Best 7 Ton Log Splitter Reviews – Our Top 3 Electric & Gas Powered

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Splitting wood via an ax is so overrated and with these 7 ton log splitter reviews you will find out why it’s not only a essential tool to own, but a great investment on your body. As wood splitters generally have a tonnage rating, knowing what rating you need is the first step to making an informed decision.  If you are one of the thousands of folks that won’t be splitting 10 plus cords of hardwood logs a year, then choosing to buy a 7 ton log splitter is a wise decision.

A machine of this caliber is great for people who will generally go through one to a few cords of softwood a year. But this doesn’t mean they are bad, just that they are for a different type of person with different needs. So you shouldn’t be discouraged from using a smaller tonnage rated splitter. Personally I find having a 7 ton machine to work side by side with a larger model makes splitting a lot faster, but this is a personal thing I like to do with the family. So while you won’t be splitting the largest hardwood logs with a 7 ton, they will still have plenty of power for the average homeowner needing a reliable and sturdy machine.

Choosing A 7 Ton Log Splitter Starts Now7 Ton Log Splitter Reviews

One of the many reasons to go with a 7 ton machine is the price. This is becasue the higher the rating, generally the more expensive the machine will be. So if you’re on a budget and looking for a decent output, then a 7 ton machine is a really good place to start. If you’re concerned that being a cheaper product means you’re missing out on features, the only thing you will miss out on is the power of something larger, and the ability to tow your splitter. While that first thing can be important to some, I believe the second isn’t as big of a problem. Most 7 ton machines are smaller and weigh less then there larger counterparts. Which makes them easier to lift into a vehicle and take with you anyways. So I don’t think transport is as big of an issue with this smaller machines, tho some are pretty heavy. So I would recommend to having a second pair of hands to help lift.

Below on this buyers guide you will find a list of what I consider to be the best 7 ton log splitters in 2018. Each of these models have stood out to me as being the best in there field.


Reviewing The Best 7 Ton Log Splitter

The Best 7 Ton Log Splitter ReviewWhen it comes to seven ton logs splitters the Champion Power Equipment machine really stands out from pack. This is becasue it is one of the few 7 tons on the market that is gas powered. Generally the gas powered versions are stronger then there electric counterparts. This piece of equipment is no exception.

In my opinion from all the 7 tons I have used, this splitter is the strongest out there at the moment. With this beast I have been able to split logs that are twice the size of the manufactures recommendation, splitting logs that were 22 inches in diameter. The logs I tested this on were some spruce so while these aren’t the hardest woods out there, they are still so big that this machine shouldn’t of gotten through them. But it did.

The Champion is the heaviest on this list coming in at about 143 pounds. Which may be a little off putting for some, but thankfully they have included a handle. The handle does come out further then most handles which means you don’t have to crouch walk while dragging this splitter around. While this isn’t a massive feature it made life a bit easier when it came to using this machine. Especially on the humble back. I don’t know how many times when I’ve had to review a smaller splitter and have to do that awkward half crouch walk while moving it, it was nice to not have to do that this time. I also like how they included some never flat tires, so I didn’t have to worry about getting a flat while dragging it around.

A small feature about this splitter is that it is quite low to the ground, and normally this is a bit of a problem. But since this splitter can split such large logs, I actually found it to be a good thing it is so low to the ground. I found it easier because you don’t have to lift the heavier large logs as high as you normally would, so a very rare time where lower to the ground is better.

Champion 7 Ton 80 CC Best For Home


Video Review Of The Champion


Best Electric 7 Ton Log Splitter

Powerhouse 7 Ton Electric Log Splitter Review

Powerhouse 7 Ton Electric Log Splitter ReviewWith the Powerhouse 7 ton log splitter you will be getting one of the best electric 7 tons out there. It as an impressive little machine that has a surprising amount of power for it’s size. Especially considering it is electric powered. As I said before electrics are generally weaker then a gas, but have some other advantages I will go over below.

In terms of power I was able to split some decently sized softwood logs that were about, 12 inches in diameter. The logs were between 18 inches and 20 inches in length, which is the average size of wood you will need for your wood heater.

This 7 ton log splitter doesn’t weigh as much as the Champion above coming in at just over 100 pounds, which does make it a bit easier to carry around when you have to.  I did like how it was a bit lighter so I found it easier to pick it up and put it in the back of my truck, so I could take the splitter to a family members house to split some logs for them. But it is still heavy so due your back a favor and get assistance. While this machine does come with 2 handles to make life easier to move around, I found them to be a bit lower then I would like making walking around with it a bit awkward.

Some of the advantages an electric machine has over a gas machine may not stand out at you at first. But the first big advantage that I really like is since it doesn’t have a gas powered engine, it doesn’t produce any of the fumes a gas model has. What this means you can split from the comfort of your own home, no more having to go split outside in the cold. The thing I would recommend if this is your first electric log splitter is to make sure you always have logs split in advance, the last thing you want in the middle of the colder months is to lose power. And not be able to use your new investment to get some wood, unless you own a generator.

Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter


Industrial 7 Ton Log Splitting Machine

Reviewing 7 Ton Rated Wood Splitting MachinesThe Boss Industrial ES7T20 log splitter is a great little electric splitter, and is what I consider to be great value for your money in the 7 ton range. It has a lot of the great features the models above have, but at a lower price.

It doesn’t have the power of the Champion 7 ton and is only a little behind the powerhouse machine. But I was still able to split logs that were about 12 inches in diameter, so it isn’t to far behind the Powerhouse. I did test some larger logs with this splitter that were about 20 inches in diameter, and it did struggle quite a bit. But that was to be expected since it’s manufacturer says it can only do 10 inches. The thing that surprised me was that it was able to get through a few logs that were 18 inches in diameter, but it did struggle so I wouldn’t recommend doing this too often.

The thing that really stood out to me with this splitter was just quick it got through the work. While it’s cycle time isn’t the fastest coming in at about 15 seconds it is still a pretty solid time, and is quicker then the Champion up above by 5 seconds. I did test this splitter on about 3 cords of lodgepole logs and was surprised that it only took me about 2 hours per cord. While these certainly aren’t the most difficult of logs to get through, in my opinion 2 hours for a cord with a 7 ton splitter is extremely impressive.

Boss Industrial 7 Ton Splitter

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