Swisher 22 Ton Log Splitter Reviews

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When it comes to log splitters there is almost no better brand then Swisher in my opinion. Within these Swisher 22 ton wood splitter reviews you will find out exactly why I think this and have access to further consumer reviews to help you decide whether this unit is for you or not.

In my opinion Swisher have some of the best models on the market. They have a larger range of splitters available which is important as they can cater to almost everyone. Especially when it comes to there 22 ton models.¬† They are the only company to my knowledge that offer a electric log splitter with 22 ton ram force. Which I think is a great thing. Even if such a large electric splitter isn’t for you, it might better suit someone else which is why I will cover both of the Swisher 22 ton log splitters.

To find out everything there is to know about this amazing machines I have done countless hours of research and testing. So that I am confident and able to give you an honest review for these units. I will say that I really like both of these two Swisher units. They are very similar units, however they individually have different customer bases in mind. That is that one is electric and the other is a gas powered wood splitter. Which targets a different type of buyer for each type. But apart from that they are both extremely well designed and operate flawlessly. So read on below to find just what exactly makes these machines be the best there is in the 22 ton range in my opinion.

Differences Between The Swisher 22 Ton SplittersSwisher 22 Ton Log Splitter Reviews

While both of these splitters are great in there own right they have one massive difference to each other, and that is what powers them. This is a choice you will need to make to know which of these machines is right for you. The electric log splitting unit is powered by a 120V electric motor, and the gas powered log splitter is powered by a 6.75 gross torque Briggs & Stratton engine. That is the main difference. But it is an extremely important one that makes both of these units unique. The question you need to ask yourself is which of these two options is better suited to you.

Advantages Of Going Electric

The advantage of the electric 120V electric motor are very easy to understand and its one weakness is also very obvious to see from the get go. The biggest downside to this electric motor is the fact if you want to split away from home you are stuck with two options, one is you run extension leads all the way to it. Only if that is viable and the other option is you will need a generator to operate it which can get expensive.

Tho the advantages of the electric option is also quite good, apart from the environmental reason they don’t produce fumes. So what this means is that you can split inside and not have to deal with external weather such as the cold, which let’s face it that is the main reason we want a log splitter! The second advantage is that you don’t have to perform anywhere near as much maintenance on the engine which is a small quality of life improvement.

Should You Buy The Swisher Gas 22 Ton?

Swisher 22 Ton Gas Log SPlitter Reviews

Having a gas powered log splitter is pretty self explanatory which have very little disadvantages. This is why I believe they are the most common types of log splitters on the market. To me there are only two downsides to this type of splitter.

If it’s raining outside you can’t split any logs to keep the fire going, even tho you should always have a back stock of split logs. The other isn’t a massive downside but it will depend on the type of person you are. If you’re not the most mechanically minded person then performing maintenance on the engine could be an issue, but you should always maintain your tools no matter what. But apart from those two downsides there is nothing bad about a gas log splitter, they provide plenty of power and generally they are quicker then there electric counterparts.

Comparing The Swisher 22 Ton Log Splitter Features?

While the differences are what makes this splitters unique, it’s what they have in common that makes them so hard to know which is the better machine. The answer to that is neither of them is better. Both the gas and the electric 22 ton Swishers have the same features. However, they are aimed at different types of people as mentioned earlier.

The common features on the 22 ton Swisher splitters are pretty much the general things you will find on most splitters this size. But they are still important features nonetheless.

There are three main features of the Swisher that make it a must buy log splitter. Theses are:

  1. Horizontal and vertical splitting positions. Having this ability lets these machines split larger logs then what a 22 ton unit normally can.
  2. Transportable and Portable. Both the electric and the Gas Swisher both come with a 2 inch ball coupler which lets you tow them to your desired splitting location. They both have DOT approved tires so you can tow them up to 45mph which is a necessity on this size log splitter.
  3. Relatively Fast Cycle Times. The third and one of the most impressive things that these units have in common is that they both have a cycle time of 13 seconds, which is really impressive on the electric model since they have this stigma for being slow.

My Review For The Swisher Electric 22 Ton Model (LS22E)

My Review For The Electric 22 Ton Model (LS22E)My first impressions: I really like the LS22E Swisher log splitter and it’s probably my favorite 22 ton log splitter out there. Being an electric model can

turn some people off, but not me. For me, the Swisher LS22E is definitely one of my favorite electric units, so I might sound a little bias in my review.

As I said this is an electric unit which has the above advantages and disadvantages I mentioned. But one advantage I forgot to mention. While this isn’t the biggest advantage it is still a major positive in my eyes and my partners ears. That is this is an extremely quiet log splitter. Let me say it was nice not having to hear the sound of a gas powered engine going full throttle to get threw a log. While this may not be a major selling point for some, it was something that was really noticeable and took me by surprise.

What Size Logs Can The Swisher Split

The question most want asked when it comes to buying a log splitter is how big of a log can it split.¬† Which naturally¬† is an extremely important question to ask. No point spending the money on a machine that isn’t capable of getting through the large rounds you have installed for it right.

Typically, being an electric splitter the machine will only be able to split smaller logs compared a gas powered log splitter. However, this is almost negated by having a vertical splitting position. Having an electric log splitter with the vertical position turns a standard electric unit into the Super Log Splitter!.

Anyways, while in it’s horizontal position the Swisher 22 ton electric log splitter got through some incredible hard dense elm and hickory logs. These logs were roughly 14 inches in diameter which is still quite impressive for the standard position. But the most important thing with log splitting to me is the vertical position. This is because it means a splitter can easily split much larger logs then the manufacture states. This comes down to how you split larger logs in this position which is very simple, you start from the edges and work your way in, simple!

Swisher LS22E 22 Electric Log Splitter


My Review For The Gas Powered 22 Ton Unit

My Review For The Gas Powered 22 Ton UnitI went into my review for this Swisher gas model expecting it to be the typical 22 ton unit. But I was pleasantly surprised. In fact blown away but everything this machine offers.

The first thing I loved with this unit was its Briggs & Stratton engine. Turns out

that it’s American made, which is quite surprising since many B&S engines are made in China now days. You could just tell this engine was made here in the States. I found it to be extremely powerful and very reliable from the get go. It started on the first or second pull for me every time. No matter how cold it was outside. Which as you can imagine, impressed me quite a bit. This is not something I am very use to with a lot of gas powered log splitters.

The Shear Splitting Power Of The 22 Ton Swisher Gas

The splitting power of this unit is what really sold me on it, especially when using the horizontal position. As I found it to split log I didn’t expect it to. While the unit above got through some 14 inch hickory, this unit manged 16 inches which doesn’t sound like a great deal more. But this adds up over time since you don’t have to put the unit in its vertical position to split such a log.

Any time saving feature when it comes to splitting is a big selling point for me. Saving just a few seconds will add up quite exponentially over the year. The only time this unit did slow down was when the logs were particularity knotted, but they didn’t stop it completely. So overall it is very powerful and gets threw a lot of logs quickly, which makes it a great addition to any ones garage.

Swisher 22 Ton Gas Log Splitter


See The 22 Ton Swisher Hydraulic In Action


My Overall Thoughts And An Alternative

These are both great 22 ton log splitters that are both plenty powerful for the average home owner. But not only are they powerful they are very reliable and durable, both starting very easily, especially the electric model.

Deciding on which one to buy comes down to your individual circumstances. Would you prefer to be able to split anywhere without worry?. Or do you want the ease of use with the electric model and losing the ability to split anywhere with a generator.

But in terms of splitting power they are both very similar and there features are very similar so you can’t really go wrong with either. If you like the idea of a 22 ton log splitter but aren’t overall like what you’re reading about this two splitters I would highly recommend the brand, Dirty Hand tools. They are another great brand they produce some insanely durable log splitters, especially there 22 ton model which you can find my reviews for Dirty Hand Tools log splitters here.

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