These Non Hydraulic Log Splitters Are The Best

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With many log splitters on the current market being hydraulic, you will find you won’t have as many choices when choosing to buy non hydraulic splitters. If you want to go down the route of non hydraulics, then the best option is a kinetic log splitter. The kinetic variety do operate quite differently compared to a hydraulic machines. A kinetic wood splitter uses a flywheel system that will store energy from its engine, then it releases the energy in one really strong burst that will tear through most logs. So there is no waiting around for a hydraulic splitter to slowly split a log.

These Non Hydraulic Log Splitters Are The BestThere are some advantages to using a kinetic VS a hydraulic splitter and the real big advantage is there speed. With a hydraulic wood splitter you will find that they take about 10 to 20 seconds for its cycle time, you will find with kinetic splitters that the speed is dramatically quicker. As quick as 1.5 seconds. Being that quick really does make kinetic perfect for people who want to split logs into kindling for there fire places. I have found since using a non hydraulic splitter that I have had my fire place going more often, since it no longer takes that long to split the logs down.

These Non Hydraulics Are The Best!

When you own a hydraulic splitter there is one thing above all else that really annoys me. That is how much maintenance and attention you have to pay for them. But thankfully with a kinetic you don’t have to worry about that as much as you do with a hydraulic splitter. Since there is no mechanical parts or any oil so you don’t have to worry about having leaks busting out of areas, or it not starting because its cold.

Cycle Time Ton Rating Our Rating Check Price
2 Seconds 34 Ton 9.7 Check Price On Amazon
1 Second 10 Ton 9.2 Check Price On Amazon
2 Seconds 7 Ton 8.9 Check Price On Amazon

The Strongest Non Hydraulic Log Splitter On The Market In 2019

Powerking 34 Ton Kinetic Review

The Strongest Kinetic Log Splitter On The Market In 2017The biggest concern most people have with kinetic wood splitters is there lack of power compared to the gas powered machines. Thankfully that’s where the Powerking kinetic log splitter comes in. In my opinion this is one of the strongest non hydraulic wood splitters on the market. I found it up to the task of splitting logs that were 24 inches in diameter and up to 30 inches in length. However, these logs were green pine. The downside of the extra power is that this is the most expensive kinetic splitter on this list, so if price is a concern for you perhaps look at one of the two below.

Now one of the best things about this splitter is just how quick its cycle time is, it averages out to about 2 seconds. When you think about the size of the log it’s going through and at that speed, you start to get a good understanding just how much time and effort this splitter will save you in the long run. In my opinion if you had a small business of selling firewood I would highly recommend this splitter to you, while it has a steep up front cost what it would save you in the long run is well worth it. You will find it easy to split through 8 to 10 cords a year with this splitter. It’s really that quick.

The thing this splitter has over the others on this list is that you can tow it, making it excellent for transporting around town or to family and friends and help them split there logs. Adding the ability to tow this splitter around town adds a bit of extra value for your money. It has a 2 inch tow ball which lined up perfectly with my Honda ATV, and with its heavy duty tires I never found myself struggling to get around some rougher terrain outside.

What I Liked

  • I can’t hide just how much I enjoyed using this splitter, just the speed and power has instantly put it to the top of my all time top rated splitters list.
  • While a lot of splitters have the ability to be towed, this is one of the few kinetic splitters on the current market that can be towed by a vehicle
  • The assembly of the Powerking kinetic splitter was reasonably easy, but it was heavy so I would recommend having 2 to 3 people to help you.
Powerking 34 Ton Kinetic Log Splitter


Log Splitters That Aren’t Hydraulic Cont..

Generac 10-Ton Kinetic Electric Log Splitter

The Fastest Log Splitter On The MarketWhile the Powerking above is the strongest log splitter Ive used, the Generac kinetic splitter is without a doubt the fastest splitter. In my opinion I think its the worlds fastest to be honest with you. I know saying its the worlds fastest is a bold claim, but I’m yet to see a splitter that has a faster cycle time then this splitter. The cycle time on this wood splitter is an incredible 1 second, I have never used a machine that is any quicker then that, if you know of one I would be curious to find out about it.

With such a quick cycle time you would think you lose a lot of power, sadly compared to the Powerking above yes you lose some power. With the Generac kinetic we were still able to split logs that were about 15 inches in diameter, which is more then enough splitting power for a kinetic splitter. While it can split 15 inches in diameter it also can split logs that measure 16 inches in length, while not the biggest it is still certainly a competent length that will suit many if not most people.

This is an electric log splitter which has some solid advantages over a gas powered log splitter, and the biggest advantage is there is no fumes. Having no fumes means you can split in the comfort of your own home, so no need to be outside in the cold. You also won’t have to worry about it not starting because it’s to cold, or having it not start because of some mechanical problem. I’m certainly not saying that you won’t have any problems, at the end of a day it is still a machine and they will have problems eventually. But if you give the engine a regular tune up it should last longer.

What I Like

  • Speed, speed, and more speed, this thing is fast so fast that you will often find that the machine is waiting for you to catch up to set up a log.
  • I really enjoyed being able to split logs inside, and not having to worry about being outside freezing me bald head off.
  • The Generac weighs about 130 pound and is quite small, making it very easy to move around store so if you don’t have much room in your house. This is a huge advantage for folks that don’t use split wood on a regular basis.
Generac Kinetic Electric Log Splitter


Kinetic Is The Best Non Hydraulic Wood Splitter For Home Use

Timber Champ 7 Ton Log Splitter

The Best Kinetic Log Splitter For Home UseLast on this list is the Timber Champ 7 ton non hydraulic splitter. I found the Timber Champ to be suited for people who aren’t going to be splitting 10 cords a year, but more for people who want to keep there fire place on and occasionally use a fire wood stove. So it certainly isn’t the most powerful splitter on the market with it being able to split logs that are about 12 inches in diameter and about 10 inches in length. You won’t be splitting many cords a year with this splitter, but still enough to make life easier then doing it the old fashioned way with an axe.

Being a kinetic splitter as well it does have the same speed as those above, coming in with a cycle time of about 1.5 to 2 seconds on average which is still an insanely quick splitting time. Yet again making this splitter really great for people who want to split logs for some kindling. I actually found myself using this in conjunction with a much larger splitter, using it to split large logs down to a much smaller size, then using this splitter to turn those logs into kindling for my fire place. Which saved me an extreme amount of time, which I could use to do other things that I didn’t consider a chore.

What I Like

  • I really liked using this splitter with my larger gas powered splitter to make kindling for my fire place..
  • Being such a small splitter made it really useful for storing away and bringing it out when I need logs to be split.
  • Very reliable machine that worked seamlessly when I was testing it out.
Timber Champ Kinetic Log Splitter

Check Out The 7 Ton Timber Champ In Action


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