The Best 10 Ton Log Splitter Reviews

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With more and more Americans turning to alternatives for there heat source, log splitters are becoming more common then they have ever been. But not too many people know where to begin their search, which is why I have listed the best 10 ton log splitter reviews as I believe them to be a great well rounded tool for the job.

It can be very overwhelming when you first start making the steps to be reliant on wood for heating and other things. When you first start making this change you can be very tempted to just jump right in with a big 25-35 ton unit, when really you won’t need anything that large. It’s very rare that when you first start needing to split wood that you will be splitting 10 plus cords a year, so there isn’t much need for such a large unit. But it is taking more and more work to split the old fashioned way with a maul, this is where the 10 ton log splitters come in.

Why Choose A 10 Ton Wood SplitterThe Best 10 Ton Log Splitter Reviews

10 Ton log splitters are a great place to start for when you first decide to stop splitting by maul or axe. Another reason to buy a 10 ton ram force is for the fact just want to make life easier on yourself right away and skip the physical work. This size log splitter is perfect for people who aren’t fully ready to commit to using logs for there heating, or wood stoves. They are great for people who are only going to split roughly 3 to 4 cords a year, anything more and I would recommend a stronger 22 ton unit but they can cost a lot upfront. Which is another great advantage of a 10 splitter. They make great units if you’re on a budget, without sacrificing quality. With that in mind it is time to find out just what I consider to be the best 10 ton log splitters on the market.


Best Electric 10 Ton Log Splitters

Generac K10 Kinetic Electric Log Splitter

Best Electric 10 Ton Log SplitterIf you have never heard of a kinetic log splitter before, then do I have a treat for you. This units are great in every sense of the word. They provide a lot of power and they are so much quicker then hydraulic log splitters. In my opinion this is the fastest log splitter going around on the market, and possibly the fastest kinetic log splitter. While most hydraulic splitters have cycle times that range from 10 to 25 seconds, this kinetic unit has the insane cycle time of 1 second. As you can imagine just how much time you will save using this unit, there is no down time. What use to take 3 hours will now take an hour.

This Generac kinetic log splitter is not only fast but it does have some good power behind it, just from the way kinetic splitters work. Kinetic splitters work by the engine supplying power to there fly wheel where it stores the energy, which will release in one strong burst which provides a lot of force in one blow. With this kind of system behind this splitter it does allow it to split some pretty decently sized logs, with a few being above the manufactures recommendations. The manufactures say the maximum log is 16 inches long and 12 inches in diameter, which they are right on on the log length. But the diameter can vary on the log I have split some 16 inch rounds that were some basic pine, which is a good effort for this size log.

One of the things I personally like about kinetic electric splitters and might interest you is that since they are such a simple design with very few moving parts. They don’t seem to break down or have as many issues as a hydraulic unit, which has pumps, valves and hoses to worry about. So if you want less maintenance the a hydraulic splitter, kinetic is a good option. But also being an electric log splitter gives it the great advantage of less fumes, so you can split inside safely. Not having to deal with the weather outside is a very valuable thing to me.

What I Like About The Generac

  • There is only so many times I can say this about kinetic machines and it is even more relevant on this machine, and that is there speed is just amazing. Any time saved saved on splitting logs leaves me with more time to do other things I enjoy.
  • For a 10 ton unit it has a surprising amount of power and one of the more powerful 10 ton units on the market in my opinion. Having more power when splitting at this size unit is very valuable since it means you will be able to use it for longer, before you need a larger unit. If you do step up to a larger splitter, the K10’s bigger brother K22 is an impressive 22 ton Kinetic wood splitter. Something that has to be seen to be believed.
  • Being a kinetic electric unit and not having to deal with all the maintenance of a hydraulic gas unit is a great feature for people who may not be very mechanically minded.
Generac Kinetic Electric Log Splitter


Top Rated 10 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter Review

Boss Industrial ED10T20 10 Ton Electric Log Splitter

10 Ton Hydraulic Log SplitterThe Boss Industrial electric 10 ton wood splitter is a feature packed unit. These features are which made it stand out from the pack and what earned its place as one of the best 10 ton log splitters in 2018. I found the Boss Industrial to be one of the better priced tools on this list. Considering the low price which you can find on amazon.

The first thing to note about this log splitter is that it comes with a stand, so you don’t have to hunch over as low like you normally do when you use smaller splitters. Even on a small table, the stand really does help the back.

So you won’t have to put it on a table like you do other splitters if you dont want too. This does mean you have to lift the logs up onto the splitter which shouldn’t be to much of an issue for most, since they won’t be the largest logs going around. But if this is an issue for you I would recommend a splitter lower to the ground since you don’t have to pick it up as far. Or if you’re serious about splitting wood for a long time, then a splitter with a log lifter built in is the way to go. But for me personally I really liked this feature on a 10 ton unit since it allowed me to free up space on my work bench for other projects.

The Stand Out Features

While the stand for this log splitter is great and all, this unit has one more feature that really makes it stand out. Which is also something that I absolutely love. This unit is a two way split wood splitter. Which means the splitter can split both ways, so you can put a log on it and split it going one direction. Then you move the the pieces you split and put one of them back on there and split the other way. With this kind of unit there is no waiting for the return since it can split either way. While this on its own is a great feature, Boss smartly added a log cradle on either side. So when you do split the logs won’t fall to the ground, so it is easier to pick the pieces up to split them to an even smaller size.

This wood splitter isn’t as strong as the kinetic above, but it still has some decent power for its size. It will get through quite a few different types and sizes of logs. The logs that it really impressed me with were some seasoned black walnut. These logs were very difficult to split since the grain was really twisted, which makes splitting tough but the Boss got through them. These were some decent sized logs that were 16 inches in length and 8 to 10 inches in diameter, so they while that may not sound to large. Black walnut is a decent hardwood that you wouldn’t expect this splitter to get through. To my surprise it nailed it.

What I Like About The Boss Industrial

  • I really like what Boss has done with this unit, its stand and log cradles are very useful and something I’m now going to start comparing other splitters of this size to. Especially handy for at home users.
  • The two way split on this wood splitter is just great, it made life so much easier when splitting logs that needed several splits to get down to size. Not having to wait for the ram was a real time saver.
  • Splitting that black walnut really impressed me, that is a hard wood to split that some larger units wouldn’t get through, so well done to Boss for making this unit so strong.
  • Very reliable electric starter. Had no issues getting this small and compact unit gong each and every time.
Boss Industrial Electric 10 Ton Log Splitter



Best Manual 10 Ton Log Splitter

Sun Joe Logger Joe 10 Ton Manual Log Splitter

Best Manual 10 Ton Log SplitterNormally I don’t comment on the looks of a log splitter, but there is just something about the look and design of the Logger Joe that I really like. Looks aside, the Logger Joe made it to the top spot for what I consider to be the best manual log splitter on the market.

It is a very reasonably priced wood splitter which you can see for yourself on amazon. Which makes it very useful for if you’re on a tight budget. Or you don’t want to spend a lot of money since you don’t split a lot of cords a year, which does make the manual option very appealing if you don’t mind a little physical effort, which I still find easier then using a splitting maul.

One of the things that I really like about this manual unit is how Sun Joe designed it to be used. It has two levers on this log splitter. One that is made for smaller pushes, and one that makes longer pushes. What this means is that if you have a smaller log in the unit that isn’t difficult to split, you will use the smaller push lever. And if you get to a hard part that requires more or you’re splitting a larger harder wood, you will use the longer push lever. This makes life a little easier when using this unit, it makes using the right amount of pressure a lot simpler to understand. There is very little wasted movement with this unit.

But when it comes to splitting with this unit I found it to be a bag of very mixed results. One log I split was 20 inches in diameter then the next log it struggled with a 10 inch in diameter, which does go to show the type of log your splitting does matter. The manufacturer does recommend that you only use logs that are 8 inches in diameter and can take logs that are 18 inches in length. But as I said just above is that it can do a wide variety of sizes and makes it difficult to give an actual size it can do. I would recommend going with logs that are 10 inches in diameter and 18 inches in length, which is about the average size that most wood fire units can take.

What I Like About The Logger Joe

  • The two lever system on this unit is something that I really appreciate, it just makes splitting so simple to understand and to actually do. Which makes it great for a variety of ages, and very useful for senior couples from what I have researched.
  • Being able to split a log that was 20 inches in diameter really surprised me and I had to mention it, but this isn’t the normal sized log you’re going to get through, but it still impressed me.
  • I really like how small this unit is, it makes it great if you don’t have a lot of room, since it is easy to store away and pull out when you need it.
  • No external power source ever need. However this can also be a negative as it requires physical work to split the logs.
Logger Joe 10 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter


My Final Thoughts On These Wood Splitters

The first thing I have to say about these three splitters which I personally like for various reasons. No one splitter will suit everyone, it’s just impossible to make it so. Basically I wanted to try and offer a variety of different units that I consider to be the best in the to 10 ton ram force category. Which is what these units are, I consider them to all be the very best in what they represent.

Tho with that in mind if you think these units aren’t strong enough for you then I would recommend looking into a larger units. This can get overwhelming when you start looking at the larger sized log splitters but if you’re looking into a 10 ton, then my recommendation would be a 25 ton unit. They will get through most logs they you will need to split and they don’t cost as much as the larger units. There is even one of my personal favorites listed for about $1000. Which is an incredible price for a gas powered 25 ton splitter.

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