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Rugged Made Log Splitter ReviewsThe Rugged Made team is built up of outdoor specialists whom love there outdoor power equipment. But not just any outdoor products, they sure love tackling the heavy duty stuff. This really shows in there log splitters, they are designed to go beyond just being tough. Which is what we will demonstrate in these Rugged Made log splitter reviews.

One of the main things that really stands out to me about this company, is the fact they have a stock replacement parts ready to go. This doesn’t mean there machines are always breaking down, but what it does mean is that they know the importance of always being ready for anything.

I know I’ve had a few occasions where something has gone on my splitter and it takes weeks to months to get another part. This not only costs me time but it also costs me money. This is something RuggedMade are proudly trying to rectify.


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A Little About The Company

RuggedMade (Or Rugged Made however you want to say it) were founded in Boston in the year 2007 making them a decade old, which is quite the impressive feat in this day and age. And while they have expanded into other kinds of power tools such as compactors and concrete saws, it’s there log splitters that really stand out to me.

They are some of the highest rated in the wood splitting industry, constantly making quality machines out of premium components. The have made a name for themselves showing just how important it is to understand your customer, from the everyday home user and the person who sells firewood for a living. These reasons are why RuggedMade have made quite the impression in there decades journey, shipping to all over the United States.

Compare RuggedMade Log Splitters Here

Ton Rating Engine CC Rating Price Check
37 310CC 9.2 Check Price Amazon
22 212CC 8.8 Check Price Amazon
22 212CC 9.3 Check Price Amazon
37 420CC 9.0 Check Price Amazon

If  you’re wondering why I didn’t review all four of these log splitters. The answer is quite simple. It’s because the 22 ton splitter, and 22 ton with log lift are the same. The only difference is the log lift, which makes it cost more. This is the same as the 37 ton splitters, so that’s why I didn’t review all four. So if you like the 22 ton splitter, but don’t want the log lift, it’s an option available.

How Good Is The RuggedMade 37 Ton Log Splitter?

How Good Is The RuggedMade 37 Ton Log SplitterI’m just going to come right out and say it. I really like this machine it has everything I look for in a log splitter and best of all it’s available on amazon (my favorite store). First and foremost it has the power to get through what ever you throw at it. This machine is so heavy duty that it got through everything that got put in front of it. (humans excluded) It was able to get through some of my knottiest and grainiest wood I have, with some of these pieces being 30 inches in diameter.

I didn’t feel 30 inches was quite big enough for a 37 ton machine so I put it into its vertical position, and put some much larger oak logs underneath the splitter. This logs were about 40 inches in diameter and very knotty, and this machine just kept on plowing right through them. This is the main advantage of having a log splitter with a vertical position.

Reviewing The Rugged Made Features

One of the the features I really liked about this splitter is that it has an electric start. Which is extremely useful and made this splitter start on the first try every time for me. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve had to keep trying to start my log splitter and getting no where, so having this feature is great.

If you’re ever presented with an electric start piece of power equipment like a log splitter or a lawn mower, jump at the chance. Having this also reduces the risk of injury due to kick back on some more inexperienced log splitters, so it might just one day end up saving you a hospital bill.

These two next features aren’t the biggest things, but are both important if you ask me. In fact I’d go as far to say they should be on every log splitter. The first thing is the ability to tow this machine. Log splitters that get into the heavier weights and ton ratings should always have the ability to be towed, and thankfully this splitter does.

The next thing is its 4 way wings that make splitting a lot quicker. Instead of splitting in two, you’re splitting into four. Not the biggest thing in the world but it did make my splitting experience a lot easier, which is always appreciated.

RuggedMade 37 Ton Log Splitter


I Review The RuggedMade 22 Ton Wood Splitter With Log Lift

I Review The RuggedMade 22 Ton Wood Splitter With Log LiftI was really excited when I got to use this machine. I was kind of like a school kid with candy. I was that pumped!.

I haven’t had the pleasure of getting to use too many log splitters with a log lift. And boy has it turned me into a massive fan. It’s really great not having to lift heavy logs up onto the splitter. Adding a lifter really does make this quite a good splitter for people who have bad backs from ageing, or who have had a previous injury.

While this isn’t just for people who have bad backs, it does certainly make life easier if you do. There is one downside to having this log lift tho, and that is you lose the ability to be a vertical log splitter. Which does mean you will lose on how big of a log you can split, tho I believe the having more energy from not having to lift heavy logs is a pretty good trade off.

How Much Power Does This Rugged Made Wood Splitter Have?

For a 22 ton wood splitter this machine has a surprising amount of power and got through some logs I didn’t think it was capable of. It got through any log that was 12 inches in diameter very easily. Even some of the more knotted wood didn’t worry this beast.

I then moved up to logs that were between 18 and 24 inches and diameter and got a range of results. It got through the 18 inch oak logs I put through it very easily, but these particular logs weren’t very knotted. It wasn’t until I got to the 24 inch logs that this machine started to have some trouble, while it got through the logs. It did slow down on really knotted parts but it never stopped which surprised me, it did impress me with these results.

A wood splitter that has a 22 ton rating is what I consider to be a good entry level for the average log splitting user. They have plenty of power to get through most logs and generally won’t break the bank. Sadly since this 22 ton machine comes with a lift it does drive the price up, so if you’re specifically wanting a 22 ton log splitter that won’t break the bank, there are more potions available.

RuggedMade 22 Ton Log Splitter With Log Lifter


Rugged Made Log Splitter Dealers

Being a relatively young company in the USA, Rugged Made can be found in a few locations. But finding them can be hit and miss. If you search online you can find them available to buy on (Link takes you to the RuggedMade products available on amazon), which includes their replacement parts which is extremely handy. Who doesn’t have a amazon account or Prime right?.

So take advantage of this convenience. Ruggedmade dealers also include on their actual website where you can choose from various models available.


When The Power Lift Comes In Handy

If you’re dealing with some seriously big rounds, you’re going to have a hard time managing them on your own. That is unless you have a lift built into the log splitter like the RuggedMade. As demonstrated below in this video, check out how easy it is to get a 31 inch log on top of this log splitter using the lift.


Why Should You Choose Rugged Made Log Splitters?

With so many companies on the market, why should you choose Ruggedmade? There are a few good reasons to go with them in my opinion. I really like that the company is based in the USA, and I know many others will as well. This has resulted in some of the finest log splitters on the Why Choose RuggedMade Log Splittersmarket. I find it very difficult to not recommend there splitters to people.

Even tho they make high quality log splitters, like all tools it will eventually have an issue. This is where Ruggedmade has done the smart decision, and made most of the replacement parts easy to find. This is if you can fix it yourself, it’s really useful.

Even if you may not have the best mechanical mind, but you need to replace a tire. They also offer these kind of parts. This says a lot to me about the company, they genuinely seem like they care about there products, and the people using them.

This is really important to me, there is nothing worst when you buy something. Then the company just loses all interest in you, since they already made there sale. So this has really impressed me, by them doing that. Which has put them as one of my preferred companies for my log splitting needs.

What Can You Split With These Log Splitters

A log splitter isn’t worth anything if you can’t split anything decent. If you’re throwing this kind of money down on a splitter, you’ll want to know they can split some serious things. The good thing with these two splitters is they will split most of your needs. This is especially true of the 37 ton. I didn’t come across anything it couldn’t split. With 37 tons for force, and a vertical mode, I don’t know if there isn’t something it can’t split. Tho there is always a chance.

The 22 ton log splitter is little different, there’s no doubt it’s a powerful splitter. It can handle a lot you throw at it, and will split all but the hardest of woods. Generally woods that are green are the biggest issue, which generally I don’t recommend splitting.

But I know you can’t always have seasoned dry wood available. In my testing and many other reviewers have seen, it can split 24 inch diameter logs. This is if they have been seasoned. If they’re not seasoned I’d only recommend split logs that are roughly 14, 15 inches in diameter.

If you go the 22 ton option without a log lift, then this will change a little. Since it also has the vertical capability, this does increase what it can split. You will still have some things you can’t split, but it will increase what you can do. Tho it will come down to how you split the logs, and you may need several pass through attempts. This is still easier then doing it the old fashioned way.

My Final Thoughts On RuggedMade Log Spliiters

RuggedMade have earned my utmost respect as a company, and not just for there log splitters. The fact that they offer an easy access to parts, is such a massive plus in my eyes. A tool is only as good as it’s working, so the last thing you went when something goes wrong. Is not being able to find the part to get it running again. So this company has removed that hassle in my eyes. Again no matter how well you look after a tool, eventually something will go wrong.

As for the log splitters themselves, they have really impressed me. They’re a really quality tool, that was designed extremely well. As for which one I recommend? I say both! What I need to split is different to someone else, so you need to choose the right one for your situation.

For me personally it’s easily the 37 ton unit, since I have some larger hard woods to split. I’m also a big fan of having a tool that will do everything I need, so I won’t need to upgrade in the future. Either way you can’t go wrong with either of the splitters on this list, or any from Ruggedmade.

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