WORX Jawsaw Reviews

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The JawSaw is a unique tool made by WORX which has taken the world by storm. Is it a chainsaw or is it a jaw with a saw. Whatever you decide to answer with, one things clear, it’s one heck of a handy tool. In these WORX JawSaw reviews and videos you will discover all you need to know before you rush out and buy one (or two) for your own shed.

But why buy a Jawsaw over a traditional chainsaw, do you really need one?. The simple answer to this is yes, everyone should own a awesome tree destroying tool like the WORX. I kid you not, it’s the yardsman new best friend. If you don’t have one yet, you need to get the JawSaw WG321 with extension pole. Enough said.

The Jawsaw Video Demo


What Makes The JawSaw So Bad Ass

Having a Jawsaw can make your life so much easier, especially if currently use a chainsaw to remove limbs from trees in your yard. A Jawsaw is much easier and quicker to get out ready to destroy compared to a chainsaw.  If you have every tried to start a gas chainsaw that hasn’t been used in awhile, you will know what I’m talking about.

Not only are they easier then using chainsaws, some of the Jawsaws come with an extension pole. This again makes life maintaining the yard more pleasurable and less strenuous on the back. The Jawsaw with extension pole removes the need for a ladder in many cases. Time and money saved right there.

Jawsaws also use a lot less oil then a chainsaw, since the chain speed is slower. So it can save you money if you choose to go with that option. There are definitely a lot of advantages to owning a Jawsaw, and the biggest will always be that they save you time and energy. Which in this day and age is a welcomed relief.

Compare WORX JawSaw WG307 Vs WG320Worxs Jawsaw Reviews With Extension Pole

When I started my review process for these Jawsaws I knew that there weren’t many differences between the models. The main two models are the WG307 and the WG320, and there biggest difference is one is electric, and the other is battery operated.

When I was looking over the two and using them, I personally preferred using the battery powered jawsaw. Not having to deal with an extension lead was a big plus for me, and not being limited to how far away from an outlet is useful. So for my reviews I decided to stick with the battery powered units.

If you want to learn more about the other Jawsaw models, see the them all on amazon here.

I will be going over the WG320 and the WG321 for my reviews, and there is only one difference between the two. So I will be going over what they have in common, and then a section about what the big difference between the two models.

The WORX JawSaw WG320 Vs WG321

What The WG320 And WG321 Have In CommonBoth of these models are powered by a 20 volt battery which is a big plus for myself personally. If you have ever used a power tool that needs a electrical lead, you will know some of the annoyances that this can bring up.

Sometimes needing up to 100ft of lead to get to what you need. Being a battery powered jawsaw removes this hassle. Tho you must remember to keep your battery charged before you plan on using it.

All of the WORX jawsaws have a 6 inch bar which is protected via a guard, so it is safe to operate. But they have a maximum of getting through something 4 inches in diameter, which is fine for a tool like this. The 20 volt battery and 6 inch bar has a surprising amount of power , being able to get through a treated 2×4 like it was nothing. So getting through most limbs shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Without a doubt my favorite features that these jawsaws come with are there automatic oiler, and tensioning system. Not having to do this manually like a lot of chainsaws do, really makes life a lot easier. Taking the hassle out of any chore is something that I’m a big fan of. Since the chain has a lower rpm compared to a chainsaw means it requires less oil, so it also saves you money in the long run.

Quick Overview Of The Similarities

  • Both are use a 20 volt battery that can last several hours, depending on how much you use it.
  • They have a 6 inch bar, and cut a maximum of 4 inches of diameters.
  • The auto oiling feature is a real time saver.
  • Not having to manually tension the chain is a big plus.
WORX WG320 Battery Jawsaw


Works JawSaw Extension Pole

What’s The Difference Between The Two?

What's The Difference Between The Two?There is only one difference between the two which does increase the price by a bit, but it is a great improvement in my eyes. The difference is one comes with an extension pole.

The Worx Jawsaw extension pole allows you to reach up to 12 foot, which makes dealing with those annoying high trees easy. So this is a personal preferences for me and I imagine many others, not having to get a ladder, or even having to buy a ladder is a great touch.

*Do note: The Extension pole can be bought separately and used on the relevant model of JigSaw you own. While it is an extra fee you may initially want to pay. But it is still cheaper to go with getting the extension pole, instead of spending $100 on a smaller ladder that won’t let you reach as high, unless you spend more.

WORX WG321 With Extension Pole


Why You Need The WG321 Work Jawsaw Extension Pole

The below video is brief, but is spot on when it comes to why you simply must get the extension pole with the Jawsaw. It just makes sense.


What Is WORX All About

Whenever I review a particular band I like to get to know a bit about the company, I feel this is an important step that a lot of people ignore. Knowing what a company is about can lead to learning a variety of things about there products, whether they are just trying to make a quick dollar, or really care about making a quality product first and foremost. From everything I could find out about the company, is that they firmly stand in making the best product, and putting there name on it.

WORX are a fairly young company only starting in 1994 which isn’t long in the business world, especially for a company founded in China. Which I know there are some out there who will run at seeing that, but they would be mistaken to do so. The thing that really stands out about the company for me, is when they tried to enter the American market.

Every company wanted to turn them into a in-store brand, taking the WORX name off of there products. To me this says the company wants there name to be recognized, and since it’s there name on the line they are less likely to cheap out on there products.

They also specialize in making lawn and gardening equipment. So when you want a lawn or garden equipment, it is best to get with a specialist. I have tested some of there chainsaws and they were high quality for there price point, so I jumped at the chance to review some of there other products.

My Final Conclusion

With there being so little difference between the models, I find it hard to pass up going with the WG321. Not having to worry about electrical leads, and not having to get a ladder out just saves you so much effort. Even with electric chainsaws I still prefer the cordless route.

Tho you will pay a little bit more with going the battery route, but I feel it’s worth it, since you don’t have to buy extension leads. So overall I still feel you will save money going with one of these two models, and have none of the downsides of the electric models.

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