Yard Max Log Splitter Reviews

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The following Yard max log splitter reviews are based on my own experiences and opinions which have been formed from doing countless hours of in depth research and testing. The three log splitters I have picked are what I consider to be the best value for your money from the ever growing Yardmax range. The following reviews will be from three different models that range from the small 5 ton up to the larger impressive 28 ton model. I have tried to include a variety of machines so that everyone will have something to choose from when considering the Yard max range.

Why Yardmax Log Splitters?

American Made Log Splitters?Yard Max Log Splitter Reviews

With so many different brands to choose from in this day and age, it is getting more and more difficult to find which is the right brand for you. Me and my team here at the splitwoodclub have done copious amount of research into log splitters going through many different brands such as Champion power equipment who is another brand that I do recommend when it comes to log splitters. So what sets Yardmax apart from the competition?. There are a variety of reasons why Yardmax are great brand, even while being a rather young company that only started in 2015 with there headquarters located in Libertyville, Illinoise, USA. Being an American log splitter brand gives us great pleasure in knowing we are supporting the local business.

While a lot of companies pride themselves on customer service, Yardmax go above and beyond with there service. I have heard of a case where someones log splitter has had a faulty engine. Within a few short days Yardmax had completely replaced the faulty log splitter. I found this very encouraging to know when deciding to buy a Yardmax machine.  There service representative didn’t talk down or act like it was the customers fault either. They were very experienced and offered to help if need be in the future.

While I know a big question for a lot of Americans is, is it made in the USA, while I can’t say yes to this important question. What I can say is that Yardmax have there own state of the art factories that they partner with, that produce high quality products. While the quality of products from China can vary a lot, Yardmax is definitely one of the best.

Vertical Splitting Ton Rating Our Rating Check Price
Yes 28 Ton 9.2 Check Price On Amazon
Yes 25 Ton 9.5 Check Price On Amazon
No 5 Ton 9 Check Price On Amazon

The Best Full Beam Log Splitter On The Market In 2017

Yardmax 28 Ton Full Beam Gas Log Splitter Review

Yardmax 28 Ton Full Beam Gas Log Splitter Review
First on the list is the 28 ton Yardmax-YU2866 full beam log splitter, this is quite an impressively built machine. It is actually quite easy to set up compared to some log splitters that can take up to 3 hours to set up. Or even worse, the need of a professional mechanic which will cost even more money.

It is still quite a heavy log splitter weighing at 530.5 pounds so it might be useful to have a second person with some of the heavier parts, the only thing that would make it even better would be if they included oil for the engine. It is a very well thought out machine with some great engineering behind it, we were worried about the motor not being a Honda but we haven’t had any issue with the Briggs and Stratton.

Now the real important part of any log splitter, and that is how large of a log can you split with it? With this Yardmax you will find yourself being able to split logs that are 40 inches in diameter. This of course being when the machine is in the vertical position. Which really tells you just how much power this log splitter has. With this kind of splitting power you really won’t have much trouble with any type of log you throw at it. One thing to mention here is that this model does come in a 30 and 35 ton versions. We chose this model based on value for it’s money, but if you think it’s still not enough then maybe look into there larger models. All three of these Yard Max log splitters are phenomenal.

What We Really Liked

  • The ability to split up to 40 inch logs really removed the worry of thinking we won’t be able some of the larger logs we bring in.
  • No matter how many cords of wood we need, this wood splitter got us through it without any trouble.
  • The vertical option is extremely useful for someone with a bad back.
  • The useful 4 way wedge that was included, is excellent at splitting smaller logs into 4. This is a very nice touch for a alreaddy very well designed machine.
Yardmax 28 Ton Full Beam Gas Log Splitter

The Best Half Beam Log Splitter Belongs To Yard Max

Yardmax 25 Ton Half Beam Gas Log Splitter Review

The Best Half Beam Log Splitter On The Market In 2017
Next on this list is the 25 ton Yardmax half beam log splitter, now if you don’t know what a half beam log splitter is I will go over it now. A half beam log splitter is when the cylinder is mounted via a trunnion mount, by doing this it makes the cylinder move with the wood causing less stress on the cylinder. I am the first to admit I haven’t used to many half beam log splitters, and after using this one I wish I had used them sooner. Since it’s a half beam it isn’t as weighty as a full beam and it is also half the width. Being half the width means you can operate from both sides, which is a brilliant quality of life improvement that I wish more companies would now incorporate into there log splitters.

Now when it came to splitting power, it isn’t as strong as the model above but it will still split logs that are 30 inches in diameter which should still be enough for a wide variety of people who need a log splitter. There is one thing you will need to consider when it comes to this half beam log splitter, is that since it isn’t as wide as a full beam, it does make it more difficult to tow the splitter. So if you plan on doing a lot of towing maybe go with the model above. If you like the idea of the half beam log splitter but think 25 tonnes isn’t enough, this model does come in a 30 and 35 ton version as well.

What We Liked

  • This log splitter has turned me onto half beam designs, the ability to split logs from either side, sounds like a simple thing but it makes a large difference for quality of life.
  • We were quite surprised at just how quiet of a motor it has on it for a gas powered log splitter, normally they are quite noisy.
  • Like the model above, this also comes with the 4 way splitting wedge which again, just makes life easier overall.
Yardmax 25 Ton Half Beam Gas Log Splitter

The Best Electric Yardmax Log Splitter

Yardmax 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter Review

The Best Electric Log Splitter On The Market
Last but certainly not least on this list is the little 5 ton workhorse. This machine was a pleasant experience to use that caught us all by surprise. One of the reason we chose this machine, apart from the fact we really liked it, is that we know not everyone wants to spend thousands, or need a 25+ ton log splitter for there every day log splitting needs.

Which is where the YS0552 5 ton electric log splitter comes in.  Affordable, compact and packs a decent amount of punch, the YardMax 5 ton electric log splitter is one of the best for home use.

I’m willing to go out on a limb here and say that this little beast will put many 10 ton hand powered log splitters to shame. It’s that good!. That doesn’t mean hand powered are bad, just not really suited to this list. The great thing about this splitter is that it comes with a few really great accessories that make it quite superior to other 5 ton electric log splitters.

It comes with its own stand so you don’t have to spend all your time bent over splitting logs. This is not very common to see in the small wood splitter world. I personally love the idea that it has this frame built into the design. I don’t suffer sever back problems generally, but when I have to bend over for hours picking up log after log, my back does tend to cause some rather not nice pain. But becasue this YardMax has is own standing frame work bence, it eliminates a fair bit of bending and back breaking labor. You will never here me complaining about this let me tell you. The second great accessory that this log splitter comes with, is a log tray that will help stop logs falling immediately to the ground after splitting, which again this will help save your back from some problems. Not too many machines come with this feature and I’m super impressed that Yardmax decided to add one here.

Being the smallest splitter on this list does mean you will be sacrificing some splitting power of course, but it does have some advantages the others don’t. While the manufacture states it can cut logs that are 10 inches in diameter, we found ourselves being able to split up to 15 inches so it certainly isn’t as powerful as those above. But still plenty strong for many fire places across the USA. The one big advantage it has over the other models is that it’s electric, which means there are no fumes, so you can split inside and don’t have to deal with the cold outside.

What We Like

  • We really liked being able to split logs inside, which is quite handy during the colder months.
  • For a 5 ton electric log splitter, it is really quite powerful and suits smaller homes that don’t need as much wood.
  • The extra accessories that really help save the back a lot of pain, will surely come in handy for almost everyone. Like I said earlier, its not too common to see a log splitter on its own frame with side tables to catch the split wood. A very nice touch in my opinion.
Yardmax 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter


Is The Yardmax The Safest Log Splitter In Town?

This short but helpful video demonstrates how safe this 5 ton machine by Yardmax really is. By watching this video you can get a fell for how powerful it is and whether or not you need a more powerful machine. Take note of how to adjust the settings to speed up the splitting on shorter rounds of logs.


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