Foot Operated Log Splitter Reviews

Splitting wood isn’t an easy job. It can be very physical grueling, especially when you have to split wood with a splitting maul, or a wedge and a sledgehammer. The constant swinging of a heavy object like that is certain to take a toll on the body and thankfully there are a ways to prevent this. From these foot operated log splitter reviews, you can discover new and innovative ways to split wood without splitting your back.

Traditionally when people think of log splitters they think of the larger 25 ton units that while being way more superior, will cost you a lot more to buy. While log splitters like that are great and I highly recommend them, they can be too expensive for a lot of people. This is where foot operated log splitters come into the scene and make life a lot easier.

Why Buy A Log Splitter That’s Foot powered?Foot Operated Log Splitter Reviews

There are a lot of advantages to using a foot operated wood splitter. The most obvious and most rewarding benefit is that how using one is physically easier then swinging a maul or a sledgehammer with a splitting wedge. So it is a great option for people who have had shoulder surgery or have just injured there shoulders, which is always a great benefit. Not too mention wear and tear on the body, especially the back. Anyone with back problems will understand how difficult it is to swing an axe for hours on end.

The ability to split logs using your foot does mean that you can also cause strain on other parts of your body. For example, the strain on the knees is amplified when using a foot powered log splitter.  So If you do have bad knees then it might be worth looking into some of the manual log splitters. A manual operated splitter requires you to use your arms instead. Which is more effective, but again costs a little more than a foot powered model. So with that in mind, read on to find the best foot operated log splitter reviews, and hopefully find the right tool for you.


The Best Foot Operated Log Splitter On The Market In 2018

 The Best Foot Operated Log Splitter On The Market In 2018Foot operated log splitters are in quite a unique position since they can be used as s and also be used with a big hydraulic log splitter. This is a great addition if you do own a big splitting machine. This is becasue a foot powered is more suitable for smaller logs while the big machines handle the big logs.

Such as this Vulcan 8 ton splitter. Not only is it good at splitting smaller logs, it’s extremely good at turning those smaller logs into kindling. And since there is no engine to start it, it is very easy to just bring it out and start splitting some logs into kindling. The ease of use is just amazing, even my kids can split me some firewood on demand. Which results in our family having the fireplace going a lot more.

How This Foot Powered Log Splitter Works

The thing I really like about this piece of equipment is its simplicity, it has such a simple design with a small amount of moving parts. What this means is less maintenance and less chance to break it. The simplicity of it being a hydraulic jack that lifts the log into a wedge. Which is simply achieved by you standing on the peddle. How hard is splitting logs now?. Not very with the Vulcan 8 ton.

However, this can become a bit of a workout on the muscles after extended periods. So as I said earlier, if you have bad legs or knees then this probably isn’t the tool for you. But apart from that slight drawback it is really easy to operate and maneuver around with its two wheels at its base. The wheels are often overlooked, but I find them to be a critical part of the splitter. Makes life so much easier.

Tips For Using The Vulcan 8 Ton Log Splitter

There are a few tips that I do have for you when you own this machine that will help you with your day to day use. The first thing I would recommend doing is take a photo of the warning label on the splitter so you can remember what it says, then remove the sticker. This is due to that when splitting the sticker will start to tear and cause it to bind, so that is a simple fix to that problem.

The next bit of advice I would highly recommend you do is make sure you clean and grease the post after you have splitting logs. This will help prevent a lot of the debris of getting stuck behind and causing this splitter to bind.

Can this log splitter replace your maul? I find this a really hard question to answer since everyone is different, and what may work for me, may not work for you. Personally I couldn’t replace my maul with this log splitter, but this doesn’t mean this tool is bad. It has a place splitting logs that you can get when you buy your wood. But when you need to split some large rounds there are better ways to go about it. Overall its a necessity in my wood splitting tool collection. They all work together as a well rounded team.

Vulcan 8 Ton Foot Operated Log Splitter



An Alternative To The Foot Powered Log Splitter

An Alternative To The Foot Operated Log SplitterThis is a good alternative to a foot operated log splitter that is in the same price range. While saving your knees and legs from too much of a workout. This is becasue it doesn’t require your foot to operate. In fact, it doesn’t require a lot of effort to actually split a log at all.

The Logosol Smart Splitter is yet again another simple design that is effective at what it does. It works backwards to the Vulcan above, instead of pushing the log upwards, this tool uses gravity to do the work for you. This splitter does require a bit more work to set up compared to the splitter above.

With this piece of equipment you need a base such as a large log. Then you have to drill a hole into this log (includes a drill bit to make the hole). Then you put the pole of the splitter in that hole and you’re good to go.

When it comes to actually using this tool it is really easy after that first initial set up. The splitter has 2 blade like wedges on the bottom of it, one for splitting and one for kindling. You sit the wedge you need on the log you want split, then you lift the weight that is attached and let go. This uses gravity to do most of the work for you, this may take a few attempts but it will split the log. This does allow it to split some of the softer woods at a much larger size then you would expect. But to split the larger rounds you need to be a bit more selective in where you split, and do it in pieces. Start from the edge and work your way in.

Overall the Logosol Smart splitter is relatively undiscovered, but one of the best discoveries I have ever made. Any idea or invention that takes the choir out of swinging an axe receive much praise from me. It’s just so simple to use anyone could use. Even my Grand Mother!.


Logosol Smart-Splitter


If You Need Something Stronger On A Budget

While the foot operated log splitters in these reviews are very effective at what they do for there price, sometimes you need something slightly stronger. And that is where the manual log splitters that use hydraulics in a slightly different manor are such a good choice.

The manual log splitters that I have reviewed in my best manual log splitter page, are the best the current market has to offer. So if you’re looking for something that are a little bit stronger, but won’t break the bank. Then I highly recommend you check out my reviews for the best manual log splitters on the market.


  1. Great article on log splitters. My dad currently uses a manual log splitter, however he is getting older and it is becoming harder for him to use. He is a stubborn man, So getting him to stop is not going to happen.
    So I thought I would get him a foot operated hydraulic log splitter to better suit him.
    Can you suggest the best models from which I should consider making my purchase?

    • Hi Brendon, if your Dad really want to take it easy, he should consider an electric log splitter. An electric log splitter takes the chore out of splitting wood. Plus it is much faster than a foot powered. However, if he is determined to by a foot operated log splitter, then the above Vulcan 8 will certainly please him.

  2. It is great that I came across your log splitter review.It right on time as I am thinking about how to help my sister to solve winter heating issue. My sister’s husband has back pains as well as sister, and she is forced to purchase chopped firewood which is quite expensive as they have their own forest. The foot operated a wood splitter is a good option just after watching the video I have a question. Do bigger logs after splitting cannot hurt their legs when falling on the ground?

    • No Andrejs, if you stand in the correct position as outlined in the user manual your legs should be fine. Just know that it will make your legs sore the next day if you aren’y use to using these muscles frequently. I hope you Siste finds great value in one of these foot splitters.

  3. I have split a lot wood using manual methods. Luckily for me, I had a lot of time and would do it piecemeal. For bigger jobs, I always borrowed my Uncle’s log splitter. His is industrial strength.

    It might be fun to swing an ax once in a while, doing this for hours is ridiculously exhausting. I was unaware that their were cheaper options. Thank you for the review.

    • I remember the times I had to ‘always’ borrow the neighbors log splitter. It got embarrassing after a while. But you got to do what you got to do to survive. So yea, these foot powered splitters are a great affordable option I wish I also knew about back in the day. 

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