Best 10 Ton Electric Log Splitters Reviews

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Best 10 Ton Electric Log SplittersThe best 10 ton electric log splitters are few and far between. Meaning they aren’t all that common. While in general a splitter can come in a variety of ton ratings but most commonly they come in at 5 tons, which sometimes just isn’t enough power for what you need. And 22 ton machines can cost an extreme amount of money, and aren’t worth it for what you need them for.

That’s where the 10 ton electric log splitters come in. They provide a lot more splitting power then there 5 ton counter parts. And they won’t break the bank like the 22 ton and above machines will. I find them to be a great middle ground for people who only need to split maybe a cord or two a year. Also for people who don’t even need to split the much wood, but want to make life easier on themselves.

So to cater to the folks that want a little more extra oomph, but don’t want to have to remortgage the house to afford one, I present two of my personal favorite ten ton log splitters.

My Top Rated 10 Ton Electric Wood Splitter With Stand

The Top Rated 10 Ton Electric Wood Splitter With StandThe first on this list is the Boss Industrial ED10T20 electric 10 ton log splitter.  First of all, I have to say this splitter is quite the surprising little package. The first thing that you will notice with this log splitter, is that it comes with a stand that is extremely handy. Adding a stand to this splitter was a great design idea by Boss. At first I didn’t think this would be a massive thing for me, but after using it for quite awhile I really like it. While it means you have to lift the logs higher onto the splitter, it is still easier then constantly being bent over using other splitters of this size. I found it to be easier on my back after several hours use, and even easier on the back compared to swinging an ax.

Being a 10 ton electric splitter, it certainly isn’t the strongest machine in the world. But for what it is, I must say I am super impressed.

It has plenty of power and could split logs a lot larger then I was expecting. The Boss was able to get through some seasoned black walnut that were about 16 inches in length and about 14 inches round. Black walnut native to North East America is is quite a difficult wood to split as it’s quite a hard and it is often very stringy. While there weren’t massive logs they were very difficult to split for most splitters around this size. I wanted to try something bigger and something not so hard, so I went with some black cherry logs. This is an easier log to get through but they were larger at 20 inches in diameter, and about 16 inches in length. This machine got through both of these logs which is very impressive if you ask me.

The big feature that sets this splitter apart from other ten ton splitters is the way the splitting actually works. Which I found really makes up for it’s lack of speed. It is fairly slow taking roughly between 16 to 19 seconds to go one way depending on the size of the log. But that’s where one of my favorite features comes into play. This log splitter can split either way so while it is slow one way I feel it makes up for it, by being able to split on the way back. So when you’re splitting larger logs that require more then one split you can split it easier with this function. Thankfully Boss took the initiative and added two log catchers to stop the log from falling off, which helps with the larger logs.

Boss Industrial Electric 10 Ton Log Splitter

See The 10 Ton Boss Bidirectional Cutting Feature In Action On A 20 Inch Black Cherry


The Best Kinetic 10 Ton Electric Log Splitter

The Best Kinetic 10 Ton Electric Log SplitterWhen it comes to electric log splitters one of there downsides is that they are often slow. If you need a speedy and reliable 10 ton log splitter, then you should considr a Kinetic model such as the Generac one here.

The Generac 10 ton kinetic log splitter is an electric machine with a difference. That is it’s one of the fastest splitters on the planet. It has an incredible cycle time taking roughly between one or two seconds, this was the ram going all the way then returning speed. Compare this to the above 16-19 second cycle time and you can just imagine how much quicker you can get through your firewood.

Kinetic Versus Electric Log Splitter Simplified

It’s just incredible when you think about the fast cycle time a few seconds. Really has helped saved so much time when it comes to splitting logs. Something that would normally take hours with a normal splitter now takes an hour. The only downside to this is that the ram does sometimes get stuck and you have to manually push the ram back, while that can be annoying it’s certainly not a deal breaker.

There is a bit of a trade off for this level of speed and that is the power of this machine. While it’s still pretty strong overall, but not as strong as the Boss above. This is where you will have to make an informed decision. Do you want to split wood faster or is it important to split larger logs at your household?.

Sadly the Generac can’t split logs that are 20 inches in diameter, but it can split logs that are 12 inches round very easily. At that sizethe Generac got through everything that got put through it. There were some larger cedar logs that were 18 inches round and the splitter needed several attempts to get through them. However, these weren’t very knotted woods. When I put something more knotted it ended up getting stuck. So if you’re looking to split large knotted logs I would recommend a higher powered gas log splitter.

The question that needs to be answered for this splitter is, does it’s speed make up for it’s lack of power? In my opinion I believe yes it more then makes up for it, being able to get through so many logs so quickly is more then worth it. I found myself at times going I need just a few pieces of woods more, having this thing split my logs in seconds made life easier. It is something that I didn’t realize how much I would appreciate until I had the opportunity to use.

But on the other hand, if you are always getting larger rounds then you may find this machine more irritating that rewarding. If this is the case and you want to buy a 10 ton log splitter, I would buy the above Boss model as it can take bigger logs. Just at a slower pace.

Generac Kinetic Electric Log Splitter


Should You Buy An Electric Model Anyways?

There are a lot of advantages to going for an electric wood splitter over a gas powered machine and only a few downsides to electrics. Choosing your very first machine can be difficult. This is why I have published a 2018 Log Splitter Buyers Guide to help first time buyers decide which brand, ton rating and style is best for them.Packed with reviews, videos and useful information.

One of the main advantages and one of my personal favorites, is that since they don’t require any fuel for there engine they don’t produce any fumes. Which means you can have your splitter set up inside your house and not have to be outside splitting in the cold. When you go electric you will find that you won’t have to do anywhere near as much maintenance as you would with a gas powered machine, which will save you time and money down the track.

The one downside to electric log splitters is that they don’t have the power of a gas machine, which doesn’t mean they are bad by any means. It just means they are designed with a different audience in mind, and that audience isn’t looking for a machine that can split 30 inch hard wood logs.

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