Swisher 34 Ton Log Splitter Reviews

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When it comes to splitting logs there is almost nothing better then having so much splitting power that you don’t need to worry about the size of log is in front of you, and this is exactly what you will find as you read thought these Swisher 34 ton log splitter reviews (LSRB11534). Best part is, they’re American made.

To me if you’re looking at 34 tons of splitting force then you must need to split some pretty decent sized logs. Most likely that are knotty which you need split with little effort. I can’t say I blame you!. Or maybe you have a fire wood business and you need something that won’t struggle on the smallest of logs! And to be honest, who doesn’t want a beast of a splitter that will tear through anything you throw at it.

Where Is The 34 Ton By Swisher MadeSwisher 34 Ton Log Splitter Reviews

One of the things that I really like about the Swisher is that it’s American made. Which is getting incredibly hard to find in this day and age. Makes me proud to be supporting this company that is keeping more work in the USA. Made in the USA doesn’t have the old stigma it use to anymore, being made in America means it is a quality machine that didn’t rip its employees off. But there is generally one downside to this and that is since American companies pay there employees properly, there products are generally more expensive.

Thankfully that is not the case with the 34 ton Swisher. For quick access, check the price on amazon here. These splitters are designed with the average American in mind and make there units more affordable. Which really says alot about the company itself, and the respect they have for the country they call home. Below you will find my review for the mighty Swisher 34 ton log splitter, so read on to find what exactly makes this machine so great!

Swisher LSRB11534 11.5 HP 34-Ton Log Splitter Review

How Good Is The Swisher 34 Ton Wood SplitterThe first thing that you will notice about this unit is that it has a 11.5 Hp Briggs & Stratton engine attached.I love the fact that it’s the American made Briggs & Stratton engine and not the cheaply made Chinese version, so you know it is going to be a dependable and strong engine.

But the thing that makes this engine really stand out is that it is paired with Swishers cold weather clutch, which is an important feature to take note of for me. I don’t know how many times you have had to start a log splitter in the dead of winter and it takes ages to actually start the thing. This is not something you will get with this splitter. The combination of such a reliable engine and genius clutch design makes it one of the easiest starting wood splitters going around.

Normally I would be going over what this splitter could and couldn’t split, but this is one of those joyous occasions where this is a non issue. A 34 ton log splitter that has a horizontal and vertical position is going to practically split everything you put in front of it. It didn’t matter if it was 30 inch wide oak or hickory logs, this thing just split them like it was nothing. It had the very occasional slow down on some really knotty hard wood logs, but it didn’t come close to stopping. And if you put this machine in its vertical position there is nothing you can’t split, as long as it fits underneath its ram. Which I find it’s pretty rare for a log to not fit underneath this unit since it has a 25 inch opening to fit logs, and it is pretty rare to need bigger then that.

What Other Features Does The 34 Ton Swisher Boast?Swisher 34 Ton Wood Splitter Engine

Apart from this units incredible splitting power in either of its two position it has a couple of other features that I really like. The first being is the log cradles that attach one on either side of the unit. I find this really helpful when splitting larger logs, since you will need to split the log a few times. It is really helpful to be able to split the log and rest half of it on the cradle, then split the other half.

This makes the cradles extremely useful to me since it cuts down how many times you have to bend over and pick up a heavier log, which help saves the back. But I know some people don’t like having cradles on the side of there splitters which is fin. But I find it useful that they are so easily attached and doesn’t effect how this splitter performs. I feel this was a smart decision by Swisher to try and cover as many people as possible, without sacrificing anything that this splitter can do.

Portable?. You Bet This Splitter Is!

The other thing I really like about this splitter is just how easy it is to transport around either your property, or on the road. It has the standard 2 inch ball coupler which is pretty standard for most people to have, but it also has two road tires that make it excellent for towing. Being DOT approved tires means you can tow this splitter up to 45 mph on the road, which is really helpful if you need to split away from home. Obviously if you’re going to tow the unit on uneven road you should take it much slower and be careful, while log splitters are tough pieces of equipment the last thing you want is to damage them.

Why I Would Buy The Swisher Heavy Duty 34 Ton Ram Force

  • I’m someone who loves to have more power then required for the task at hand. This 34 ton splitter fits right into this category, and then some for me. There is just something about not having to worry about if I have enough splitting power which makes splitting a lot more enjoyable for me.
  • The Briggs & Stratton engine being made in the USA is something that I really like, it is a very powerful and starts extremely easy, especially in the cold with its Swisher cold weather clutch. I think every engine I’ve owned that carries the Briggs & Stratton logo has started pretty much first or send attempt. Don’t under estimate this quality feature.
  • Being a American made wood splitter is an important thing for me, I like knowing that I’m supporting local businesses and keeping the money right here in the States.
  • The log cradles being detachable is a very useful feature if you plan on splitting larger logs, not having to worry about slightly out of shapes getting caught on it is really useful.
  • Towing this splitter around town and over acreage is really useful, especially if you help family and friends split wood if they don’t have there own unit.
  • Fairly large gas tank boasting 5 gallons. Nothing worse than running out of gas in the dead of Winter. So having this larger tank is certainly appreciated.
Swisher 34 Ton Log Splitter



An Alternative To The Swisher 34 Ton Unit

While the Swisher 34 ton log splitter is a hell of a unit and a good unit for its price (Check out the incredible price on amazon), not everyone is going to like it or just simple want an alternative. Which if you do I have one or two units I would highly recommend.

Staying within the high powered heavy duty output, I would recommend the NorthStar and Champion 37 ton log splitters. Both powerhouses in the industry and certainly dressed to impress. However, I will give full disclaimer that this units aren’t made in the USA unfortunately. But just because they aren’t made here doesn’t mean they are bad units, they are two of the finest log splitters going around and worth investigating if you’re looking for a new unit. If you’re interested and want to find out more about these two find splitters, you can fine my reviews for the best 37 ton log splitters here. Here I go into more detail about these tough log splitters.

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