The Best Towable Log Splitters

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There are many reason to want a splitter that you can tow, but trying to find the best towable log splitters can seem like a daunting mission. Scouring through hundreds of machines trying to find one that can actually be towed is a nightmare to say the least. Then there’s the question of quality and longevity. How is anyone meant to know what separates the best from the worst log splitters that can be towed?. Simple, stay on this page and take advantage of my teams in-depth research to discovering these wood splitting machines with hitches.

For those in a hurry, I found the Champion 25 Ton to be the best overall.

The versatility that being able to tow a splitter adds is almost unmatched. Not being stuck to one spot is extremely useful when you own large blocks of land or need to split further away from your home. For that reason alone you won’t find an electric log splitter on this list, I feel needing a generator to split away from home is a bit to much to ask from someone.

Some Towing RequirementsThe Best Towable Log Splitters

To make this list I had a few requirements that each of these machines had to meet, apart from the obvious which is having a 2 inch ball coupler. The first requirement that I had for a splitter to make this list is to be a full beam log splitter, and not a half beam machine. There is a very simple reason for this, and that is a full beam machine has a wider base. This will make it sturdy and less likely to tip, compared to a half beam splitter.

The next requirement is that it has to have DOT (Department of Transportation) approved tires. This is a must of course, being a DOT approved tire means you can tow the splitter up to 45mph. While you can do that I would highly recommend not going over 40mph on road and even slower over uneven terrain.

On this list I chose to keep the log splitters to 25 tons because this is what I believe to be the entry point to serious log splitting, and provide plenty of power to split all but the most difficult of logs. The machines on this list all meet the requirements I mentioned above, so if I don’t mention it that is because they all have them. Do Note: These aren’t 3 Point Hitch Log Splitters, these are the kind that can be towed around on a ride on mower for example.


Best Wood Splitter That Can Be Towed

The Best 25 Ton Log Splitter For The MoneyFirst on this list is from one of my favorite brands and that is the Champion Power Equipment 25 ton full beam log splitter. This is an extremely well built log splitter with a lot of pros and very few cons in my eyes.

One of the first things that really impressed me with this machine is it’s engine, it comes with a 224cc Champion single cylinder 4-stroke OHV (Overhead Valve) engine. While at first I was a bit worried with Champions engines at first, it ended up being extremely reliable and had plenty of power. After splitting 4 cords of dry oak, the engine didn’t miss a single beat. It just keep running smoothly which is quite impressive.

In terms of power this machine has plenty, it will get through the average users needs pretty easily and only really struggle on logs that are particular large and knotted. I was able to get through some fairly stubborn 18 inches in diameter pieces of oak, while in it’s horizontal mode. The best thing about this machine is when you put it in it’s vertical position, that’s where it really shines in my eyes. It went from being able to split 18 inch logs up to splitting oak logs that were 30 inches in diameter, which is pretty impressive for a 25 ton unit. While I was splitting some of these logs the ram did slow a little, but never stopped.

I did mention that this splitter had some downsides, and it really only has the two which they might not even bother you. The first issues is this splitter is very thirsty for hydraulic fluid, sadly this is a bit of a Champion issue I have found. And the second issue is the two log catchers that are on the side, while this is good addition to have. I found them to be a little flimsy and I didn’t trust them to hold the larger logs. But still great for stopping the split wood from falling to the ground. But overall, a machine like this that is towable is a true gem to have in your wood splitting toll shed.

Champion 25 Ton Log Splitter (100326)


Powerful Log Splitting Machine With Towing Hitch

Powerful Log Splitting Machine With Towing CapabilitiesWhen I first heard of Yardmax log splitters I was worried about how they are made in China. But then again, what isn’t made in China right. So I gave it a shot anyways. Mainly becasue of the American brand Briggs And Stratton engine.

Yardmax have completely put my doubts to rest. I believe them to manufacture some of the best outdoor equipment when you need serious heavy duty use. This machine comes with a 6.5Hp 208cc Briggs & Stratton engine, which is a great little engine that I really like. It started every time on my first try making it one of the surest pulling engines I’ve ever used. It really impressed me and removed all my fears about this machine.

This beast of a machine does come with something that I really like, and that is it’s four way wedge. The four way wedge makes splitting smaller logs so much quicker and easier. I wish I had found it sooner, tho I wouldn’t recommend it on larger logs with big knots in them.

In terms of what this log splitter could actually split, I found it to be almost as good as the Champion up above. It could handle the 18 inch dry oak logs in it’s horizontal position, but it did lack a little in it’s vertical position, being able to only do 28 inch logs. This is still an impressive number for a 25 ton log splitter.

Where the Champion had it’s flaws, the Yardmax doesn’t have the same issues. In fact it’s log cradles felt a lot more sturdy and superior to the Champions. I felt I could trust larger logs on them much more. I did find that the Yardmax isn’t as thirsty as the Champion above, so if that is something you are worried about, this Yardmax fixes that issue.

YARDMAX 25 Ton Full Beam Gas Log Splitter

Where To Buy Tow Able Log Splitters Online?

If either of the above two tow able log splitters take your interest, you can buy them by clicking on the relevant “More Details” button to get more information. This will take you to the product description page on amazon. The advantage of buying with amazon is their return policy and you can generally get fast and free shipping included. So keep an eye out for that. Alternatively you can check out the other Log Splitters with a towing hitch available by going directly to the options by clicking on the banner below.


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