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Over the years more and more products are losing the made in the USA marking, and showing the made in China, Bangladesh or Mexico. This is especially true when it comes to American made log splitters. The reason that it is so difficult to find log splitters made in USA is because of false information. Many manufacturers claim they are American made, when really they are only assembled here. Many of the parts are imported from over seas, so you really aren’t getting a quality American made unit from products built in America. However, on the occasion you will get a wood splitter that has one part that is made here, but I believe that isn’t good enough.

There are many advantages to go with a quality American made wood splitter, but the reason I find to be the most important is that it keeps jobs here in the USA. By buying these products you will be supporting local businesses and keeping American families employed for generations. While that is a great reason to go American made, but it is important to support these companies since the USA has higher standards in there working conditions, and wages. Which this does bring up the one downside to American made products, and that is since our working environments are better then China, and we have to pay our workers properly. This does cause a lot of products to cost more then the cheap over seas imports, but I believe this cost to be worth it.

Why Buy A Log Splitter From American Companies American Made Log Splitters

There are many other reasons to go with a American made product but those are some of the most important in my eyes. With that in mind I set out to find the best American made log splitter on the market, and this became a very difficult question to answer, since a lot of the splitters I found cost upwards of $9000. Which unless you have your own company or quite well off and can afford that, I don’t think that is viable for most of us. So what I wanted to find was a few units that were effective, but don’t also break your wallet wide open. On this guide you will find what I consider to be the best American made log splitters.

American Made Electric Log Splitter

Swisher The Best Log Splitter Made In The USA

American Made Electric Log SplitterThis Swisher 22 ton electric log splitter is my number one pick for the best log splitters made in the USA. But not just here in the States, worldwide too if you ask me. I think this is the best electric log splitter going around at the moment.

This may seem like an odd choice to a few people that an electric log splitter is my number one choice. But this Swisher has proven itself time and time again.

While the ton rating is important I find that once you hit 22 tons you will be able to split most logs you need, especially when your unit has the ability to change into a vertical stance. Which fortunately this Swisher has.

In fact it’s one of the few vertical electric splitters on the market. Vertical and horizontal machines typically are gas operated. Having a vertical position allows you to split much larger rounds that normally you wouldn’t be able to, so it is a must have feature for me when choosing a log splitter. Plus it is a heck of a lot easier on your back and body. No need to lift the log up onto the bench.

About The MotorLog Splitters Made In The USA

The thing I really like about this log splitter is its 120V electric motor. This motor makes this machine so quiet compared to a noisy gas powered log splitter. Thankfully Swishers choice of motor lets most standard outlets run it, which requires either a 15 or 20 amp outlet. If you plan to run this with an extension lead I would recommend a heavier gauge roughly a 14 gauge. But with those together you have an effective splitter that you can either run from outside the home, or even inside your house. Since there is no gas running through the engine there is no fumes, so it is safe to run inside and not out in the cold. Tho I generally prefer to have all my splitting done before it gets cold!

One of the biggest advantages to this log splitter is that there is no maintenance to be done on the motor, unlike gas powered splitters. So if you’re not the most mechanically minded and are worried about having to maintain a engine, then Swisher have answered tho prayers with this machine. Less time having to maintain your log splitter means more time to do things that enjoy more, tho this makes splitting wood a much more enjoyable job. Talking about speed this thing is quick! While some people don’t really care about having a fast splitter I find it important. A few seconds adds up over the hours, and that is what you will save with this thing, with an incredible 13 second cycle time. Which is not the fastest in the world, but for an electric that can go into horizontal position, it’s pretty decent.

Split What Ever You Want!

This is a pretty bold claim for any log splitter. But the simple fact is that a vertical position really does make splitting larger logs a lot easier. I don’t say this makes units of larger sizes pointless, I wouldn’t even think of saying that. Personally I really like large 35 ton log splitters, I enjoy having more power then necessary for the task at hand. But when you do split logs in the vertical position there is one thing that you should remember. That is when you split larger rounds and I mean 24 to 30 inches in diameter plus, is that you start splitting the log from the edges and work your way in towards the middle. This does make splitting larger logs a bit slower, but that is where the 13 second cycle comes into play. Work your way through large logs at blistering pace.

But when you are going to split in the units horizontal position this is where the ton rating does come in. A larger log splitter will split bigger logs in this position which is exactly what you would expect. So to try and show just what this splitter could do with this splitter in this position and that was to put one of the hardest woods through it, and that is dogwood. And to my surprise this machine got through some dogwood logs that were 14 inches in diameter, and while that doesn’t sound to big. The thing to remember is that you would need at least a 25 ton monster like the Yardmax to get through this kind of logs.


What I Like About This Splitter Besides Being American Made

  • I really like that this is an electric machine so I could split inside without worrying about fumes stinking the house out. Plus it’s nice to not have to deal with the cold outside. This is something that I will struggle to go back to!
  • Vertical splitting is a god send for all splitters and this is still the case with this beast.
  • Swisher made the smart design decision to include a log cradle with this machine, which means when you do split horizontally you can rest parts of the logs that you split on them to make it easier overall.
  • Yet again another smart choice by this company is that they included two DOT approved tires, which means you can tow this log splitter legally up to 45mph.
  • Not quite as powerful as the 34 ton ram force Swisher, but in comparison it’s a very competative machine.
Swisher LS22E 22 Electric Log Splitter


Some Alternatives To The Swisher Electric Splitter

I know a lot of people aren’t massive fans of electric splitters which I can somewhat understand, having to worry about having electricity just to run splitter can be concern. But I feel the exact with gas, it can run out at the most crucial of times. This doesn’t make either of them bad, just different and have there own advantages.

But for those that want a stronger gas powered log splitter that is American made then you can read my Swisher reviews to get access to more powerful goodness. There are a few brands that I do recommend even tho they aren’t fully American made, and more manufactured in America. They are NorthStar and Yardmax, both of these brands make excellent log splitters and the parts they do use are very reliable, with some of the most important parts being American made.

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