Dirty Hand Tools 22 Ton Log Splitter Reviews

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Dirty Hand Tools are a very reliable brand who believe the equipment you use needs to be able to handle the roughest of jobs. I strongly believe this and I think you too will see it as you read through these Dirty Hand Tools 22 ton log splitter reviews.

I’m going to be upfront right from the start and just ‘BUY this Log splitter!‘. If you have come here looking for reassurance that it’s a pretty darn decent machine, then yes you will get that from me. Because I feel it certainly is one of the better 22 ton splitting machines out there. I feel it hits a lot of peoples needs in a log splitter. The only thing it doesn’t excel at is the power to split some of the really oversized logs. Which is to be expected because it is a 22 ton machine after all. Not a huge 37 ton. However,  it does get through what a 22 ton splitter should do and more, which I will go over a bit later in this review.

With this review I will be going over the many features of this wood splitter and hope to give you the proper information you need to make an informed buying decision. There is a lot to like about this piece of equipment and there aren’t a lot of negatives in my honest opinion.

To sum the Dirty Hand Tools 22 Ton Splitter up in one sentence: It does a whole lot right and very little wrong.

Below you will find my review for the Dirty Hand Tools (100171) 22 ton log splitter where I will discuss what exactly makes this splitter so good.


Dirty Hand Tools 100171 Gas Powered Log Splitter

How Much Power Does This DHT Have In The Horizontal Position

Dirty Hand Tools 100171 Gas Powered Log SplitterFor most people the horizontal position will be the default position that they will use for any splitter. The 196cc Kohler SH265 Engine provides this machine with quite a bit of power. One which I find it to be very quiet when it is in operation. Which is quite rare for such a large and powerful log splitter.

The only downside to this engine is that it is made in China, which will cause some worry for some people. I know not many log splitters are made in the USA, which isn’t ideal. Some splitters use the American brand Briggs and Stratton for their engines, yet the engine is still manufactured overseas. However, I feel this is actually one of the better Chinese made engines going on the market. In terms of performance and reliability this 6.5hp engine has been superb. It was one of the more reliable engines I have ever tried . For me it has started on the first or second time, every time with no issues.

What Size Logs Can The DHT Wood Splitter Split?Dirty Hand Tools 22 Ton Log Splitter Reviews

While in its horizontal position, the Dirty Hand Tools 22 Ton Log splitter has a surprising amount of splitting potential. To be honest, it caught me off guard a bit.  I’ve used many 22 tons over the years, but this one instantly proved it’s shear power.

It managed to split some fairly hardwood logs while in this position that I don’t think many 22 ton machines could actually get through. For seeing how much this splitter could get through I used 2 types of wood, one hard(Oak) and one soft(Pine). When it came to splitting pine softwood it manage to get through an incredible 20 inches in diameter logs which is pretty impressive with this size splitter. The hard wood oak was a lot tougher to get through which it got through a few logs that were 14 inches in diameter, but it did struggle and performed better when they were only 12 inches.

Horizontal Splitting Features Make This Splitter Worth The Money

One of the things I really liked with this machine was that it comes with a log catcher on one side. Which is on the opposite side of where you operate this machine from. Having this attachment is really handy when in this position since it allows bigger logs to be split. What this does is limits you having to constantly bend over and pick up the pieces after they fall to the ground. I found having that attachment really let the speed of this machine really stand out, it has an extremely quick cycle time of about 10 seconds up and back. Since you have control of the ram it can go even quicker on smaller less tough logs.

10 second cycle time is quite impressive with this powerful machine.

Thankfully Dirty Hand Tools made the smart decision to let you be able to tow this splitter, while its not the biggest splitter it still really benefits from being towable. With the use of its 2 inch ball coupler and its 16 inch DOT approved tires, means that this log splitter can be towed on main roads. While being DOT approved means you can go up to 45mph, I wouldn’t recommend going above 40 on a smooth road and much less going off road.


The Splitting Power In Its Vertical PositionComplaints About The 22 Ton Dirty Hand Tools Log Splitter

The vertical position of a log splitter is something that I love on any splitter. But unfortunately, not all boast this feature. However the DHT does and it’s one that is sure to impress. If you have ever used a splitter or done just a little bit of research, you will know just how good the vertical position is. What the vertical position allows is the ability to split logs that are normally too big for the horizontal position. Which also means you don’t have to lift the heavier logs up onto the splitter. You can just roll them over underneath.

Thankfully putting this splitter into its vertical position isn’t that difficult which makes this position even better. It’s as simple as releasing the pin on the beam which is located at the front end of the beam. Then you carefully tilt the beam up until the foot plate is square on the ground, then make sure it is stable. Then you are ready to move the log into position and start splitting. Heck pull up a stool and take it easy while you work your way around some seriously large logs.

What Size Logs Can This 22 Ton Split In The Vertical Position?

As I mentioned above the vertical position lets you split logs that are much larger then what you can in its horizontal position. While in its horizontal the softwood pine was 20 inches, but now in its vertical position I could split logs that were 30 inches in diameter. As with logs of that size you should start from the edge and work your way in. But it is the hardwood where I was impressed the most with this position, while it was best suited for 12 inches when it was horizontal. In vertical it was able to get through the oak logs that were 18 inches in diameter which is very impressive, I have used 25 ton machines that can’t get through that.

Dirty Hand Tools 22 Ton Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter


My Overall Thoughts On The DHT 22 Ton Log Splitter

I really like this splitter, it beat everyone of my expectations and has turned into my favorite 22 ton unit, and one of my all time favorite log splitters. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and check the price on Amazon first before you buy in-store.

There is only one negative that this splitter has to me and a few other people who have confirmed it has happened to them as well, and that is a few bolts come loose. Which isn’t that big of an issue to me, all it required to fix was to re tighten them which was very simple. A really small blemish on an otherwise outstanding machine. Above I have included a video review for the Dirty Hand Tools 22 ton log splitter in action, splitting logs in its horizontal position. Consider it a little sneak peak into your future.

But Before You Buy

Check out this video below as it is really helpful with assembling the 22 ton log splitter made by Dirty Hand Tools. One can never be too prepared.

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