Ariens 27 Ton Log Splitter Reviews

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The Ariens company are one of the most trusted companies in the USA, so trusted that they are known as the company the White House trusts to mow there lawns. When your company has such a massive reputation as that, I was curious to see just how good there log splitters are, so I chose to do the Ariens 27 ton log splitter and review it. And I’m pleased to say that Ariens have kept up that standard of quality in there log splitters. I found this is especially true with the 27 ton 917001 unit, being one of the most reliable splitters currently going around.

The Ariens  917001 splitter has a lot of great features going for it.  Which is what I’ll be covering as well as the pro’s and con’s withing this Ariens 27 ton log splitter review.

Brief Overview Of The 917001 Model

The first thing I find appealing about the Ariens 27 ton is that it is time tested. This model has been a round for many years now and has been battle tested. Over and over again. Like most machines of this size, the Ariens 917001 has the ability to go into a horizontal and vertical position, which is extremely important to anyone who needs to split larger logs. But not only that, this unit can be towed using the 2 inch hitch coupler. Which again is another important feature that should be on all splitters.

But the thing I really love about this log splitter is just how well it is designed. I found that it is extremely comfortable to operate while splitting logs. This is not always the case with larger machines like this. So anything that makes splitting logs more comfortable and easier is a plus in my book.

My only concern would be the price. I think it’s adequate for the power it delivers, but some may find it a little out of reach. If you’re on a strict budget, you can check the price on amazon and figure out if the Ariens is for you or not. So read on ahead for my review of the Ariens 27 ton log splitter where I hope to cover all the information that you need.

Ariens 27 Ton Log Splitter Reviews

Just How Good Is The Ariens 27 Ton Unit Really

 Just How Good Is The Ariens 27 Ton Unit ReallyThis is a great splitter that is going to get through pretty much every log you throw at it. I found the 27 ton to be very strong for its ram force and because of this, I found splitting larger logs much easier compared to some higher ton rated splitters.

It’s a very powerful machine, there’s no denying that. But how big of a log can it handle?. Well I had no trouble getting through 20 inch wide Douglas Fir that were 18 inches in length. But to be honest, they aren’t the hardest wood in the world. However, seeing the Ariens not even struggle slightly was quite surprising all the same.

Not to mention this was in this machines horizontal position, which is a pretty good indicator of just how much power this machine has. This power comes from its 169cc Subaru engine which runs like a dream, and I find it to be actually pretty quiet for a gas engine. However, for safety reasons, always wear ear muffs.

Splitting Logs In The Vertical Position With This Ariens 27 TonAriens 27 Ton Subaru Engine SP 170

Now to my personal favorite part of a log splitter it’s vertical position. The reason I love vertical splitting so much is that you can pretty much put what ever size log under your splitter, and you will be able to split it. The important thing here to me is how you split the log itself, like where do you start. If you’re going to split some 30 inch and above wide oak I start from the edges and work your way in. Not only does this make splitting easier since there is no lifting the log up onto the splitter, it means you can split much larger logs then what the manufacturer specifies. The degree of wood hardness will also play a factor into how quick you can split.

There is more to this log splitter then just being a splitting beast that’ll get through almost any log you throw at it. It’s also a very portable log splitter. This is because of the ball coupler and tires, which allow this splitter to be towed. While you can tow this splitter on the road it is not recommended to go over 45mph this is the standard for most log splitters, and shouldn’t be ignored. If you’re towing off the road I would go a lot slower to be safe, the last thing is you want to damage your log splitter. This machine comes with a 2 inch ball hitch which should suit most pick ups and ATVs.


What I Like About The Ariens 27 Ton Log Splitter

  • The power of this log splitter is one of it’s biggest selling features to me, not having to worry about the size and type of log you need split is a great quality of life improvement.
  • I really just how quiet of an engine the 169cc Subaru engine is. While it isn’t as quiet as an electrical powered log splitter it is very quiet for a gas machine compared to some of those loud engines you often hear.
  • Being able to tow this with my pick up, and my ATV were great advantages for me, having acreage and splitting away from the house made life easier.
  • For me by putting a Subaru engine on this unit was a smart design decision, it is an extremely reliable engine that starts on the first or second pull.
Ariens 27 Ton log Splitter


The Downside Of This Unit

There are 3 negatives about the Ariens 27 ton log splitter. Both of which can be deal breakers in certain scenarios. Being an Ariens log splitter means that this is quite an expensive log splitter for its size. I know of certain log splitters that are 37 ton and come with a Honda engine costing just a few hundred more.

On the other hand, sacrificing 2 ton ram force, you can pick up a very good 25 ton splitter with a Briggs  & Stratton engine for about $1000. So this is a personal choice do you like the Ariens brand or want as much power per dollar, this is entirely a personal choice.

This next issue is a pretty important one to me and that is I found it to be very difficult log splitter to set up. Many reviews I have read about this splitter mention that when purchasing the unit from Home Depot that that have set it up wrong, causing the splitter to not work. If the people who are paid to do that kind of thing really struggle with setting up this log splitter, makes you wonder how hard it will be for some people who may not be the most mechanically minded.

Lastly, there is no log lift attached to this beast. Had there been a lg lift included, I would have easily rated this splitter a solid 4.5/5. A log lift makes splitting even easier as the lift will raise the heavy logs up to waist height for you. For a similar price to the Ariens, you can grab a splitter with a log lift.

My Overall Opinion On The Ariens 27 Ton Wood Splitter

My Rating: 4 Logs Out Of 5

The 27 ton Ariens is a very solid log splitter that is very reliable and durable. Having the ability to split most logs that you throw at it is a highly regarded feature. Which to me is one of the most important things for a log splitter to have. For that reason alone I would recommend it to just about any home owner.

But the downside is that it is an expensive log splitter for its size, and I’m someone who likes to have more power then necessary for the job at hand so if I can get a 37 ton unit for a bit more. I’m inclined to go that way, but this is complete personal preference. The Subaru engine is a big plus, as someone who generally prefers his splitters to have a Honda engine on his splitter. The Subaru is a great replacement and has become one of my favorite engines going around.


An Alternative To The Ariens

While this is a great log splitter that I do recommend I just think the price of these splitter is a bit to high for my liking. While there are alternative 27 ton log splitters, I have found two 37 ton log splitters that aren’t much more expensive but offer more power, and a few extra features. So if you’re curios as to what this splitters are you can read my reviews for the best 37 ton log splitters on the market here.

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