Best 3 Point Log Splitter Reviews

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Best 3 Point Log Splitter ReviewsFor those who have a tractor, you’ll know the value of three point log splitters and what they bring to the table. If you want to see excellent results, you need to get the best 3 point log splitter. Here is a look at what this attachment is all about.

  1. Perfect Attachment for Tractors: These are great attachments that take minutes to set up. You will be ready to go, and it’s going to generate positive results when it comes to log splitting. You will find it to be one of the most important wood splitting machines in your collection.
  2. Seamless Performance: What makes these 3 point log splitters such a great addition to your tractor?. You can guarantee performance, and that’s a must. No one wants to get with a solution that is below par or is going to get in the way. This does an excellent job immediately.
  3. Powerful: The 3 point log splitter is one of the most important purchases to make. With a tractor, you want something that will be able to handle logs quickly. This is going to ensure the splits are even and done powerfully. Don’t go with something that will not be able to manage the results you’re after and is going to slow you down.
  4. On The Go Splitting: The main advantage to having a 3 point log splitter is that you can pretty much split wood as you go, toss them in the back of the truck and your job is done. Saves double handling.

This will ensure you’re able to keep up and maintain the output you’re after as the operator. A tractor trailer with this adjustment is going to work like a charm. Get your hands on one of these 3 point log splitters and I doubt you will treat splitting logs the same ever again. It’s easy to use, affordable and offers quality that is unheard of. These splitters are a must when it comes to handling logs and getting premium results on a consistent basis. So with these 3 point log splitter reviews, we hope that you can drill down to the exact machine that suits your needs.

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30 Ton 9.4 Check Price On Amazon
22 Ton 9.3 Check Price On Amazon
16 Ton 9.3 Check Price On Amazon

3 Point Log Splitter Product Reviews

A Look At The Hydraulic Log Wood Splitter Skid Steer Tractor Mount

3 Point Log Splitter Product Reviews
Our first choice in 3 point log splitters has a number of key features which make it an attractive purchase for the task of splitting logs in a hurry. Firstly, both horizontal as well as vertical are possible. Which in my opinion is a must for any heavy duty machine like this. In addition, this log splitter boasts a 4 way splitting blade. Whats also truely impressive about the Skid Steer is the multi position feature. I find this to be the most useful feature on this splitter. Being able to mount the splitter on various angles enables greater productivity based on the condition in which you are working. These are just a few of the features which are appreciated by current users of the log splitter.

In particular, the fact that this choice has no problem splitting ‘troublesome’ wood, even pieces which are wet and have a lot of knots, makes it an especially attractive option. This is ideal for people who may need to cut wood from a variety of sources and cannot always guarantee the quality of the wood.

Indeed, the last thing you want to do is purchase a piece of equipment that only wants to play ball if the circumstances are ideal! However, with this choice in log splitters, not only will you be able to cut logs which are of poor quality with ease, you also should not run into any issues with logs which are wider than usual or are an awkward shape.

The splitter also mounts easily and shows itself to be a solid and very well built piece of equipment. To operate the Ram, you will need the need the auxiliary hydraulic. So if you have a quick attach plate, you should be good to go. The return lever on this is not automatic however. So you do need to manually reverse the direction in order for the lade to return back. It will take logs up to 24 inches in length and the fact that it has a 30 ton cylinder means that it does not fail to deliver on providing a high quantity and quality of splitting.

One thing is for sure, this log splitter is all about making your task of splitting logs a whole lot easier. In fact, you may enjoy using it so much you will be looking around for things to split, just for the sheer fun of it!

3 Point Log Splitter


Dirty Hand Tools 100450 22 Ton Horizontal/Vertical

Best Three Point Tractor Log Splitter

Best Three Point Tractor Log Splitter
The Dirty Hands Tools 22 ton is another high quality 3pt Tractor log splitter. I found it provides an excellent means to ensure your log splitting can be carried out effectively, efficiently and safely. It boasts a 15 to 25 tons maximum splitting force, ideal for taking on large splitting projects with a high quantity of wood to make your way through. In fact, the fact that this splitter shows plenty of power when it is in action is a sure advantage since it provides an efficient and easy way to take the bulk of the work out of splitting logs.

This option also shows itself to be versatile, a necessary quality in the world of log splitting. When the user wishes to split pieces of wood which are easy to handle, the splitter can be used flat to accomplish the task at ease. However, for pieces of wood that are rather daunting to handle, the splitter can be used standing up in the vertical position. It’s just a matter of backing into the wood pile, setting the splitter down, putting it into a standing position and log splitting is in action. This allows you to split even larger rounds of wood.

Of course, no one wants to purchase a splitter that requires an expert to assemble. With this choice you certainly don’t need to be concerned about a lengthy set up procedure. You will likely find that you can get it together easily within a couple of hours. Once it has been assembled you will note that it boasts a sturdy and well built appearance and certainly gives promise to a long and lengthy wood splitting future.

For people who want to take the bulk of work out of splitting logs, as well as enjoy using an efficient and attractive piece of equipment, this log splitter could prove itself to be the ideal choice.

Best Three Point Tractor Log Splitter


Boss 3Pt Dual Action Log Splitter

Check out this video to see the Boss 3pt log splitter connected to a John Deere Category 2 tractor in action. Based on one of Boss Industrial’s fastest log splitters, this 16 ton is a great option for Tractors. While the amount of force is dependent on the Tractors Hydraulics, it’s still a great log splitting machine. Suits CAT or CAT2 tractor mounts.


Boss 3Pt Dual Action Log Splitter




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