The Cheapest Log Splitters For 2018

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When it comes buying a logs splitter in 2018, one of the biggest concerns for most people is the expensive up front costs. Which is completely understandable and is the reason people to want to know what the cheapest log splitters are and if they are any good.

There are a few things that you need to consider when you decide to look into cheap log splitters.  It’s important to understand that you aren’t going to get a top of the line unit. Choosing a log splitter under $1000 is usually a good starting point for first time buyers.

Cheap But Affordable Log Splitters – What To Expect?The Cheapest Log Splitters In 2018

The first and most important thing that you will have to make a compromise on is that you won’t be able to split large, hard, and knotty woods. You will still be able to split some decent size logs that will still make your life so much easier then having to split with an ax.

Another feature that you lose when you’re on a budget is the ability to tow any of the log splitters on this list. But since the wood splitters on this list are much smaller, most of them are easy to lift with just one or two people. Meaning if you do need to move it around or take it somewhere, it is still quite possible, so you don’t fully lose this feature. I feel that when you go for a log splitter on a budget these are the two things that you have to accept that you will lose.

On this buyers guide you will find what are the cheapest gas, electric, and manual powered log splitters which I am hoping to help cover the bases for most people on a budget. But if you’re looking for something that is a bit more powerful without the over the top price tags, I would recommend you look into the 25 ton rated splitters.

Is This The Cheapest Gas Powered Wood Splitter

The Cheapest Gas Powered Wood SplitterFirst up on this buyers guide is the Champion 7 ton log splitter, and one of my personal favorite machines on the market. For a 7 ton machine this splitter actually has quite a lot of power and it is the most powerful 7 ton I have ever used.  If not the strongest 7 ton on the market for the cheaper price tag.

While that may be the case it still won’t split 30 inch hard wood logs, but it will get through logs that the other splitters on this list won’t get through. The thing that I really love about this machine is that while it is rated to only split about 10 inch in diameter logs, this thing was able to get through some 20 inch fir logs. Which is very impressive for machine of this size. Although I wouldn’t recommend running such large logs through it all the time as it could put too much strain on the motor.

One of the things that I really like about this log splitter is just how easy it is to move around, and get into splitting position. Thankfully Champion made the simple addition of putting a small handle on this machine, when you add that with its 10 inch never flat tires makes this thing really easy to move around. But another reason why I think this is a good feature is since it is a fairly small machine, it makes it easy to store away and then get out again.

So if you don’t have a lot of room and have a tight budget but demand a gas version, I recommend this splitter 100%.


Champion 7 Ton 80 CC Best For Home


The Most Affordable Electric Log Splitter

The Most Affordable Electric Log SplitterNext on this list is the Dirty Hand Tools 5 ton electric log splitter which is a pretty impressive machine for the money. The first thing I noticed about this machine is just how solid it feels. It just the appeal that it is extremely well built and was designed to handle some pretty decent sized logs.

There are some things that you need to consider when it comes to splitting logs, and that is sometimes the machine will get through logs it shouldn’t, then on the other hand gets stuck on something that it should get through. And this was the case with this Dirty Hands Tools 5 ton. It managed to get through some logs that were 18 inches in diameter that were oak, but then struggled on some 8 inch logs. But this comes with the territory. This is the nature of log splitting sometimes a machine will get through everything, then the slightest knot will stop it in its tracks.

There is one thing that I really like about electric log splitters in general compared to others on the market. And that is since it doesn’t use any form of gas for the engine it means that while it’s in operation it doesn’t produce any fumes. What this means is that you can split logs from the comfort of inside your house without gassing the entire family out.

This makes splitting in the middle of winter much less of a chore and certainly beats doing outside in the cold. And since it is electric you don’t have to worry about the engine not starting when it’s cold which is another massive bonus. Tho one thing I do recommend is that you should always have some logs split in advance, so if you do lose power during the winter and a fire is your only way to keep warm you won’t have run around like a chook with its head cut off.

Dirty Hand Tools 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter

Cheap Budget Manual Log Splitter

Budget Manual Log SplitterLast on this list is the Sun Joe 10 ton manual log splitter. Now this is the cheapest option and the for those who are on a serious budget. If you are willing to sacrifice even more power for a lower cost then this is the way to go. But it does mean you will be doing more labor intense work compared to an electric or gas model.

This still isn’t a bad option as it still is a lot easier on the body then splitting the old fashioned way, and generally faster. But the thing that really surprised me with this splitter, is just how easy it was to use and how quickly it got through the logs I put on it.

Who’s This Budget Wood Splitter For?

This is one of the machines I would highly recommend for people who don’t split many logs, but just want to make there life easier then it could be. It is a great log splitter for beginners as well, who feel going straight for an electric of gas is to much for first time. It’s a very handy tool to have in the shed even if you only use it a few times a year.

So while this is a good splitter for beginners and people who make to make there life easier, just how much can this manual powered log splitter get through. I was pleasantly surprised with just what this could split, it split some hard wood logs that I certainly wasn’t expecting it to get do. I decided to test this manual machine with some small oak logs that were about 8 to 10 inches in diameter, and to my surprise is this thing got through them. It was able to get through softer logs a lot easier then the harder woods which is only natural, but it was still able to get through some 15 inch aspen logs which is quite impressive.

One thing that you most likely noticed when you first saw this splitter is the two large handles sticking out of the top of it and wondering what they do. This is actually my favorite feature of this log splitter and is designed for making your life a lot easier when it comes to splitting. What these handles are is how much pressure it uses on the log, one is designed to be slower but at a higher pressure to get through harder logs. And the other lever is for softer woods and is a lot quicker, which I find to be extremely useful once you get use to it.


Logger Joe 10 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter


Buying A Cheap Log Splitter Doesn’t Have To Mean Dodgy

The stigma that comes with buying anything cheap such as a log splitter is that it won’t do the job and certainly won’t last very long. Sometimes cheaper is better. But in the case of such powerful tools like the log splitter, cheaper is not always best.

While the log splitters listed above certainly aren’t the most expensive models around, they definitely are not dodgy machines. While you could probably find cheaper log splitters on the market, I chose these 3 as I believe them to be the best of the cheaper models available. They are not cheap and nasty, but more affordable workhorses that may surprise you with their quality builds and time saving attributes.

For the full list of the different types of log splitters available, please view our up to date buyers guide. This will guide you as to what is the best choice for you and your household.

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