The Best Champion Log Splitter Reviews

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The following Champion log splitter reviews are based on our own experience and through in depth research. We have picked three of the best from the vast variety of splitters available carrying the Champion brand. The following reviews will be different rated models starting from 7 Ton all the way up to 25 Ton. This will give the worker and the common household owner a great Champion log splitter to choose from.

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The Best Champion Log Splitter Reviews

Why Champion Log Splitters?.

You may have seen the neighbor or your local tradesman with a variety of Champion products. You also may have noticed the professional job any of the Champion range leaves behind. This brand was formed 14 years ago (2003) and since then have become the power house in the power equipment industry. With such a large variety of tools ranging from log splitters to Generators to pressure washers, it’s no wonder the name Champion knocks the competition to the ground. It’s also no surprise to see it dominating our buyers guide to log splitters. It’s a champion brand for a champion product.

Based in the US and now dealing in Canada, Champion are a trustworthy American brand you have come to know and trust. Supporting the local economy is something we are proud of every time we buy a Champion product. So with that in mind, lets take a look at what we think are the top 3 best rated Champion Log Splitters on the market in 2017.

Champion 25 Ton Log Splitter Reviews

Best Towable Log Splitter 2017

The Best Champion Log Splitter
Tired of breaking your back spending countless hours swinging an axe, splitting logs?. Find out thru these Champion 25 Ton Log Splitter Reviews (100326) just how to remove the manual labor from this painful and time consuming chore and turn splitting wood into an enjoyable time.

One of the features that really pulled me into this 25 ton model by Champion is the fact it can be operated horizontally and vertically. Operating horizontally is perfect for splitting smaller logs, and with the catcher, there is now no more bending over. Having a bad back and aching knees, the less bending I do the better. So you can see why this is a huge hit with me. The ability to switch this machine over to it’s vertical stance is remarkably easy as well. Which is nice for a change. Which therefor makes it the perfect machine to split bigger logs that the traditional horizontal stance can’t easily access.

This splitter will split most logs easily enough, tho on some bigger logs it may take a few attempts. But it will get through them eventually so don’t turn your nose up just yet. Even with some stubborn logs with a lot of knots that have sat through the winter, it only caused this splitter to slow down a little. No it did not cause the machine to come to a grinding halt either. There is plenty of power in this machine, making it perfect if you live in cold areas and primarily use logs in your house.

What I Like About This 25 Ton Log Splitter

  • The manufacture states that it has a twelve second cycle time, which is a safe number, after some test we found it to be about 10 seconds, even at 12 seconds it’s still going to be faster then cutting manually.
  • Very easy pull engine to start. One of the easiest I have come across.
  • Can take down large rounds filled with knots. Even the most harsh logs this Champion gets through the job at hand.
  • True powerhouse. Has a very powerful construction that can get through 5-6 cords of wood in a season. More than enough power for most people wanting fire wood.
  • The vertical option is a lifesaver for people with bad backs.
  • Excellent log catching feature.

The Not So Good

The only downside to this machine is you have to assemble it yourself, which can take between 45 minutes to an hour and a half if you’re somewhat handy, which is only a minor set back considering how much time and money you will save with this machine.

Overall this is one of the best log splitters on the market in my opinion. If you have the coin to spend on a heavy duty powerful beast made by an American company. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this 25 ton by Champion.


Champion 25 Ton Log Splitter (100326)


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80cc Champion 7 Ton Log Splitter Review

Home Owners Dream Machine

Champion 7 Ton Log Splitter ReviewThe smallest log splitter on this list, the Champion 90720 7 ton log splitter is a surprising work horse, that packs more punch then you first think. This is a great little splitter that is great for people who don’t need the 2 very heavy duty ones listed above. It will still put out enough wood to keep you warm during the winter months. It is the cheapest on this list so if budget is on your mind, this is the splitter for you.

The Champion 90720 will easily split logs bigger then it says it can, 22 and 24 inch logs are no match for this thing, tho you may have to turn the logs around to make it a bit easier. It has managed to cut through four cords of red pine (Douglas Fur) which I didn’t except this 7 ton unit to able to do, but it has proved me wrong time and time again.

There are only two downsides to this machine, one of them being is that it is quiet low to the ground so if you have back problems it may not suite you. People have said putting it up on a solid platform does make it easier. And the second problem that some people have is that it doesn’t have a tow hitch, so you can’t tow it. Both of this problems are situational and will vary from person to person on how much it will effect them, but I thought I should still mention them. Want to know more?. Read out full Review and see just why this is the number one recommendation for first time buyers.

Champion 7 Ton 80 CC Best For Home


The Best Champion Gas Powered Log Splitter,

The 22-Ton Reviewed

Champion 22 Ton Log Splitter Reviewed
The Champion 92221 gas powered log splitter is the model below the 25 ton machine mentioned above, the Champion 92221 uses 22 tons instead of 25 but that doesn’t mean it’s bad by any measure. I would put this machine in the middle of the Champion range of log splitters which makes it great for people who may not need the heavy duty 100326 model.

While it is one of the better Champion models, overall I don’t find it is the best 22 log splitter out there. There are other options to pursue if your heart is set on 22 ton rating.

This machine did cut through 36 inch in diameter oak like it was nothing. They were fresh cuts, but it will still get through what most people are going to use it for. It was in the vertical position for that mammoth log. The vertical position does make it easier to cut bigger logs. But it’s important to be aware that it can be a bit trickier to move when in this position. Just something to keep your mind on if the occasion arises.

It does have a bit of trouble starting in low temperatures, but it will still start if you follow the directions properly. We had no problems starting in the temperatures leading up to the colder months, and that was going through several cords of logs. It is recommended to have at least one other to help you when setting up, as some parts can be quite heavy and having a second person just makes it easier.

The Pros Of This Machine

  • For a medium size machine, it is very strong and can suit larger rounds than you may think. Suitable for most circumstances.
  • Splits logs very easily. For larger logs, use the vertical position for maximum results.
  • Very easy to start the engine. Just as easy to operate.
  • Gas powered so not reliant on electricity
  • Pump automatically adjusts the speed needed to spit through the different lengths. Really great engine saving feature to prevent burn out.

My Only Gripe

Depending on how/where you stand, the exhaust deflector can puff smoke on you. This happens whenever you bend over. So a downward facing plate would have been a better fix. Alternatively stand on the other side of the machine will work as well.

Champion 22 Ton Log Splitter





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