NorthStar 37 Ton Log Splitter Reviews

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With NorthStar being one of the leaders in the market, it can be quite difficult knowing which model wood splitter to buy. But if you know that you need power, reliability and the ability to split quite large logs with ease, then reading the reviews for the Northstar 37 ton log splitter is the best place to start. In this comparison review, I will be comparing the following 3 models: NorthStar GX270 VS GX390 Engine VS The 37 Ton Log Lift Model.

NorthStar have tried to accommodate the needs of the people who need some of the largest logs split, that are not only powerful but some of the most reliable machines on the market. These log splitters are some of the most powerful, reliable, and some of the most well designed machines I have come across. But with everything in life, there are negatives too. Which we will describe within this review.

Why Buy Any 37 Ton NorthStar Wood Splitter?Compare 37 Ton North Star Wood Splitters

There are a few reasons why NorthStar are some of the most sought after log splitters in 2018. Because of how heavy duty they really are, they even made it into my top 37 ton log splitters. Generally when I review log splitters I will look over all the pros and cons of the machines, but this is a rare case of the cons with these machines were so small, that they will only get a small part in my review.

What I will be covering in this review is the features of the various NorthStars 37 ton log splitters. In this review I will be going over the power, the accessibility, and maneuverability. I will also be going over the 37 ton log splitter with a log lift which is a much welcomed add on if you ask me. Plus the many advantages and disadvantages of the log lift itself. The thing to note with these three log splitters is that, the biggest difference between two of them is that they have different engines, and one has a log lift. So while very similar in natures, one may suit you better than the other. So with that said, now it’s time to find out just what makes these NorthStar log splitters some of the best there are on the market.

NorthStar GX270 VS GX390 Engine VS The 37 Ton Log Lift ModelNorthStar 37 Ton Log Splitter Reviews

 I feel this needed to be the first section on this page since as I mentioned above there isn’t a whole lot that separates all the 37 ton models. The main difference being the two engines, and the third is one has a log lift attached. But apart from those factors this machines are very similar. For instance all three of these splitters all have the same 2 inch ball coupler for towing which makes it very easy to tow being the standard. While the two splitters that have the GX390 engines have larger 12 inch tires, the GX270 has 8 inch tires, both of these tires are perfect for towing this splitters on and off the road.

When it comes to splitting power I’m a big believer in having more power then the job actually requires, so I’m a big fan of 37 ton log splitters since they give that ease of mind of getting through whatever you put through them. This is the case with all three of these splitters. No matter what I put in front of them, they either split right through them or had minimal slow down. This included some massive 28 inch in diameter oak logs and 25 inches in length that a lot of splitters would struggle with, not these three splitters. This was in there horizontal position which is an extremely impressive feat.

Two of these splitters have one of my favorite things, and that is the ability to be put into a vertical position. being able to put a splitter into a vertical position is extremely useful, for one it allows you to not have to lift logs up onto the splitter. Instead you can roll the logs over on the ground, which is a lot easier. Not only is it easier to move logs in this position it also allows the log splitter to split much larger logs then it can in its horizontal position. While in this position you can practical split what ever size log you have, as long as you start from the edge and work your way in. In this position it was possible to split logs that were 35 inches in diameter fairly easily.

NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter – 37-Ton, 270cc Honda GX270 Engine

Review For The NorthStar 37 Ton Wood Splitter With The Honda GX270 Engine 2018The first thing that I really like about what NorthStar do with there log splitters, is that they put some of the most reliable engines on them with one of the most trusted brands, Honda. I know some people who won’t even look at a wood splitter if it doesn’t have a Honda engine, which I can understand. They produce some of not only the strongest log splitting engines, but some of the quietest going around.

And this 270cc GX270 Honda engine is no different. They are made specifically with chippers, shredders, and most importantly log splitters. The thing that I really love about this engine is just how reliable it is, I have left it in an unheated barn all winter and it still started on the third pull, not every motor will do this.

Model Number: 1131

NorthStar 37 Ton Log Splitter


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NorthStar With The Honda GX390 Engine Review

NorthStar Deluxe Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter – 37-Ton, 389cc Honda GX390 Engine

Review For The NorthStar 37 Ton Log Splitter With The Honda GX390 Engine 2018While the other model of this splitter has the smaller Gx270 installed on it, this model has the larger slightly more powerful Honda GX390 installed. One of the things that I really loved about this engine is just how fuel efficient it is. After running it ragged during a big splitting project it had only used a splash of gas.

Not only was it very fuel efficient it ran like a dream. I also found it to be unbelievably reliable, always starting within the first 3 pulls. I would even go as far to say it is in my opinion it is the most reliable engines on the market at the moment, you will not get a stronger, more efficient, with so little noise within this price range.

Model Number: 1118 

NorthStar 37 Ton Log Splitter GX390


Review For The NorthStar 37 Ton Log Splitter With Log Lift

NorthStar Horizontal Log Splitter with Log Lift – 37-Ton, 389cc Honda GX390 Engine

 Review For The NorthStar 37 Ton Log Splitter With Log Lift 2018If you have never used a log lift before then you are in for a treat, these things are amazing. They will help save your body a lot of effort specially your back and knees over the years, which your body will thank you. One of the most important things for a log lift is just how much weight it can take, especially on such a strong splitter. It has an impressive weight capacity of 340 lbs, which is strong enough to lift most logs, and certainly easier then trying to attempt it manually.

This is one of the strongest log lifts on the current market which does come with a slight drawback, and that is it does take longer to split logs, and it is a lot more expensive. So if speed, or you’re on a budget then I would recommend not going with the log lift option.

*Model Number: 11968 


NorthStar 37 Ton Log Splitter With Log Lift


My Overall Thoughts On These NorthStar 37 Ton Log Splitters

My overall thoughts of these three very similar but very different log splitters is extremely positive, with very little negative feelings towards these machines. The thing I loved about these three splitters is the fact you really don’t have to worry about the log you’re splittings size, these beasts will get through it. There power mixed with there portability make them the perfect machines for home owners and for commercial use.

The addition of the log lift with the last machine is a good and bad addition, I found it really helpful in reducing the amount of physical work I had to do. But it does slow you done in terms of how many cords and hour, so it’s a win lose situation. But overall these three machines would be a highly welcomed edition to any ones home who needs some serious splitting done.

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