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I feel when it comes to doing a review for a product first you have to do some research on the actual company themselves first, and that is what I have done with my Southland log splitter reviews. The Southland Power Equipment company are owned by the larger corporation MAT Holdings Inc, who are a company who have a wide range of specialties. From the automotive industry to fencing and the important part, there outdoor power equipment aka log splitters. In each area that this company is in they are either leading the industry or some of the top rated products in there field.

About Southland ProductsSouthland Log Splitter Reviews

The first thing I noticed when I decided to write about Southlands log splitters was the consistent positive reviews. Not just their log splitters, but many household power tools we all use. From there leaf blowers, field trimmers, to there cultivator. Most of the equipment constantly scored high marks. Which says one thing to me and that is Southland make extremely well designed power equipment that aren’t just reliable but perform at the top of their game. While Southland don’t make a lot of equipment, what they do make is exceptional from my findings.

The next question I wanted to answer was does there log splitters also have this level of quality.Considering they have only made a couple so far, I wanted to discover how high the bar was set from the very beginning. Southland decided to try and cover the 2 most common types of splitters by making a 25 ton and a 6 ton electric. I have found from reviewing so many log splitters that these 2 sizes are the most common. The 25 ton splitter is for more heavy duty loads and should only really struggle on hard knotted woods above 35 inches (in theory). While a 6 ton electric is great for people who don’t need to split massive logs or large quantities (20 cords a year).

Southland 25 Ton Wood Splitter Review

Southland 25 Ton Wood Splitter ReviewThere is a lot to like about the Southland 25 ton log splitter.  This strong machine has plenty of power to split most logs (Within reason). Something like a 35 inch hardwood that’s knotted may be a little out of this splitters reach. For large hardwood logs like that you will need something along the lines of a 35 or 37 ton machine.

While it may struggle on those hard knotted logs, the 25 ton Southland can still do some pretty serious splitting. I found it was able to split some 24 inch oak logs pretty comfortably. Which is impressive considering oak logs are a hardwood and much more difficult to split. It was able to split larger logs when I put it into its vertical position which is an essential feature of larger log splitters. The vertical position seamlessly slides into position ready to crush larger logs at the press of a lever. While it can crunch larger logs like they were nothing, the vertical feature also which makes life easier on your body. This is because you can roll logs under the splitter instead of having to lift them up time after time. Any back pain sufferers out there know how important this is.

This is a very versatile machine for cutting wood in multiple sizes. Some splitters you are restricted to either big or small logs. But with this 25 ton Southland you get more log freedom. From splitting larger logs and making short work of smaller logs, to being able to split further away from your home.

This is made possible becasue it is a towable log splitter. It has the standard 2 inch hitch that most larger machines have and is a necessity to this higher power machines. Not everyone splits on there back door step and need to travel a bit on there land to split. Or even if you need to go and help a friend or family member split there logs. To make this better Southland included 16 inch by 4.8 inch pneumatic wheels which are approved by the department of transportation. What this means is that you can take them up to 45mph on the road, tho I wouldn’t recommend going above 40mph and even slower if you aren’t on a flat road.

Overall Opinion On The 25 Ton Southland

The one thing to point out with this machine is that while you can assemble it with one person, it is a lot easier and highly recommended to have 2 people. And this is because of the cross beam that sits on top which requires 2 people to stand on its end. But apart from that it was very easy to assemble and made even easier by its instructions. This seems like and odd thing to mention, but some of the instructions I’ve read for log splitters over the years this was a small pleasure.

All in all when you take into consideration the features of the Southland 25 tonner, it becomes clear that it is a pretty solid unit. While it may not be the most powerful or the fastest splitting machine ever invented, its a very reliable workhorse of a splitter.

The Best Southland 25 Ton Log Splitter


Review Of The 6 Ton Electric Southland Log Splitter

6 Ton Electric Southland Log Splitter ReviewThe first to thing to understand with this machine is that it is a 6 ton electric splitter. What this means is that it won’t have the power to split large knotty logs. But that isn’t who its made for, it’s made for people who are only going to split a few cords a year, or just need the occasional log and don’t want to split with an ax.

But to this machines credit it surprised me with what it could split. To be honest, I never thought this thing would get through some 20 inch in diameter pine logs. While pine aren’t hardwood logs, they are still getting near to the harder side of the soft woods. This splitter got through every log that fit the manufactures recommended sizes and they were 10 inches in diameter and roughly 18 inches in length.

‘I find this size log would be the right fit for many household fireplaces within the USA’.

The Best Features Of This Southland Log Splitter

The big benefit of this splitter is the fact that it is electric powered. Which some people may consider as a downside because you trade off convenience for ton ratings. Because when you compare gas to electric, you get much less power outage from a log splitter that is powered by electricity. But what it does give you is a massive quality of life improvement that I think outweighs the negative in certain circumstances.

Since there is no gas powered engine spitting out fumes you are able to split logs from the comfort of inside your own home. I didn’t think I would like this as much as I did, but not having to split wood in the cold is such a welcomed gift on freezing winter nights. And if I ever just needed to split a few more logs for the fireplace or stove, I could just go to my garage and split, instead of going outside and getting a bigger gas splitter set up to split just a few logs.

The one thing I would recommend if you have never owned a electric log splitter before, and that is to make sure you have logs split in advance. While this is common knowledge for anyone with a splitter, I feel it is far more important for an electric user. If you lose power in the middle of winter and need to split logs your out of luck, unless you own a generator. This is something I felt I had to mention, having no wood for heat during winter is a horrible thing to have to go through.

For more Southland log splitter reviews, be sure to read up on the consumer reviews found on amazon and the likes. Great user feedback can really help make the buying decision. for more info about the features of the 6 ton Southland log splitter, be sure to watch the video below.

Southland 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter

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