The Best Wood Kindling Log Splitter With Reviews

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Trying to find the best kindling log splitter from the vast number of tools that can split firewood is quite a challenge. Especially as one model may be ideal one person yet inadequate for another.  How much kindling you need and how often you use your fireplace will be a big determining factor as to which log splitter for kindling you buy.

From my experience, the best kind are often the ones that are not just fast, but also very easy to use. There’s no need to spend a day figuring out how to use it, and then another 30 minutes setting it up before use every day. Then if the device you buy is super slow, you will feel like you should revert back to the humble ax.

This is not what you should expect from either of the log splitters on display here. If you want to turn your logs into small splinters of wood to get your fire started, then stay right here.  A machine like this is meant to make your life easier and to save you time. Not frustrate you, slow you done or simply not work.

Best Type Of Wood For KindlingWood Kindling Log Splitter Reviews

This is quite a tricky question to answer, because hard and soft woods both have there advantages and both have there disadvantages. It will all come down to what you personally need and want out of your logs. If you’re looking for good wood for a campfire, then it is best to go for a softer type of wood such as, spruce or pine. Because soft wood has a lower density and they’re lighter, it allows the wood to light very easily and burn a lot quicker. Softwood also does produce more smoke then a hardwood, so if that is something that bothers you, I would recommend hardwood.

Hardwood is what myself and many others consider to be the best for wood burning stoves, and for heating your house. The biggest advantage to hard wood is that it will burn for substantially longer then a softwood. A hardwood will also leave behind hot coals, which will make life easier when you go to re start the fire again. The biggest draw back to a hardwood is that it does cost you more upfront, but I believe the longevity of the fire makes it worth the cost in the long run. Larger rounds of hardwood will need to be split using a larger log splitter.


Electric Kindling Splitter Makes Life Easy

The Best Electric Kindling Splitter
The Stark kinetic model is a bit of a surprise addition to this list, but after using it for quite some time I have found it to be the best electric kindling splitter.

I have found that this kinetic splitter is an outstanding splitter, for making kindling. In my eyes the thing that makes this great for a kindling splitter, is a mix of a few things. The first thing that stands out is just how fast this splitter is. If you’ve never used a kinetic splitter, you are in for a treat. Kinetics larger than this model have incredible cycle times to as low as 1 second. This particular model is a bit slower then that, but it still splits at an incredible speed. It does take a lot of the physicality out of splitting wood into kindling, which is also very nice.

The big thing with this is splitter is that I found, it excelled at splitting logs down into the perfect size for kindling. But since this is an actual log splitter and not just a kindling splitter, it has the potential to do more work for you. In terms of splitting power this kinetic is actually quite impressive for it’s size. I found it was able to split logs that were 13 inches in diameter, but they were soft woods which does make it a bit easier.

If I was splitting hard wood the diameter was only about 7 inches, which is still pretty impressive for a splitter of this size. But either way, if you have ever struggled with turnign logs into kindling before, this may be a dream come true.

There is one big drawback that I have to mention, and that is the upfront cost. This is a fairly expensive machine if you solely want it for a kindling splitter. So if you’re on a budget I highly recommend the piece of equipment below this, which is significantly cheaper. This splitter will really come down to personal needs and opinion, personally I really like it for splitting logs down to kindling. I find it a lot easier to do and a lot quicker, which leaves me with time do other things. Ultimately if you feel that you will ever need to turn rounds into firewood, then this could be a very wise investment.

Stark Electric Kinetic Log Splitter


Kindling Splitter Machine For Firewood

Easiest Way To Make Firewood Into KindlingNow this kindling splitter machine is something I absolutely love, and happy to of owned one for a while now. There isn’t a lot to say about this awesome wood splitting tool. it is such a simple design that is very effective at splitting wood into tinder. I really like the simple design of putting a splitting wedge in the middle, while the log is held in place by the frame. Then it’s as simple as putting the bit of wood inside the frame, having a slight grip on the log, and giving it a few whacks with a hammer. I don’t think you could get much simpler then that really.

One feature I really like is at the base of the frame, it has two holes that let you bolt it to a log to give it some extra height. So you don’t have be crouching over the whole time, which makes it easier on your back. The kindling cracker is made of cast iron, so that means it will last a long time if you look after it properly. Maybe need to give it a slight touch of paint, but that’s really only a cosmetic thing and not something you have to worry about. It is a bit more physical then the using the kinetic above, but the significantly lower cost more then makes up for that in my eyes.

It was designed with ease of use and safety in mind, and I believe it has achieved it’s goal here. As I said above it is very easy to use, and where you hold the log in place. I believe that it is fair enough away from where you will be swinging, that it is very safe to use and very little chance to actually miss striking the wood and getting yourself. There is a small downside and it really isn’t a big deal, but still thought I should mention it. And that is when you split the log into tinder, a lot of the times I found the kindling didn’t fall out of the frame as it was suppose to. As I said a minor problem and barely an issues, but thought I should mention it.

Kindling Cracker Firewood Kindling Splitter


Make Your Own Kindling Wood Splitter From Home

This video demonstrates one way of turning some old bits of steel into a DIY kindling splitter. You never know what you have laying around the shed which could be turned into a tinder splitting device.

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