. Or have a back up generator as you most likely do.

What I Like

  • This is one of my first electric log splitters that I have used that has a vertical position which I will keep saying until the end of time, put this on all splitters. A great feature to have, especially on an electric powered machine.
  • I did like not having to worry about the splitter not starting because it’s cold, or I have run out of gas so it made me worry a little bit less with this machine.
  • Having the ability to tow this splitter around town so I could help my family split there logs made me quite popular with family and friends. Plus it’s good for weekends away at the cabin which is reliant on firewood.
Swisher LS22E 22 Electric Log Splitter


Ariens 22 Ton Log Splitter Review

ARIENS COMPANY 917011 22 Ton Log Splitter

Ariens 22 Ton Log Splitter Review
The Ariens Company 22 ton wood splitter is an extremely durable and excellently designed machine. With a company like Ariens at the helm who have been in this business since 1933, you know you are going to get quality and excellent customer service which is very important on large purchases like this.

The first thing of note to this great log splitter is its Subaru 174cc engine, that is one of the surest pull starting engine I have ever used. The engine never had any problem producing the power it required for the pump to have adequate pressure to split every log we have thrown at it.

The one thing I would recommend when getting this splitter is to double check the hydraulic hose. Make sure it is tight, while I didn’t have this issue myself. I know some people have been stuck on this and wern’t informed on checking this first.  Apart from that issue I haven’t seen or personally had any other issues while splitting logs with this splitter.

This splitter also has the same features as the splitters above, that being it has a veritcal position which gives a splitter more power to split logs larger then recommended. And the other feature is that it is also very portable with it’s towball and its handle which same as above, makes it easier to set this splitter into a proper splitting position.

Ariens 22 Ton Log Splitter


While there are various other makes and models of 22 ton slog splitters available both for commercial purpose and residential, I found the above models to be the best from our teams research and hands on experience. If the above models haven;t really taken you off to buy one immediately, perhaps going through our log splitter buyers guide for 2019 will be of value to you.


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